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I was just finishing off some paperwork in my office when I caught Esme's scent; it was mingled with Jacob's and Renesmee's.

I heard a knock on my door and inhaled quickly

'Come in Jake' I smirked as the boy came through the door

'Hey Doc' He greeted me, sitting in a chair opposite my desk

'How are you Jacob?' I asked, placing the folders in the filing cabinet behind my desk

'I'm good. Nessie wanted to come see you and somehow I got roped into coming along' He rolled his eyes 'Esme drove us'

'I can tell' I smiled

'How?' He asked, raising an eyebrow

'I could hear you screaming at the speed halfway up the road' I chuckled

'Yeah. Well' Jacob blushed slightly as we walked down the halls

'Hello Esme' I smiled, walking up to her and embracing her

She smiled and kissed me.

'We'll leave you two alone' A now, physically, fifteen year old Nessie smirked, dragging Jake away

'How has your day been?' She asked

'Long' I sighed

'Thought so' she giggled

A few seconds later we could hear Jacob near the front desk getting annoyed. Esme and I stopped around the corner and saw Jacob standing with his arm around Nessie's shoulders facing Dylan, Dr Jones's son. I didn't particularly like Dr Jones, he treated the Nurses with no respect and, with the way his son was staring at Nessie, his son was the same.

'Yeah, Yeah pretty boy. Stop glaring. Why don't you introduce me to the skirt' Dylan winked at Nessie

'The girl in the skirt can introduce herself. I'm Renesmee Cullen' Nessie glared at him

'Well, hello there' Dylan grabbed Nessie's arm and pulled her away from Jake

'Well, goodbye there' Renesmee continued to glare at him

'Don't be like that. Why don't you and I spend some quality time together' He winked again

Renesmee pushed away from him 'Sorry, I have a boyfriend' She gripped Jacobs hand

'You're going out with one of the La Push freaks' He laughed loudly

'My Jacob isn't a freak' She nearly growled at him 'He's a better guy than you will ever be'

'Yeah sure he will' He rolled his eyes just as Quil, Embry and Seth came in

'Hey Jake' Seth slapped Jacob on the shoulder and turned to Nessie and swung her into a hug

'This twerp giving you hassle Ness?' Quil asked, eyeing Dylan carefully

'Nah, my girl and I were just having a bit of fun' Dylan grabbed Nessie's wrist and pulled her closer to him again

This boy had nerve. Over the past few weeks Jacob and his pack mates had gotten even bigger. Even Seth didn't look that little anymore

'Your girl?!' Renesmee cried, hitting Dylan on the arm

'You better get off her, you little idiot' Jacob wrapped his arm around Nessie's waist and tugged her away 'You better get it into your head that she isn't interested. She doesn't like you. Can you comprehend that properly?'

'Why you gotta talk so posh?' Dylan shrugged

'I speak properly, you don't' Jacobs friends laughed at Dylan

'You know' Embry started, circling Dylan as he spoke 'We eat little punks like you for breakfast down on the rez'

'Yeah' Quil smirked 'Guys who have no respect for girls'

'Who treat them like objects instead of people' Seth joined in

'I aint afraid of you' Dylan crossed his arms

'Well you better be' Seth warned 'Renesmee's older brother is a monster'

'Hey what am I missing?' Emmett whispered, walking up behind us

'Why are you here?' I asked, raising an eyebrow at him

'I got a text from Jacob, something about a punk messing Nessie around' He shrugged then walked over to Ness

'Hey there squirt, what's the problem' Emmett's gaze rested on Dylan for a second before walking up to the shaking boy. Emmett leaned in and whispered 'Boo'

Dylan turned on his heel and ran as fast as he could away.

'I've still got it' Emmett flexed his muscles

'Was that necessary?' I asked we walked back to the

'One hundred percent' Emmett laughed

'Well you weren't going to help' Nessie nudged me playfully

'Well excuse me for not being a mind reader like your dad' I laughed at her

'Can we go now?' Nessie asked

'Sure' Esme smiled and kissed me again

Nessie hugged me goodbye and they left the hospital

'Big family?' Ashley, a nurse, asked me, watching them leave

I smiled at her before picking up a patient's report 'You have no idea'


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