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Carlisle and Esme had bought a dog. They said it was a family pet but Edward, Emmett and I couldn't stand the thing. It was small, fluffy and white. Carlisle said it was an American Eskimo dog. The girls fell in love with it instantly, cooing over it and fussing over it. They called him snowball, much to everyone's disgust, well not so much Carlisle and Esme's but mine, Edward's and Emmett's. That little dog had gotten so much attention today that us guys barely got to speak to our wives. We were sitting on the sofa now, watching as Rosalie combed the dog's hair, Bella spoke to it in a baby voice and Alice ran her snow white fingers through its fur. The mutt loved every moment of it, you could see from the way he was sitting there, staring at us with his tongue poking out

"I don't understand why you guys don't like him" Rosalie said, placing the brush on the coffee table and staring at us

"It's too fluffy and girly to be called a 'man's best friend'" Emmett rolled his eyes

"But" Alice started, picking the dog up and holding it so we were facing it "He's a baby"

"Until he grows up and the novelty wears off" I muttered, earning myself a glare from Alice and the mutt

Edward noticed this too and whispered so the girls couldn't hear "That thing hates us, he loves the girls and the attention but hates us"

"I know" I hissed back quickly

Carlisle and Esme entered the room a second later. The dog eyed Carlisle suspiciously before yapping happily and running towards Esme. She laughed and picked him up; he licked her cheek in thanks

"So you guys like the dog?" Carlisle asked, stroking the mutts head

"Yeah!" The girls chorused

"No" Us guys mumbled

"What's wrong with him?" Esme wondered, stroking the dog

"It hates us" Emmett told them

"Oh yeah, the dog hates you" Bella rolled her eyes

"No seriously watch" Emmett got up from his seat and went over to Rosalie. Before he made it there Snowball was out of Esme's arms and standing between Em and Rosalie, growling at him. Everyone else laughed everyone but Emmett, me and Edward.

"The dog doesn't hate you" Rosalie picked snowball up and scratched its stomach as

"Sure" Emmett replied sarcastically, returning to his seat as Carlisle and Esme left

Edward stood a second later, heading for his piano, which happened to be closer to Bella than Snowball liked. The rat was out of Rosalie's arms and blocking Edward's path in a second.

"I'm sorry, mutt, but this is my piano and no one stops me going near it" Edward lifted the mutt of the ground and tossed it lightly onto the sofa

The cheeky rat stayed still on the pillows and whimpered slightly, feigning injury. The girls all gasped and rushed to check on him.

"Edward you could have seriously hurt him" Bella scolded her husband

Edward sat on the stool and ran his fingers over the keys "Trust me, I wanted to"

Bella just glared at him quickly before stroking the dog. The little things emotions were smug, but there was no way this dog understood us. I stared at it, trying to get more emotions out of it but I was snapped out of it when Alice called my name sharply.

"Jasper, stop glaring at snowball"

Snowball jumped from the sofa and skidded over to me, latching his jaws onto my trousers and growling.

"Don't make me kick it" I warned them, just as Rosalie came over and ran him upstairs with Bella

"You dare kick him and I will kick you twice as hard" Alice warned me before following her sisters upstairs

"What did we do wrong?" Emmett demanded

"I don't know" I mumbled "I'm going hunting"

I ran out the front door, trying to wrap my head around this. Alice had just threatened to kick me if I kicked her precious little rat. I didn't get what that things problem was; it didn't let us near our wives. Maybe it wanted to feel safe and we made it feel vulnerable or maybe it just needed to be shown who was boss. I would gladly do that if I wasn't sure that whatever I did to that Alice would punish me twice as hard. I couldnt believe this situation though, I had gone from being the youngest major in Texas to being threatened by my wife for almost kicking a cotton ball. I gave over to my instincts as I ran, becoming more like the vampire inside of me. I shouldn't have to tread on thin water because a rat hated me, I was in that house way before he was and I'd be there way after. It wasn't only the fact that he managed to turn my wife against me but also the fact that he refused to let me near her. Every moment she spent with that thing could have been a moment we spent together. I shook my head fiercely as I pounced on a buck, snapping its neck. There was no way I was jealous of a dog. No way. I stated my thirst and carried on running, this time slowing and running towards the house. Even if that little mutt was turning my wife against me didn't mean I had to be jealous of it. Jasper Whitlock didn't get jealous of a dog, Jasper Hale however was feeling a little bit of jealousy towards the fluff ball that seemed to occupy his wife's time.

A completely different scent invaded my senses and I pounced without thinking about it.

"Jasper!" Alice cried as I knocked her and Snowball to the ground

"Sorry Alice" I pulled her up so she was sitting next to me on the forest floor "I wasn't thinking"

"Obviously" She laughed "You were about to make snowball into supper"

She noticed my lack of humour and took my hand "What's bothering you Jazz?"

"Nothing" I replied

She watched my expression carefully for a few moments, her golden eyes analyzing everything before she burst out laughing again "You're jealous of the dog?"

I didn't answer her and instead continued staring into the horizon

She cupped my cheek and turned my head so I was facing her, her fingers lingering on my cheek.

"You have no reason to be jealous of a dog, Jasper Hale. I love you more than anything in this world, don't ever forget that"

She sat on her knees and leaned towards me, pressing her lips softly to mine before she pulled back, resting her forehead against mine.

"The dog isn't barking now is he?" She smiled

"I think that's because I traumatized him" I smiled back, pressing my fingers to her shoulders and pushing her onto the ground. "Or maybe he knows not to bark now or I will kick him"

I leaned down to kiss her again but she disappeared. I span and found her face an inch from mine.

"I would probably kick him too" She smirked, throwing her arms around my neck and pulling me towards her, our lips met as the distance closed

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