The Reborn

Josh Blade was a famous football player on his high school football team But one night josh and his Friends was on their way home from a party But sadly josh car got into a accident Josh 2 Friend were fine but he die before he can reach the hospital after

A few hours later the hospital call josh house and tell his mother and sister that josh has die in a car accident when his mother hear that they immediately drive to the Hospital . When josh mother they arrive at the hospital the first thing that they did was run up to the desk where the Nurse was and ask her about josh the Nurse say I am so sorry ma but your son did not make it , the Nurse showed her where they put him at, Mrs. Nick son

Did not know what to say up to that point. But to follow the Nurse As Mrs. Nick son

And the Nurse walking down the hallway. Mrs. Nick son did not know what to think . She Can't still take the fact that josh has die Because tonight is josh 17 Birthdays.

Mrs. Nick son already has Josh gifts for his birthday. But now she has to get ready for Josh Funeral Instead of his Birthday. One year has past since the tragedy death of josh his Family are slowly Recovering but for josh little Sister. She can't still not Believe that her Brothers has died. She was really closed to him. That night Josh little Sister Mary was getting ready to go to bed Before Mary laid down and Prayed for her Brother spirits to rest in peace. It Triggered something right After Mary was done praying. she went to bed and sleep back at her brother grave something wire was happening. some how Josh was able to be reborn as a Vampire He was able to Brake, Free from his coffin and rise up from the Grave. But He did not show any Sign of a Vampires not yet , anyway Josh was shock he was sure that he was dead But he didn't understand how he would still be alive. the first thing that josh notice was that his skin was really pale and cold.

Hey everyone this is the owner of the Reborn here now this stories that has a lot of thing that I have not figure out yet but I promise you the second season will come out soon if anyone have question to ask me you can reach me at this number until next time I well keep everyone informed thank you and I also hope who ever going to read this stories are going to enjoy it.

Write by Michael Van bui