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Ch. 1: First Encounter

I shouldn't have turned off the lane going up the hill while driving alone at night. But my 'self proclaimed best friend' Elena told me that this was the fastest way home. Why did I believe her? Oh yeah, I was desperate to arrived home immediately because tomorrow I must got to work and if I late again my [expletive] boss would surely fired me without a second thought.

The road was very dark and quite. There were no other cars except me and Rod's 1972 Ford Pinto (I 'borrowed' it from him) trying to reach home as fast as I could. My ruby eyes couldn't concentrate to the road ahead. The tiredness from all of that fancy party father set for me started to wear me out. That old man was really infuriating. He knew I hate 'a gathering for finding a suitable husband disguised as a party'. Yet, he forced me to come. If he wanted a grandchild/ the keeper of his money/ heir so bad, why couldn't he ask Maya? or made it by himself. Note: He couldn't

I thought after I managed to escape from that 'prison', I could do anything I want but NO! It felt like I still trapped within father's hand.

A little red haired girl was standing in front of her father. He didn't realize or he just decided to ignore her. That man only acknowledged her present if it was really necessary or he needed her for something.

"Daddy…Can I play outside?"

He stopped signing and put his pen while stared at his paper with intensive glare. His voice was firm but he wasn't looking at her.

"Are you done with your study?"

She was squirming then answered with a very little meek voice, his father voice alone already made her uncomfortable.

"No, the tweachers is scawy. I don't like them"

"It's 'teachers' and 'scary'. You even can't use a proper language. Yet, you dare to ask time for such useless activities? continue your study and stop bothering me"

The girl only looked at he father for a few seconds before nodded and went outside his father's office slowly while holding back her tears. She knew her father will never look at her, even when he was talking to her. But…still

"Dad…Are you hate me?"

Light… beautiful woman was standing in the vast of light, smiling to her with a very tender smile. She opened her arms to embrace the little girl. But when the girl extended her hand to reach her, she disappeared little by little.

"Mom.... I miss you"

The woman vanished leaving only the little girl alone……..

The little girl only stood there, her hand still unmoving. A single tear escape her red eye.

"I want to go"

But where?

"Anywhere is fine"

"As long as I can…be free"

"Huh? What was that?"

I was in the car and saw the road ahead but half of my mind was still in that memories.

"Am I daydreaming?"

I shook my head to clear up my mind

"Daydreaming while driving? Haha… Is this some kind of death wish?"

My mind was still fuzzy. What was I thinking? I tried to clear my mind once again. The image was starting to fade and became a blurred memory in the back of my head. But the funny feeling was still there.

All of sudden there was a sharp streak of lightning. A deafening burst of thunder followed it with the rain. The mother of nature expressed my feeling. What an incredible sight!

Beads of clammy sweat rolled down my neck and back making my red hair stick to my neck. Ugh, I knew it wasn't good to let my long hair down. Then suddenly Pinto broke down. My heart was pounding quickly.

"Oh no, don't tell me….."

I was trying to start the engine a few times but no avail.

"[Expletive]!! Now what am I going to do?!?!"

I got out of the car to walk for help. I didn't really sure where I was. When I got home I'll made sure to beat Rod to a bloody pulp for making me drenched my new dress and walked for miles. Pinto was his then it made it his fault. After all, that [expletive] engineer was suppose to checked his car before---


Something fell from the sky in the middle of road. I terrified beyond belief. I have this feeling told me that I shouldn't come near it but I approached it anyway. If it was something bad I could kick it, punched it, threw my high heels shoes (I was sure that's would be painful and at the same time getting rid of the 'feet torturing device') or……….just ran. Hey! I wasn't some helpless woman! When I got near enough I realize the 'It' was actually a man bleeding to death. He has so much wounds but the most visible one was the large gash at his stomach.

"Gasp!! Are you alright?"

I bent down beside him. It wasn't everyday you happen to came across a bleeding man who fell from whatever he fell from. The man opened his eyes and I saw the deepest of black I ever seen. He wore a yellow headband that covered his forehead, green jacket, black pant and brown sneakers. His face was pretty cute too (what was he? doll?).Great, a minute haven't passed yet and I was already checking him out?!? He looked normal except for the silver hair and the bloody part.

"Ugh Claire…."

He was trying to form some other word but nothing came out.

"What? What are you talking about?"

He mumbled something unclear. I couldn't understand him at all then he closed his eyes and fainted. What?! What should I do? What should I do?

"Hey! You can't faint now. Hey!"

I tried to shook him but he wasn't moving. What the [expletive] was he thinking?!? He couldn't die here at least not in front of me. I couldn't leave him here either. He could die anytime and I didn't bring my first aid kit. Heck, even if I brought it I was sure it wouldn't help him at all (his condition was awful). Aw man

Fabulous, really, the car that I borrowed break down, I was in the middle of nowhere, drenched to the bone, and there was a half dead man in front of me. The day couldn't get worst right?

"What are you doing? Uwaa!! Murderer!!"

I was talking too fast---