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Maybe Life's a fairytale.

Chapter 1: Fitting in, Prologue

To say I'm pissed would be an understatement because I am passed irked; this of course only causes me to be more uncomfortable. I looked up to the gray sky that threatened to rain and sighed in disappointment.

Sighing, that was becoming my new hobby.

The reason I'm so depressed is because today is the day of my new school, and Cross being the 'gentlemen' that he is decided to knock me unconscious and bail, when we just got into the country. I mean I'm only 14. 14! I swear that if I ever see him again I will slowly kill him, right in front of every member of the public's eyes, for leaving me alone to fend for myself, after all those debts he piled onto me.

It's not like I can't take care of myself, because I've had to for the past five years, It's just that his departure is so sudden.

Although, I am happy that he's gone, it is just that out of the blue, he might throw some more debts at me

All I can do is somehow count this as a blessing since there's nothing I can do. At least I can keep my hard earned money and buy some stuff for myself in an attempt to enjoy life.

Oh, and that's where I'm walking to.

My new school.

Truth is I feel kind of nervous and nauseous and trust me my appearance doesn't help in calming me down. I tugged a bit on my sleeves and stopped walking subconsciously cradling my left arm.


The best word to describe myself I guess.

Since I'm in another country and I don't know anyone so I completely concealed myself for nobody to see any off my 'abnormalities'.


Because everyone that see's me is either afraid of me or disgusted by me. Even I admit I'm (a bit of) a freak. My entire body is 'different'.

First of all what type of right-minded teenager (No Offense), would want pure white hair. It's not even dyed. It's natural. Scary, I know, and what's worse, every time I try to dye it, it still comes out the same. Stark White.

My skin is unusually pale and with this and my hair it earns me the insult Albino by most bullies.

Not That I care.

I'm used to it.

Second, I have a red scar from the left side of my forehead to my cheek and the weird design looks like a crazy tattoo. I don't even want to know, (or remember), how the star got there. It definitely stands out on my face with my pale skin. Whenever I feel it, it's the same level as my skin making it seem like it was drawn or painted on but, as if to prove that it's a scar, whenever I touch it, it sends a (mildly soft)pulse through me like it vibrates.

Weird. I Know.

Last and definitely not least.

I was born with a disfigured left arm that is considered a birth defect. After all I was born with it. It's a bloody red, wrinkly with glossy black nails and a weird emerald glowing cross radiating at the back of my hand and it reaches up, just under my shoulder making it ominous looking that I have the need to cover it from 'criticizing eyes'. I wear gloves and long sleeve shirts always because of this but despite everything it still feels normal and human to me (I guess it's because I've lived with it all my life).

It part of me and I've learnt to accept it.

Although others won't.

My 'parent' definitely didn't.

I feel sick just thinking about who they could be.

Parents are supposed to love there children not matter what, that's what people always preach about. Frankly to me, it feels like a lie.

I bet as soon as I was born and they saw my deformed arm they abandoned me, since I have no memories of my life apart from waking up in an orphanage. Parents are still human so to me they can do the exact things that a heartless human would do. Thanks to them I was abused and was suffering as a scavenger living on the streets. Then I was dragged to an orphanage when I was just about six.

Life for me was not easy. I was more like a slave than an orphan. I basically gave up on life and turned suicidal at just six yrs.

Till Mana came.

Kids would line up trying to look cute and innocent and they would say the sweetest things to get adopted, but I stayed by the side. There was no point in even trying.

Still he saw me and for some reason that even I don't understand, he chose to adopt me. A street actor.

I shook my head from those thoughts groaning at the way I can get caught up in my thoughts. I don't need to think about things like that. I learn't to deal with my problems and block away emotions, to not show weakness.

To hide all my emotions behind a mask.

It's no wonder that my personality would take a dramatic hit. I don't feel comfortable to socialize with people because of this. I'd rather keep to myself, that way I don't feel disappointed.

I sighed and looked up to the huge gate.

"The Dark Order Academy" I muttered. This is my new school. Now I feel really nervous I tugged on my black beanie that hid my hair before finally forcing myself to enter through the bright brass framed, doors. Even If I hide my Appearance I just know that I'm still going to be an outcast.

When I got to the school I was given some things before being pushed straight to my first lesson, which happened to be English Literature. The man named Reever Webham (as he told me) quickly explained the school system to me before shoving me out straight in front of a class, stopping the lesson with the interruption. The way everyone's attention turned to the front made me grateful that there was no school uniform and that I was wearing my black beanie that succeeded in covered my white locks. All eyes of the talking, maybe gossiping, students settled to the front.

"Class, this is Allen Walker the new student who's just moved here from London. Please be nice and be welcoming. You will show respect." There were a few whispers in the class and the teacher signaled me to find a seat and sit down.

I walked on my way but quickly tripped over something, or part of someone. As I looked and noticed the fish net stockings and black stiletto heels that looked like 6.5 inches on the girl who was responsible of tripping me.

I swear this is a school. The (definitely dyed) blond haired girl's face was plastered with make up and her clothes seemed extremely 'revealing'. She snickered, legs still crossed while some others burst into laughter. As I turned around pulling my gaze away from her, I noticed the other girls were dressed similar in a different way causing me to sigh.

Who Am I to judge?

I stared a bit before trudging to the back where an empty seat remained and rested my chin on my table styled desk. Already I could tell that this was going to be a long day. I looked around the class and sadly smiled to myself. I always wanted to be invisible right? Nobody was looking at me anymore as they quickly settled back to doing what they were doing before, with the teacher continuing from where he left of.

"Looks Like I got my wish." A famous saying kept ringing in my mind making me feel dejected, as always.

It is true.

'Be careful what you wish for'

It was break time before I knew it and my mood, since the start of the day, hadn't really changed for good. Instead I felt really cranky. Since I've got here, nobody's really talked to me, instead they simply barge passed me as if I'm invisible. Outside it was pouring which seemed to perfectly match my mood.

Lonely. It makes me feel lonely I guess.

As I walked I noticed somebody outside despite the rain playing a game that made me smile for the first time in the day.


I grinned. He's good. Although he was playing alone he was doing great. I walked out to the damp field to get a better look, immediately getting drenched in the process. The guy, who wore a clown-like, jester hat bouncing along, was practicing by himself. I felt nervous a bit but still forced myself to talk since he still hadn't noticed me yet. He'd be the first student that I actually had the guts to approach.

I held in a deep breath.

"Do mind if I join?" I watched tensely on as he turned around to look at me with his weird hat bouncing and jingling in the process. He gawked at me for a while before grinning brightly. The purple markings under his eyes (like mine) and his hat suited and him, in an unusual clownish way.

"Sure, you're the newby right?" I nodded anxiously.

"Y-Yes" He grinned wide then kicked the ball to me taking me back for a second.

"Let's play a one on one then" He quickly said.

I felt a smile grace my face and I nodded. The rain was getting heavier but I didn't care. It felt good.

This would be fun.

"I won't go easy on ya just cause your new" he shouted as he came in to tackle me. I simply chuckled.

"Neither will I"


The game (As expected) was fun, and Daisya and me (As I found out during the game) were soaking wet at the end of the game. I found it hilarious. He kept making faces to make me laugh and yes, it was working. Sadly I lost in our match, he did seem to play like a professional so I feel a bit cheated but all in all it was the most fun that I have had all day.

"So how do like the school?" I turned to him and forced a smile oblivious to him that it was fake.

"It's fine to be honest, nothing really wrong"

"Really?" His face was full of shock for some reason.

"Yes, is there something wrong with that?" He just laughed and gave me slightly lonely smile. My guess would be that he was trying to smile but he was failing. It made me feel slightly depressed.

"Something wrong?" He just turned to me.

"Don't worry about it. Our schools just unusual but you'll get used to it. Just hang around me and I'll show you the ropes. I grinned and nodded. It's good to have someone to rely on. His smile though, did look slightly lonely putting me off a bit though.

I exhaled feeling a strong need to change the subject and to answer my silent prayer the bell rang.

My next lesson was PE, but how do I get there? Sadly for me …I have a really bad sense of direction that can get me lost even in my own house.

I cringed at that thought. Because of this 'weakness' I have been put into tough situations.

"What lesson do you have next? I can lead you there?"

"R-Really?" I asked. There was a bit of a silence as we walked (or more like trudged, since we were soaking wet) but it was relaxing. I am still tired over our match.

I heard a squeak then the left side of my face suddenly stung and my finger reflectively went to my eye noticing something was missing.

My plaster?

I turned quickly and gasped. Daisya has my plaster and he was staring at me. My hand can't cover my whole face.

There was a bit of an uncomfortable silence till…

"Cool you have a tattoo on your face."


"Uh, Allen?" I gave up and pulled away my hand. What's the point?

"It's not a tattoo " I replied clearly feeling disturbed. I just wanted the floor to swallow me up.

"Oh…Then what is it?"

"I'd prefer not to talk about it"




"It's nothing" He handed me back the plaster and I thankfully returned it to its place, covering my scar.

Weird, Daisya doesn't seem to have a problem with my scar. I still feel a bit freaked out but also slightly relived, though how would he react to my …

"At least I know something now though" He said quickly. I hope he won't tell about my scar, although his toned did sound a bit different like he found out something shocking yet appealing to him.

He has some markings over his eyes so why is he so shocked?

"Like what?" I asked half-heartedly. He snickered in response and inched away, very obviously. When he was a distance a way then when he was away he shouted out.


It took a while for those words to settle in, but when they did I literally felt my self turn to stone and crack.

'Now know that you're a girl, now know that you're a girl, now know that you're a girl'

One of those anime Anger marks would definitely be stretched across my head as I shivered in anger and annoyance. He started running away laughing like a maniactic idiot only provoking me more.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN BY THAT!" I shouted before chasing after him.

The bell finally rang signaling lunch time and making me smile.

I'm simply exhausted.

PE is not an easy a lesson as one would think.

My teacher, who, unlucky for me was General Winters Sokalo (they use some ranks in this school so he's one of the five generals); decided to test my athletic abilities by making me run around the track.


After wards he made me do some circus, or gymnastic tricks.

I actually became the class clown (Not that I haven't been a clown before, literally),

It's just that I was the only one doing these 'exercises' while everybody else watched.

My whole body is aching from the 'work out'. I sighed and followed my nose.

I am Starving!

Sadly, I don't have any money to 'waste' on food. Thanks to that selfish womanizer Cross! Plus this school looks very expensive. I don't exactly know why I'm going to go and punish myself by going to the lunch hall but I'm still going to go, Maybe I'll just drink some water. The smell of food is obvious so basically I'm going to just follow the scent(s) and trust my nose to lead me to the cafeteria.

I'm not a dog, it's just that with my sense of direction I can get lost in my own home (Which hopefully won't happen.).

Daisya told me that he might catch up with me later, since we aren't in the same class, and he'll show me around the school. I am still worried about him though. He seemed calm about my scar, but will he tell? And he hasn't seen my hair colour, or worse, my arm. My Plan is to keep my appearance a secret in this school, for as long as it takes. It will definitely keep away unwanted attention… I hope. I don't want to have to deal with the same problems I always have when people see me.

I take it I was to caught up in my thoughts to hear loud footsteps, till I was grabbed around the wrist and yanked backwards. I turned abruptly that it almost hurt my neck, but I froze again to take in this guy's appearance.


That's the best word I can use to explain.

His tastes of clothes were 'unusual'? And he looked like he was wearing make up. His dark bluish black hair and skin colour was a bit unusual, but in a weird way it suited him and enhanced his appearance.


Yes, he was screaming in to my ear as if I'm deaf showing that I wasn't listening due to my being in a trance.

It was annoying.

"Y-Yes?" I stuttered a bit and as soon as I answered another hand hooked itself onto my wrist and dragged me away.

The next thing I knew, I was sitting in the lunch hall, trying my best to ignore the sweet, delicious smells of food, while at the same time being stared at by three other 'students'.

Two of them looked like twins, a bit, with different hairstyles and makeup? While the other girl that sat next to them had dark spiky blue hair and wore a white and blue lolitta styled dress. They all had the same unusual skin colour making them all look like siblings.

"I'm Rhode Camelot and these to idiots are Devitto and Jasdero, newby "She said while pointing to each one, which caused them to definitely react to with a fit of curses.

"What's your name?

"A-Allen, Allen Walker" I replied nervously.

Why would they want to talk to me?

"We always ask all the new guy's questions so don't be shy. Why'd you come here?"

I sweat dropped.

"Uh? Moved country?" I didn't have a choice!

"Why are you wearing that beanie like that?

My heart skipped a beat. I am not showing anybody my hair. I hate the attention. It makes me self conscious

"Bad hair day?"

"What's with the accent?" That would be Debitto's question. At least he looks more interested.

"I'm British"

"What happened to your face, the plaster?" Great question, my heart started beating to answer.

"I accidently injured myself"

Something told me there was going to more personal questions and I had to wonder what gender they thought I am. After all I have a 'males' name.

I decided to finally ask a question

"Um, are you all siblings?" I questioned. They nodded in reply. They did look a bit a like.

They looked like happy siblings, not like a murderous bunch. I could actually feel myself getting envious.

"Why do you sound so girly? What are you gay? Man up" As Debitto started screaming and Jasdero laughing he hit me or punched me on the shoulder as a way for me to 'man up', and yes, it took me off guard. I gaped at him then broke out of my trance twitching a bit.

If he's implying that I'm a lesbian I might kill him. Just because I'm not slutty whore does not make me a lesbian, why does everyone call me names that I definitely am not! I struggled to smile still twitching. a

And just what do you mean by that?"

I could practically taste my own venom.

"You're sound like a bloody girl, l like dude seriously"

I AM a Girl!

"So, what's wrong with that?" I screamed out. Oh Great a fight at the start of my school semester. From the way they're looking at me it's pretty obvious that they think I'm a boy, so yes I am annoyed. I could feel all my annoyance and frustration pouring into me.

First Daisya, now this.

I sighed and took in another deep breath. I don't need to start a fight, I'm not like this. I'm not the violent type.

(Okay I admit that I'm lying. Living with Cross wasn't exactly the safe fest lifestyle for a child. If I didn't know how to fight, I'm sure I'd be tortured of killed by now)

If people don't know my gender, then I'll keep it like that.

"I'm sorry, I'm just … hungry" I hastily retorted while bowing before lastly leaving to leave the hall. I don't mean to be rude but I don't really know how to deal with these situations.

As I got slowly trudged away I could just smell the food all around me and it only renewed my hate towards my 'supposed foster father'. He doesn't even deserve to be called that.

I have a 'high metabolism' as I like to say in scientific terms. Others would say that I'm a freak but I don't care. It's great that I can eat up to 10 people's appetite without gaining weight. Kind of scary as well, but cool. Although it does make it that when I'm hungry I'm really hungry. I mean really, really hungry. I could go on. Cross of all people should know that, but he's to caught up starving me.

(At least if I die he'll suffer his own debts.)

A light momentarily blinded me ripping my attention from the buffet line in front of me to one of the plain glass rimmed windows.

I stared at my reflection and sighed.

Why do people keep mistaking me for a guy?

I look normal, what's wrong with that? Maybe a bit boyish but still normal. I might not care about fashion but I've dressed like this all my life. It's shocking that people don't notice a persons gender.

Also insulting.

"Do I really look like a guy?" I muttered tugging on my beanie

"Depends, Are you?" Yes I jumped, I literally jumped. What's with these guys? How come I can't 'feel' or 'sense' their presence?

I turned and straight away saw a spiky red head.

A read head?


I hate him

The guy's hair straight away reminded me of that debt collecting scoundrel. I groaned silently remembering all the debts and the fact that I had to pay them.


This guy had spiky red hair held up with a black and green bandana making it oddly look good on him (I admit…kind of)

He left eye was an emerald green while his other was covered behind a black eye patch.

Was he trying to be a pirate? Cosplaying maybe?

I guess you could say that he handsome.

Anyway to answer his question

"guess" I muttered weakly. I'm fed up already so I don't really care if he or anyone else mistakes my gender anymore.

"You are right? although it would be hard for people to tell by the way you dress." I stared blank at him.

He must be smart or stupid.

"What's your name?"

"Shouldn't you give me yours first?" He simply looked wide eyed at me.

"You don't know?"

"No, I'm new remember"

"…Fine my names Lavi, Now yours?"

"Allen" I replied feeling very self conscious. For some reason (As I noticed) the hall got quieter as I talked with this guy

"Your full name?"

"You didn't tell me yours" He looked perplexed, to say the least. Seriously, why do I feel like people are burning holes in my back?

"Anyway, You Lie, That's a boy's na…"

"I'm hungry so please forget it" I discreetly bowed then walked away. I know it rude but I'm sure that I look like a human dart board, and plus


I reached into my pocket to get some spare change for some pizzas that looked so inviting but I felt myself freeze.

I really hate Cross" I groaned. I forgot that because of that sick bastard I'm BROKE.

I'm going to starve.

I need to find a job or I won't be able to survive. I breathed out (or huffed in depression).

Why is life so unfair?

I reluctantly ripped my gaze away and began walking outside muttering curses about Cross on the way.

"Aren't you going to order something?"

Great the Redhead again.

"I forgot my money" I answered.

Should I buy you something?"

I felt my self shiver then spin around to face him. Finally after a while I took a deep breath in whimpering slightly then I put on a decent enough smile.

I hate you Shisou

"Its fine, not the first time I've missed lunch, I'll survive"" With that said I did a quick 180 and left the hall.

I'll die, I might cry.

That was tempting, too tempting. But If I had said yes I would have taken full advantage of the situation and I'd probably make him broke as well. My good side forbids that.

I'm actually balling my eyes out because of hunger.

I need food.

My thoughts are simply.

'I'm hungry' and 'I hate Cross'

I don't know how I got to the school roof so I know I'm probably lost, but at least up here I can't smell food.

"Yo Allen" That would be Daisya. I looked up and forced a smile (It's really easy to do this, it's a habit).

Too confirm my suspicion Rhode, Daisya and 'The twins' were walking my way.

"Hi what's wrong?"

"Nothing, the guys are idiots so ignore them, you'll get used to them. You wanna hang out?" It took a lot of effort but smiled at Rhode. She seemed really enthusiastic.

"Its fine, I'm used to it, and sure" They still think I'm a guy"


"What did Jasdevi do anyway?" Daisya asked. I didn't even get a chance to try and speak before Rhode quickly cut in.

"Jasdevi said that he was acting like a girl"

There was a weird silence.

I know what Daisya was thinking by the way he was looking at me. I sighed and shrugged in mild consent then he turned back to the siblings.

"But, Allen is a girl"

Another Silence.

"You're a girl?" From the way Debittos voice was crack he sounded scared and Jasdevi, to match his behaviour, was shivering behind his 'older' brother. I sighed again and turned away from them towards the railing.

"Yes, I'm a 'bloody' girl"

There was no reply causing me to turn around, just in time to let out a shriek as I was tackled to the floor. I felt my plaster (again on the first day of school) being ripped clean from my face. (It's starting to hurt you know). I gasped from the shock trying to push them off.

They just jumped me.

They all leaned back all wide eyed that I only fully realized what they were looking at when I felt my head get cold with a gust of wind.

My hat.

This can't be happening. There going to hate me now aren't they?

"KAWAII!" Huh?

"Your so cute Allen Chan" Rhode glomped me wildly kicking her legs into the air. Seriously, Kawaii? Me? That means cute in Japanese.

"What?" I stared in confusion at Rhode who had revealed my 'natural' appearance by pulling off my hat and bandage.

She wasn't freaked out?

I looked at Daisya then JasDevi. Daisya had a grin across his face and Jasdevi or Debitto was blushing.

Am I going blind?

Don't I look freaky? Or maybe… don't they care?

Rhode glomped me again spinning me around at a dizzying speed but giggling all the way.

"Um, Rhode?" She quickly pulled of smiling childishly.

"Let's all be friends Allen Chan" I stared shocked for a while before softly smiling. Thanks for this miracle.

"Definitely, Kay Allen" Daisya said patting me on my back with the other guys. I could feel my smile getting broader and more real.

Maybe my life might take a change after all.

The wind brisked past again making me miss the heat that my beanie provided.

My Beanie? A question came to mind and I looked at Rhode failing to see what I was looking for.



"Where's my hat?

Yes I am annoyed for asking that question, and yes I hated the 'answer I received to it.

One, I'm annoyed at the fact that they didn't even let me leave, making me basically miss the rest of my lessons, on my first day of school.

Two, I'm annoyed that at the fact that as soon as I asked for my hat back I was 'dragged' into a 'game'.

Three Rhode claims that she can't find my hat when it's obvious that she took it and was hiding it from me.

And Four, I had to use my hood, which doesn't really help in covering anything, because of a few stubborn bangs.

I can't be that angry though. Despite all that those guys accepted me right. I am still thinking about the job that they kept suggesting though.

A café.

I better not have to be wearing a maid's outfit, or so help me, I will quit.

I will not wear a skirt for anybody.

The pay does sound good though, I'll check it out tomorrow.

I continued pushing my trolley through the lane looking for some nice ingredients.

The fact that I just moved to America means that I don't have any food in the new house, so I have to buy some resources for me and Timcampy.

If I didn't mention Tim campy is actually my pet.

Cross calls him a golem but to me he's my animal friend. He, to say, looks like a yellow ball with a lighter cross on his side showing where his face is.

Plus, he has wings and a long, thin tail the same colour.

And, no he doesn't really look like a bird just cause of the wings. Cross claims that he made him as'completely new specie' and the 'only one of his kind' which I'm not so sure about but still he's always been there for me. Plus he seems to understand everything I say. H e doesn't seem like a 'Golem' as Cross says, he seems more lifelike. I mean he also eats, a lot, for an animal.

Were perfect together.

I couldn't help but laugh at that comment.

It is funny.

I passed the dog food area and grinned again.

Tim tends to eat the same food as I do so if I buy this he'll probably settle on biting my ear instead as my 'punishment',

After paying for the items and exiting the shop, I stood for a while outside trying to find my direction back to my 'new' home.

Anything Familiar would help and with all the shopping bags

I have on me I don't want to take a long route. Its night as well, but since its summer it shouldn't be much of a problem.

But still I don't want to risk getting attacked. I smirked when I recognized a familiar sign that pointed to around my destination and grabbed my stuff in a comfortable way for me to hold, before walking away quickly. My eyes were mainly focused around me for anything suspicious that when I noticed someone exit at from an alley way in front of me I didn't have enough time to react so I ran straight into him knocking us both down and dropping my 'resources' in front of me.

I groaned feeling an incoming headache come on but when I heard someone else groan I immediately jumped up to help him up.

"S-Sorry about that, I was in a rush" In quickly stuttered outstretching my hand. He reached for my hand and that's when I saw his face clearly.

"Lavi?" It was Lavi.

I started to feel myself rush into panic.

Rhode still has my hat and I'm not wearing a bandage so I look exactly normal (in my view, freakish to others)

"Allen?" I cringed and was now grateful for the fact that I was in the buildings shadow and my hood. I just hoped that my escaped bangs wouldn't look like it s glowing in the dark.

I don't want anyone to see how I really look like so I just hope that he didn't recognize my voice.

He stood up from his sitting position making me flinch.

Does he know?

I was about to grab my stuff and run but he briskly grabbed my wrist preventing me to leave, I (of course) struggled to make him let go but his grip only tightened.

"Allen?" I groaned.

Does my life suck or what?

"Can you please let go of my wrist?" I whispered as my voice failed me

When I 'somehow' got home, I breathed in as a signed of pure relief. Lavi didn't really bother me much about my appearance apart from asking me some question, but when I asked him h spoke honestly to even out my 'suffering'. I am glad that he only asked a few discrete questions like

'Why do you seem so Antisocial in school, and what are you doing out around 9:30pm?

I retorted by asking him the same thing which he replied to with a


At least I felt like I had another person to talk to (however annoying they can be). He grabbed all my bags and refused to give them back to attempt to follow me hope, which freaked me out. Luckily at seeing how freaked out I was he let up. Although I am starting to think that it would be better to simply be mistaken for the opposite gender. I don't know why I felt relieved at the fact that another person found out my appearance. Ignoring the fact that anyone could go and start some problems for me with their new found knowledge.

I whined a bit and dragged my shopping bags away from the door.

I'm surprised that he could hold them as if it's nothing, there quiet heavy.

I heard some voices and reflectively dropped the bags running towards where the voices came from. I ran past a door but stopped and took several slow steps back. Cautiously I opened the door hearing the voices get louder.

When I looked through I can definitely say that I looked flabbergasted.

What kind of animal can do that?

Somehow (don't ask me how cause I don't know) he was bobbed on top of a remote using his small, stubby hands (that's what I call them) to change the channels. It's funny and 'cute' the way he looks.

(I don't use cute for anybody)

Then it hit me. I opened the door wider and walked in to get a better look.

I only moved in today, so…

Since when did I have a TV?

Or a Laptop?

Am I in the wrong house?

Everything looked like my stuff so I'm sure this is my 'home', 'new home'

I walked some more before finally plopping on the sofa right next to Tim making him bounce in the process. I felt a soft gush of wind and some flapping then something slapped me clumsily across the face. I laughed a bit and grabbed the thick end of Tim's tail pulling him down from my head in front of me. I hope Tim wasn't bored when I was gone because it was 7:00 pm now and school started 9:00am. I had left him for about 10 hrs and 30min. I sure hope he didn't eat or destroy anything.

"Yo Brat!"

Hmm, Master?

Was he here?

How…? I panic snapping my head side to side in search of my 'guardian'

"As you might have noticed, I've decided to leave some things for your 'entertainment' and crap like that.

I looked down to see Tim's mouth wide open with the image being projected up like a TV. So master wasn't really here. It's just a recording from Timcanpy's memory feed.

That's a bit of a relief.

Also I don't know how Tim does that, its some random technology that Cross came up with. It proves that Tim is a 'golem' as Cross says.

I sighed. Whether from relief or annoyance, I'll never know.

Wait he said WHAT?

What's the catch?

"I'll be gone for a while so use this opportunity wisely. Don't take the Mick. Also there's a new phone in your room that I might call you on so make sure you DO NOT LOSE it"

I groaned again.

I still don't know what the catch is.

"Make sure you pick it up, I don't want to be wastin cred or time on you. Understand BRAT.

Good luck Surviving"

Tim's mouth shut as soon as Cross began laughing in a drunken stupor, to my relief. Allow me to say I'm confused


And hungry.

I shook my head and ran upstairs to my room with Tim flying behind me

And there, just like Cross said, was a phone box. I stared at the contents of the box, again confused. Or annoyed.

They advertise this phone, A lot.

Just where the hell did he get the money to buy THIS!

I sat in my black long sleeved Pjs with matching black shorts, eating a chocolate cake, or at least trying to. I found it hard to enjoy the taste.


Why you ask?

Because of Cross, that's why.

Even when he's not here he still causes problems for me and gives me headaches. After finding my new 'phone' I found a catalog with all the 'products' that he bought. And yes, they're all EXPENSIVE. I found them easily since he circled them both.

The TV alone was a brand new make as it just came out, so yes, you can tell how expensive that would be. Plus the laptop and phone were added to that cost.

I don't even know how to use all this technology.

Where the hell did he get the money?

None of the items were on sale and I doubt that I have the money to pay for all this stuff, and with Cross if I don't pay a debt, he'll add Interest.

Sure it's the newest gadgets that 'EVERYBODY' wants, and 'maybe' it was kind of him (yeah right!) to buy them for me, but. Just 'who's' money did he use to buy all this?

I sighed again, (My hobby, ladies and gentlemen) before pulling out the new phone.


"Does he love me, or hate me?"

I asked with minimum sarcasms to Timcampy.

Great phone, but…If he bought this, what was the point of buying a laptop?

It's like a mini computer.

Tim started nibbling his way over to my cake and before I knew it, it was gone. Swallowed whole (I guess I could say we're like black holes). I simply stared at him too tired to do anything.

I'm so tired that I'm not even in terror or panic that Tim ate or 'stole' my beloved food.

(Good thing it wasn't a Dango)

I might have eaten him in revenge (just joking).

Without a word I stood up and put the plate in the sink.

I'll wash it later.

I am still pretty shocked from the day.

Tim tucked himself into my hair which seemed to be his nest while I walked into the living room to watch TV.

I'll try to be…grateful…to Cross (somehow), I mean only a few 'lucky' teens get a cool TV, A laptop and an IPhone.

I sat down comfortably and pulled off, one of the blankets that was on the sofa and wrapped myself up snuggly into the white couch. The TV was still on so I scrolled around to see what's on.

Yes I read the instruction manuals to everything he bought, so yes I also set my Alarm on my 'new phone' and Laptop.

Miss Congenitally

Funny movie about A Tomboy anti social cop and how she tries to 'fashion up' to go undercover in the beauty pageant to prevent a bombing the event. Still, to hide who you truly are for others is sad. I'd never be able to do that.

I am relived that this TV has many channels though. About 1000 I think.

After selecting and starting the movie from beginning, I laid down on the sofa.

Sleep would probably take over soon since it was…

I looked at the time


Wow it's late. Time goes fast.

After unpacking earlier and all the stress (Plus the great food) I deserve some sleep. Tim seemed asleep as well, even though I'm now lying sideways (I'll have tangles in my hair later, which will be painful to get).

It's been a long day.

I shifted a bit and watched the movie quietly laughing at some bits till I felt my eyelids start to droop. I closed my eyes willingly inviting sleep and before I realized, I fell asleep.

I'm starting a new life here, so I hope that I will be able to settle in peacefully.

(I'll put some effort in to enjoy my life here.)

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