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Chapter : Moving on slowly

It kind of dawned on me as to how I might have some sort of mood swing abnormality. One second I felt really sad and pitiful, the next I felt like killing someone. It was definitely a bad mix.

What was also a bad thing was letting a complete stranger enter my home and acting civil when that stranger had proved to be a jackarse. My actions were straight up contradictions that confused even me. After all, wasn't my first meeting with Kanda the reason for me going home covered in Grape juice. Wasn't it also the reason that I'm scorned at school.

There were a bunch of other problems that I could describe but other all it basically described to me that letting him into y 'sanctuary' no matter how crap it was, a mistake.

I've only had three people ever come to one of my houses and even stay the night, and most of them stole from me.

Anyway, this was why I was currently exhausted. I hadn't slept. Couldn't actually. The idea of this stranger, who i had known for less than a week, in my house made me on guard. I can't believe I let than my guard anyway, in the first place. What the fuck was i thinking. This basically resulted in me staying up the whole night.

Ironically, he didn't sleep either.

Sure I didn't really own anything of value, well except for the crap that Cross decided to waste my money on, either way i was on guard. If i fell asleep, who knew what would happen. I mean, I have been stabbed before. People were just plain mean.

After all, I had also known Rhode and Daisya along with the others for the same length of time and all of a sudden they turned on me. Mainly because of this guy and his friend, if I might add. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to get close to him. At least that was what I originally though but now look what I was doing.

I must have really been lonely.

Any way. I found myself staring outside through the curtains at the lighter shades of blue that came signalling morning. Currently it was 4:48 am. It wasn't the first time that I had done an all nighter but i just felt really tired. Is it possible to be jet lagged for a week?

As I stared at the sky, shuffling by my side easily caught my attention and I found myself staring at my 'guest' as he suddenly stood up. I didn't have any fears of rape as i wasn't appealing in any way so my main worry was the risk of an alternative attack. After all, i didn't mention that i had previously been stabbed. It was just hard to feel comfortable around anyone some times. Rhodes attack proved that point.

I slowly stood up as well by instinct and he turned to stare at me, the ever present snarl returning to his face. At least with him i knew where i stood.

"What do you want?" He growled, his thin eyebrow curling. Wow he could be a woman, if not for that voice.

"I was about to ask you that." I replied. A moment of silent followed before he finally spoke. " The toilet" I just nodded before walking past him."It's this way" I replied. There were two toilets but I only had time to clean one and make it look habitable.

I seriously need to do some work in cleaning, retiling, the plumbing, painting, carpeting (if that's a word) and repairing this damn house. Cross basically bought the cheapest one and even though the room and space was great, when I first moved in it looked like it was infested with rats and had been abandoned for years. It would take a long time so I would probably have to wait till a break or half time to start.

As I lead the way I couldn't help but mull over the price. It would cost a lot out of my savings and I really hated the idea of losing money. I came to America with about £200 equivalent in dollars for food. The rent had been paid. The only thing now was the gas, water, electricity and other stuff. Insurance would most likely be needed as I attracted trouble like insane and apparently you had to pay for health insurance.

Overall, expensive. I was glad that I had lived with cross a little as not only did i have to pay for all this crap but I had to pay for his thrifty lifestyle as well. At least now i could use that money on more useful things.

"Here" I pointed out the upstairs bathroom shared toilet. Kanda walked past me without another word and slammed the door in my face. I flinched from the force and the way the door seemed to crack slightly also leading to the light bulb just above me falling and smashing right next to me.

I really need to do some working fixing up this ruined place.


I was reading mail in the kitchen when Kanda came back in, his eyes clearly on the walls of peeling wallpaper, cracked paint and cracked cement. I just grinned a little.

"I just moved in and the place was unbelievably cheap" I said. Kanda's eyes just swirled to me.

"Really. You sure your not a squatter? This place looks like shit" He joined in. I just laughed a bit. A squatter, that was new. The kettle finally whistles its signal that it was done and I gladly grabbed some mismatched mugs.

"Do you want some coffee?"


I nodded and proceeded to pour it into the cups of coffee before mixing the mixture and adding milk leaving one plain black. Black coffee, no wonder his personality is so bitter.

"Where are your parents?"Kanda asked as he tookn rthe mug staring into it for a while before taking small sips. I just rolled my eyes. I expected that question and had already prepared my alias.

"They've gone to work. When they get back we're gonna start fixing this place up. It'll look like allt the other houses no time."

"I didn't ask for your life plans idiot" Here we go. I just let out a deep sigh. It was to early for the shit. I just wanted to eat then go job searching. I resumed looking through letters and sorting them out for what looked the most important before grabbing my phone and playing some music then digging into the fridge for ingredients.

"Do you want eggs or pancakes?" I asked changing the subject. In the background stairway to heaven began playing. Like I said before I had a unique taste in music.

" Whatever" He murmered. "You listen to Led Zeppelin?"

"I listen to good music" I replied pulling out a knife. The same knife that I accidently cut myself with yesterday (don't worry i washed it). The way he flinched made me laughed and for more humor I move the knife to the side of my neck loosely as i stared at him. Hi looked more cautious like I was going to try and slit my throat right there. It was funny. I wasn't even holding the knife properly.

Before I knew it I burst out laughing before moving to grab and onion and proceeded to chop it.

" Are you insane?"

"A little bit. Will that be a problem?" I asked, sadistic humour obviously all over my face by the way he cautiously moved closer, eyes darting to knife again. The guitar solo of led zeppelin began to play sweetly in the background.

Like really, what an idiot. If I really wanted to do it I could have done it a long time ago. I just turned away and proceeded to chop for ingredients for my omelette. If this made him back off and avoid me more then my job was complete.

The omelette, pancakes, sausages and baked beans were complete and it was about 7:00 in the morning when the sun finally began to show. We sat at the dining table (which I just noticed had a broken leg, but was still standing strong) and ate in silence, while went through the mail.

Apparently, I was due for the electricity. I had paid the gas and water and the electricity was what needed to pay more constantly. I could survive a bit without electricity. Some ads and other unimportant stuff then a letter from school pretty much welcoming me. I've read that late. As i continued reading and eating I almost chocked but quickly covered it up when Kandas eyes landed to me. He just shook his head like i was an idiot.

The irony was what i was reading was a joint letter from one of my teachers. The sad thing was it wasn't a letter about behaviour, academics or any of that crap. Instead it was a letter describing a debt ith many digits that i couldn't pay off in my life.

The good thing was that it was that it provided me to jobs to pay it off with a meal included. I felt myself wanting to groan as i stared at the Asian bastard before me.

Guess who's fucking family i would be working for as a cleaner/handy-man.

It was around 8:00, watching tv when Kanda decided to leave and proceeded to drag me along with him, kicking and shouting. The threat is what really made me give up. That he would tell the class rep which would eventually go to the head teacher about me bunking school. My grades may have been good but if I was kicked out of school in America i would be held back a grade or two. I definetly did not want that. I preferred London where i would be kicked then move into another school after doing entrance exams.

I was dragged into the pricks car (that was a different one than the one before) and as much as I couldn't help but marvel at it, the way he got smug pissed me off.

"Like what you see?" Kanda asked, a smug grin on his face. It made me feel sick. Why did such a beautiful car have to have such an arsehole as its owner?

"Depends." I murmured. "How much horse power does she have?" I might as well show off my car knowledge to prove that he's an useless arsehole who probably knew nothing about his own car and bought it because it was 'shiny'. I bet he didn't even know the name of the car, Audi A7.

Kanda turned to stare at me before he was reminded to keep his eyes on the road. I had the urge to put on the radio as it might be a bit of a drive.


" I just wanted to see if you knew anything about the cars your driving around."

"Don't treat me like an idiot Moyashi. Of course I know about ca..." I cut him off by switching on his radio which obviously pissed him off. He then switched it back off. "Don't fucking do that again and what the hell do you know about cars? You idiot"

"Someone woke on the wrong side of bed. Did you miss out on your 'beauty sleep' princess?"

"Who the fuck could sleep in that pigstyle Moyashi. You're parents must not love you to abandon you in that shithole." I just growled. "What it tranny, Just cause your thongs ridden to high up your ass doesn't mean its my fact. In fact I never even invited you over, you just barged in."

"Because I had to you retard. The school reps wanted to write an artice about the new freak for the school news paper." I paused in my ranting and insults and turned to stare at him. What?

"Is that why you and Lavi have been 'socialising with me?" I asked.

"Obviously, who the fuck would want to hang out with a gender confused freak like you. Also, who says 'socialising'. How sad are you." I just remained quiet mulling over some thoughts. Of course it was like that. Who would willingly hang out with me after all that had happened since i started here. I just let out a groan and began massaging my head.

"As soon as we get out I won't bother you again. And to answer your previous question I know a lot about cars. Enough to tell you that there might something's wrong with your spark plugs" I said trying to change the subject. It seemed to work.

"Good, and what makes you say that."He said as he pulled into the school parking area and began to park.

"The car isn't running smoothly wise ass." With that i slammed the door and began to walk briskly to my first lesson. I guess I wouldn't be seeing him or Lavi again since they were just spying for others.

That might be a relief for when i have to work in both their fricking houses to pay of Cross's debt.

I really loathed that bastard.

Lavi's POV

Ok, so it may not have been the nicest idea seeing as Kanda had the patience capacity of a socially inept granddad. I kind of felt sorry for him but it was either him or me. After all with Lenalee returning from one of her job current trip. Being a model did involve a lot of travel after all.

We did rock paper scissors and I o

Won. Meaning Kanda had to persuade the new student to coming back to school (and find out a bit more about her) while i went to greet Lenalee. Either way, could be a win loss situation depending how you looked at it.

Lenalee did tend to act a bit annoying whenever she returned from some of her jobs. It camee with being around confident people and afterwards she would revery back to her usual self. Being a model of course would be quite stressful on ones personality.

Apart from the stress she was their cool childhood friend.

When they split from school Kanda made his way to the address they had found out while he made his way to Komui's, Lenalees brothers. From there he proceeded to listen to Lenalees new stories. They were interesting but after a while of hearing similar cases he would sometimes find himself tuning snippets out wondering how Kanda was doing. Allen hadn't been the most civil during their last meeting.

Her behaviour left him (and Kanda who would never admit it} curious. Like, he even tried the whole sob story past for sympathy among everyone and he was shot down as easily.

Now he was left curious.

"Hey, who's that guy with Kanda?" I found myself turning to the direction that i was pointed to. Someone quickly leaving Kanda's car and rushing away from him. That was his dads car. He never let anyone in his dad's car. That was weird. Also the guy in question was too grungy and Kanda didn't socialise with anyone.

I just shrugged fully aware that we'd be finding out later.

Allen's POV

At break time I finally got to see what Kanda was talking about. That and someone must have seen me getting out of his car and create a story as to why.

I was able to view this school newspaper and the part that involved me, the new delinquent. It mainly was biased judging from strangers and how that would create an bad image of me. That and how I was breaking the rules by swimming in the pool in my clothes. Either way my school image had ceased to exist.

I had ran into Lavi and ignored him immediately taking a U turn into the opposite direction. I already had problems.

It was by lunch time that I had gone toilet dry, left the stall soaking wet in something i had no knowledge of, been tripped, then shunned. And when I returned to my next class I found my desk shunned by, well who knew what. It turns out Rhode was spreading a few more rumours and hence the hatred for myself was increasing around the school. I practically ran and hid in my music room. Was I the only student or did this happen to every new one?

My thoughts revolved around how my school life was already sucking, badly.

I just remained quiet before flipping over the hood of the piano to stare at the ivory keys. I was drying off at least. I blew dust off whilst holding my breath then proceeded to tap on a key softly hearing the resonating chime.

It was relaxing at least. I checked my phone for the time before deciding that I could skip the next lessons. I had already gotten my result earlier and the main reason that I was still in school was due to my age. The only benefit to living with Cross was that I was smart and learnt ahead of my age mates. (A secret if I might add)

I Before I knew it I began to play and I found myself staring at my hands again in awe as I found myself playing a familiar complicated lullaby.

If only I knew where it was from.

"That's a lovely song. Where'd you learn to play?" My fingers immediately stopped and my head snapped to the direction the voice came from. "Oh please don't stop on my account" The girl continued. I just stared feeling unusually conscious of myself from the way the girl looked. She had long blonde hair which curled down to her shins. So slender and if i'm honest pretty. Almost like a doll . The only flaw being the bandages wrapped around her left eye, like4 mine if i might add. She just grinned. "I asked, where'd you learn to play?" She repeated yet again finally snapping me out of my revere.

"Um, taught myself. Who...?" "I'm Lala. Don't be fooled by my size sweety, i'm a sophomore. And you are?" She questioned.

"Ah so your the current victim in this initiation" I found myself staring at her. "What?" I questioned.

"I'm Allen" The senior in question just laughed. "You have a lot to learn kid. I'd be happy to teach you if you play for me a bit."

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