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Ch. 5 Unintentional Tag

By: Li x na

Light slithered and flitted. Whiteness was spreading. It was cornering black. The smells of flowers, the feeling of fleeting, and the faint lullaby from a familiar voice were filling his senses.

"I want to see her."


Like an addiction to drugs. It choked him, suffocated him, and tried to torture him until it was satisfied.

"I miss her."

"So much….so much it hurt."

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He ran fast, she gave him that. Too fast, it made her stumbling twice already. Her wrist was suffering from his constant pulling and she was thinking several ways to torture him after they got out from this mess. If they could get out, alive.

"Dammit!" he whispered angrily.

A swift of bullet passed them. It was missing his legs by mere millimetres and only thinly grazed his left ankle. Their chaser had shouting another several words at them with strange mix of English and god-know-what language.

"Over here!"

She was steered to another turn in the alley. With no idea where it led, she just forced her legs to follow him in the middle of this labyrinth shape alleyway.

However, just their luck, it's a dead end. There was a high wall separating them to the other side.

It certainly not her lucky day when her front was a wall and the back was three ugly grown up man, with guns.

Life was a wonderful gift from God and she hadn't any slightest idea it would end this fast. Therefore, she did the taboo which could be considered normal for any person in this kind of predicament.


She cussed

-Page break-

(25 minutes and 17 seconds before the incident)

"Holly cow! You've got to be kidding me."

"I don't."

"All I did just save his sorry ass. Why can't I get my normal live back?"

"Well, you deserve it but unfortunately, like I said before, I can't do anything about it."

"[Expletive]" She mumbled quietly.

"Please refrain from using such a language, miss. It's unnerving." The croissant haired woman replied. Mint just rolled her eyes.

"Are you lecturing me about common sense?"

After their hazard meeting at the town hall, she brought Rue to her café and forced him to wait until her shift finished. She took her sweet time with ease, which resulted of three empty coffee and fifteen muffins for Rue. Who had guessed the doll face man could devour food like that. Of course, it ended with several shouting and kicking from the red head.

Then, the albino jerk somehow managed persuaded her to go to the so called 'Mel Atelier'. He said the owner of the shop could help her and brought her there. Well, too bad she couldn't.

Now, the freshly showered with waitress uniform red head glowered at Rue inside a suspicious glittering PINK shop. The two youngsters sat at Mel shop with the shopkeeper at the counter.

"Are you really can't do anything, Mel? They keep an eye on her, you know." the guy finally said a sentence.

"You mean they 'stalk' me." Mint corrected. She thought he gone mute for a second there.

"Nope, those people are out of my jurisdictions."


She blinked and blinked again before standing upright and banged the table.

"You guys have a territory as well? What's next? A head honcho controlling you from behind?"


They kept silent.


"You've got to be kidding me!"

"You already said that twice, young lady." Mel said that while moving her index finger like warning a kid.

"Thrice actually…When she saw the Atelier, she said it too."

"Any normal human would freak out seeing this so called 'shop'!" she shouted and spread her hand for emphasize.

"How rude~. I think it's a cute shop. I even give it the name which radiates a cute feeling."

"Then you're sick and deranged."

"Aw...little lady. It hurt my hearts knowing you have misconception about me."

"The only thing 'mis' in here is your way of absorbing information."

"Maybe little lady don't know, but as the owner of Mel Atelier I have a pretty good memory."

"That's not what I mean."

She slumped in the chair, head buried in her hands, and Mel was giggling like a school girl. At least it suited her appearance. The great Mint was defeated by a mere middle age peasant with school girl cosplay. They should have written it in book. She bet it would sell.

While she was wallowing her defeat, Mel helpers, the Poppul Purel kids burst open the door.

"Mel! Package!

"A package."

"Your package have arrived!"

The three kids had slamming the brown package on the table. Or in this case, right in front of Mint's face.

"The hell?"

"Owie, We didn't see you there, missy."

"You little..."

The kids ran outside while laughing happily. she stormed out from the shop, chasing after them. Her mind was in jumble and thanks to the lunatic people inside, it was become more disarray and reach a stage of haywire. A cool air, yeah that's what she needed to calm down. A cool air.

And she would need it a lot.


"Miss Mint holds on well. I actually thought she will run out as soon as she stepped inside." Said Rue after Mint slammed the door forcefully.

"I actually thought she will not enter the shop at all." The shop keeper piped in and chuckled along with her silver head customer. A suspicious scream from a very familiar voice could be heard from the outside shop followed by a few string of curses regarding a deranged winged creature and dwarf.

"You better get her, Rue. We don't want another mental disorder person to add in our little community."

Rue chuckled lightly and get up to save the damsel in distress from evil dragon AKA innocent pet of Mel.

Once outside what greeted Rue amused him to no end.

"You [expletive] vile creature! Take this and this."

The red head was actually jumping and shouting at a red parakeet which flew just a hair away from Mint's reach with the girl tried desperately to catch it and possibly torture it once she got the bird. He had a slight suspicion that the winged animal did that just to piss her out.

"Get down here you damnable [expletive] red feather abomination!"

The bird was chirping happily and flew higher. Aw, the happy live of a bird brain. Never knew what it had done.

"Miss Mint." He called to distract her and unconditionally saved the poor creature from its doom fate.


He scratched his head awkwardly. He had brought her to Mel in hope Mel could help her but apparently she couldn't. Now he needed to find an alternative way. Another way, to made her become 'ordinary' again, to made her get out from his 'world'.

Her scowl only got deeper. If he tried to act stupid again, she would throw something to his face. Hey…the brick stone across the street looked very inviting.

"What should I do with you?" He exhaled loudly while massaging his temple after several minutes of awkward silent.

Mint could feel herself twitching. This guy was really pissing her off. After all she went through to find him and all the trouble he put her in. He just…he just…Arrgh! This was so frustrating!...

Alright, calm down. Let us review what happened today. So, she found him in the town hall by a mere accident, kicked him twice because he was annoying, getting dragged to the so called Mel's Atelier right after work, and having ridiculous conversation. Okay, she was calm. She could start a little chit-chat without killing (hopefully).

"So...I saved your life and got trouble because of you, at least clear up all of this….'stingy' thing." She said while tapping her feet.

"Miss Mint, it's not like I-….." He stopped his speech.

She didn't know what happen but his face held a shocking expression on it and suddenly it came back normal. She blinked. No, not normal. She could tell that was a fake smile.

"Miss Mint, how's work? It's not like I want to meddle with your business but as a good neighborhood I just want too check on your condition" The volume of his voice got several degree higher as if he want all people around them to heard it.

What the hell? What crap is he talking about?

"Oh! And if you need a help, just call me. Here my number" He took of a pen and paper from his pocket and started to write something. Mint felt wrath building inside oh her. This JERK acted dumb and talking like a fool! She marched up to him and ready to tell him a little piece of her mind.

"YOU-…" She halted her plan to pouring her anger when she looked at the paper he gave her.

Right now, somebody are watching us,

I promise to answer all of your questions but not here.

She tried to process it. When it came to her she almost looked frantically and checked every direction but he stopped her by grabbing her wrist tightly. He motioned her to follow him and she just answered with a nod.

"How about we change place? Come with me." He said with a fake sweet tone then dragged her.

Mint already faced various situations, from the silliest thing until the most dangerous thing. But this was the weirdest of all. It was those stalkers, right? Looking at his serious expression, her guess was right. The people that followed them weren't a good companion.

They entered shopping district and he stopped in front of electronic shop. He looked intently at the display glass. With the expression so calm, the white haired guy looked nothing except like a kind of passerby. He whispered really softly but she could hear him said

"Shit. They have guns"


Her shout alarmed several people including the stalkers.

He grabbed her hand "Run!"

They ran with the stalkers following closely behind them. Rue was ducking the pedestrians and trying to make some distance while still dragged her hand around. It wasn't easy in the shopping district. This district had overflowing people. Just to walk normally was already hard enough. But he could run so fast without bumping to even one person while her…let's just say she did pretty damn bad.

"Over here!" He turned to narrow alley and kept running.

-Page break-

(Back to the current time)

"What should we do? I don't want to die here. I don't want to die here." She repeated the sentence over and over again inside her head.

Their chaser seemed to be wary of them. Because of what, she had no idea. She felt so panicked that she couldn't think clearly. A wall in the front, stalkers with guns in the back, and her feet was hurt from too much running. Was this the end of her life? She was too young to die. Only 21 years of life and she must parted with this world. No, no, no, there was too much things she haven't do.

"Miss Mint please calm down." He faced her with a flat tone.

How could she? Some random and possibly psycho stalkers were right behind them. There was no way she could stay calm. He reached inside his jacket pocket and took a gun. This of course making her eyes doubled its size. He had friggin gun and didn't use it earlier? Almost like reading her mind he answered with the same calm tone.

"I'm really sorry for this, Miss Mint."

You better be, she mussed while tried to take breath as much as she could.

"I can't use it if so many people around." His voice was becoming a soft whisper.

Ah yeah, they were in deserted place now. So what was he waiting for!

"Please close your eyes for a moment."

She didn't of course. Instead, she tried to glare at him as much as possible with an out of breath condition. He just sighed and shook his head.

"Oh well. I warned you."

He faced their chaser and pointed it at them. They stiffened just for a moment but that's all Rue need to shoot the three guys right in the head.

To her, that time seemed to be moving in a slow motion.




She covered her mouth while her eyes widened. The three men fell to the ground with a loud thud. Blood splattered, the sound of the gun was buzzing, and his cold dark eyes were looking at it without wavering.

"I know you're watching somewhere." Rue said to somebody she didn't see

"I don't know what are you planning but I assure you, The girl don't know anything."

She didn't understand what was he talking about nor to whom. All of her senses and mind were focused to the three lifeless bodies on the ground, the blank eyes without light and unmoving body in front of her.

They were dead.

Her legs buckled and she fell to the ground. Even though she was in a sitting position, she had a difficulty to breath.

They were dead.


"Yes, I killed them."

She was horrified to hear his calm voice. Her eyes took focus on his dark cold eyes.

"Why?...Why did you kill them?" Her quivering body and sweat made her voice unclear. But she was sure he heard that.

"Because they tried to kill us."

"No, they didn't."

"What make you think that?"


This time, he the one who wore a surprised look. He knelt to an eye level to her. His gaze was sharp and piercing, as if tried to dig right inside her mind. She gulped and continued, tried to made her voice as clear as possible.

"They just...I don't know." Her voice was wavering.

His eyebrows raised at that and what came next wasn't expected.

He hugged her.

"You're afraid, aren't you?"

Her head was buried in his chest. He was covering her eyes from the corp- lifeless body in front of her. He caressed her head like a child and when he pulled back, his eyes back to its normal state. It was no longer held the cold gaze he previously wore.

"I did warn you, though."

She had felt pressure in her back, face and scenery blurred and darkness greeted her.

-Page break-


Blood red

Blood…All he saw….was blood.

He was careless this time. One of his 'enemy' tried attack him from the back.


He jumped to avoid the attack. Another attacker came from his side and knocked him with a brick stone. Of course a 'little' injury wouldn't hold him back. He elbowed 'the brick kid'. But then one of the biggest kids pinned him to the alley wall and punched him repeatedly without a mercy.

He used his foot to push the kid and at the same time landed a kick to his side. It 'missed' and instead landed right to the other kid's stomach. Lucky, at least it hit.

With the punches finally stopped, he exhaled and tried to act tough. He brough out his knofe and stab the nearest kid, right where's the hearts supposed to be. The fat kid fell with blood gushing out.

"Who want to try to attack me again?"

He said that while lean against the crimson stained wall. His cold voice and intense stare made the rest of the kids run away. Good, it looked like they wouldn't bother him for the time being.


It was better to move before the 'reinforcement' arrived. His limp body was dragged forward. The blood on his head didn't stop. All of his limbs felt sore and he had a hard time to made his vision focus. At this rate, he would die for sure. He couldn't die yet.


Why couldn't? Nobody cared whether he died or life. He was just another street kid anyway. Without family, without somebody to protect, without a purpose in live, he was just like a beast, just living. Alone.

He walked for hours without a certain destination. It made his mind cloudy, walking aimlessly. But somehow he managed to arrive at a park. The moonlight shone through the fountain water in the center of the park. It was as if the water glowing. The ethereal calmness was surrounding around it, beautiful and surreal...

"It hurt" he mumbled. It hurt him to see a dreamlike place. Because it wasn't real. Because he would never reach it. And it hurt.

"Are you alright?"

Was that a girl's voice? Who?

A figure was standing in front of him. Her face was hidden because of a veil and her black umbrella. Strange, it wasn't raining but she used an umbrella. Heck, what kind of girl took a walk in the middle of night? And her appearance wasn't normal either. Black attire…..black dress, black veil, black shoes, all of her was black. It almost looked like she came straight from a funeral.

"Hey. Are you alright?"

She repeated her question. He could guess she's around his age. Her voice was so….different and it's ringing in his head. The chiming of a bell was what her voice looked like, clear and beautiful.

"Who are you?- Cough"

He was coughing another blood and his legs swaggering. His vision blurred and no matter how hard he tried to focus, his mind just plainly refused to obey. The last thing he remembered was a warm hand…a really warm hand and a ringing voice.

-Page break-

Rue woke up with a jolt. The ceiling of his apartment greeted him.

"A dream…" He rubbed his head.

It has brought a nostalgic memory.

He looked around and found out he was sleeping in the sofa of his living room. Well, that was explaining the soreness his in back. After all, it wasn't a first class sofa. While trying to get up without torturing his already aching back he blinked in realization. Why did he sleep in the sofa again?

The silver object and its bullets on the table had catches his attention and at the same time reminding him about previous incident.

"How could I forget about that?" He said while walking sluggishly to the bathroom.

He felt horrible and his mouth strangely tasted bitter. Might as well make breakfast after shower, bet she hungry he thought after passing his closed bedroom.

-Page break-

The rustling from his room came out after he had finished shower and cooking the eggs. He expected a scream or something along that line but instead the sound died down and silent greeted him. Curiously, he checked his room and found the red haired gir- woman sat on his bed, head downcast, and hair covering her face like a curtain.

"Miss Mint, are you alright?" he said tentatively

She jolted at his voice, eyes frantically looking left and right but instantly calmed down after seeing his figure at the door.

"Ye- yeah, I'm fine."

She took a depth breath.

"I'm just...hungry." this time she was looking at him in the eyes. The light was slowly come back to her eyes. He smiled and asked.

"You don't mind omelets, do you?" She shook her head.

He was gesturing his hand and she following him to the kitchen. They ate in silent. For once, he felt uneasy with it. He used to favor quietness, but with Mint, it felt so foreign.

After she had gulping a large chunk of water she talked in a droopy tone. He almost missed it if not for his keen hearing.

"I feel horrible."

"Like wise."

They fell in silent again. The awkwardness was too thick. It felt absolutely uncomfortable. The chirping of birds from outside were like mocking them. Pass the boundary of his apartment was the world of sunshine, happy and blissful. He envy them.

"I'll take you home. But for now, eat. You need it."

She just nodded.

-Page break-

"Time was like a flow of river...It couldn't go back and kept moving forward. Even if it yearned for the sky and longed for the top, in the end...the only thing it would face was the depth of the sea."

-Page break-

"Rue, the truth is...I..."

"-giggle- Thank you...You did your best, didn't you?"

"No no, young man. Stay there. I'll take care the cooking."

"I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry."


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