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First off I apologize to those who have been faithfully waiting for my updates and have followed and favorite my story, Thank you so Much for That , I have little reason to give you for my long absence other than procrastination and a busy schedule. I would like to inform you all that I am in the process of rewriting this story along with editing it, and creating other fanfics for different categories which are as follows:

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As you can probably tell, I have quite a bit of bunnies to attend to, also, I cannot write unless I am in a certain state of mind wherein I have the urge to do so. Add to the fact that my profile is quite small to my utter defeat I have a lot of work cut out for me.

I am sure you're not interested in my story or excuses so… as an apology here is a brief preview on a part of a chapter for "Son of the Gods" chapter I am planning to write (I don't want to spoil my own story after all)

Shirogane paced the room practically foaming in rage as Harry silently went to his easle and began setting up for a new painting. "There's no point to the anger you are feeling right now Shiro, I have expected it from them, and I've come to accept that" he stated as he began sketching on the canvas. Shirogane paused in his pacing to look at Harry in disbelief, "They 'say' they wish to reconcile with you but then they repeat the same actions that caused them to lose you, BY FORGETTING ABOUT YOU ONCE MORE!" he raged as he gracelessly slumped into an armchair. Glancing over to him as he paused in his sketching Harry replied, "Ed has every right to celebrate his birthday as he wishes, it's not his fault that he has forgotten that we were born on the same day, he must have believed mine to be tomorrow" turning back to his sketch 'besides, we've always celebrated together with Madeline, and it's always turned wonderfully, why change that?" causing Shirogane to groan. "You are too good for them Midori, why haven't you developed a hatred for them escapes me" he grumbled as he turned to Harry with narrow eyes. The statement caused Harry to chuckle and reply, "Hatred is a strong and tiring emotion to keep Shiro, do I feel pain from their neglect? Of course, I am still human, but do I resent them and hate them for it? No, why? There is no point" picking up a charcoal, "If things had gone differently and I hadn't met you nor Madeline then yes I would have turned btter and resentful" as he began shading his sketch he turned to smile at Shirogane who slowly understood what he meant.

Relaxing into the armchair he murmured, "For your jealousy and feelings of abandonment would have swallowed you whole… but that's only part of the reason isn't it?" his only reply was a mysterious sort of smile from Harry

Aaaannndddd that is all I will be giving you, pls understand that I when I write I analyze my work and make changes in order to even out the plot, so pls expect a lot of different stories popping up because, honestly… my profile SUCKS

Do not worry "Son of the Gods" will be updated by possibly either Halloween or Christmas k? Good

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