Hello there everyone whom is reading this, I am Glen Aaronson. Now if you came to read this story mostly because of title, then I must say something: yes, this is a continuation of Tastychainsaws' Falling Stars. Also I have direct permission to continue his story or at least I believe I do. But anyway, this is one of the first stories I've written so if you are going it judge it, be a little gentle. But now on to the story.

Somewhere above the Capital Wasteland

"July forth, twenty-two eighty-three. Journal entry four-seven-one-one. Today is the pre-war holiday known as Independence Day which was set in place to mark the day Colonial America declared its independence from the British Empire. That does remind me. I need to talk with Abraham Washington about purchasing the Declaration of Independence. I highly doubt he will sell it to me but you know the old saying, 'Every man has his price.'

"It has been just under five years, nine months since the Battle of Adams Air Force Base. During the battle, thanks to the actions of a Kagami and Konata Izumi, both the Citadel and the Enclave's Mobile Crawler Base were destroyed by some form of orbital weapon. Also apparently there has been some kind of plague going around the Capital Wasteland that had killed off most, if not all, mutated beings and quite a few humans. After taking a sample from the newly purified water, I found out that it was actually a modified version of the Forced Evolution Virus. Curiouser and curiouser. But anyway, I was able to collect DNA samples from all species that were forced into extinction by this. According to a contact of mine, the population of Deathclaws in Old Olney has somehow survived. Probably no thanks to my niece, that clever little bitch.

"Anyway, lets go onto more important subjects. Subject two-MI, known as Minami Iwasaki before death, has been completely rebuilt and taken out of one of pods since my last entry last week. It was a long and arduous process, mostly due to minute amount of remains left, but the technology salvaged from Vault 108 was able to pull it off with very few complications. I had to manually insure that Cannibalism gene had been introduced into her body but that was the only real problem that was encountered.

"Kou believes that it could be upwards of a week before she awakens but I predict that Iwasaki-san could awaken as soon as midnight tonight.

"Subject one-NK, known as Nanako Kuroi before death, has been giving the Machine an outrageously large amount of trouble. This could possibly attributed to the amount of damage that was inflicted the remains I was able to salvage from the Citadel, pre-war name is the Pentagon, causing the Machine to be unable to completely rebuild her DNA sequence. About a month ago, I had Kou return to Raven Rock, which by the time she had returned had been completely abandoned by her former employers for quite some time, and collect some hair and tissues from Kuroi-san's former room. Luckily, the samples that Kou had return with had been sufficient enough to complete Kuroi-san's DNA sequence. But I fear that its going to be at least another six months before she is completely rebuilt unless I can somehow figure to speed up the process.

"Now on to Subject zero-GA, known a-" A series of knocks interrupted the recorder.

"Sir?" A female voice said from the other side of an automatic doors that lead into the dark room. "Sir? Its me Kou Yasaka." The voice added quickly before it was followed by another series of knocks.

The recorder sighed before he said rather angrily, "I know it's you, Kou. We are the only two conscious people on this damned, bloody craft." The man grumbled something else before he turned off the holo-tape recorder he had been speaking to.

The automatic door leading into the room opened up, flooding part of the near light-less room with the bright light from the corridor. In the doorway stood the silhouette of a rather tall woman with short hair. "Sir, you know its not very smart to sit in a room with all the lights turned off." The silhouetted woman scolded before flipping the light switch, filling the rest of the rather small room with light and revealing the two people to each other.

The room was just about completely bare with the exception of a comfortable-looking chair, a small table that stood next to the chair, and a small pile of neatly stacked holo-disk tapes in the corner. A rather tall man with cobalt blue hair holding a lit cigarette in the fingers of his right hand was currently occupied the chair. His body was clothed in the classic uniform of a Enclave Officer with a pure white overcoat on top of it. Emerald green eyes stared angrily at the woman for disturbing his peace, "What is it this time, Kou?"

The woman he was addressing Kou Yasaka, a former colonel with The Enclave, hence the reason why she was wearing an Enclave Officer uniform also. Sighing, the golden-eyed woman played with a lock of her short blonde hair before she finally answered the blunette man. "Well," Kou began, switching from her former formal tone to a more causal one. "It would seem you were right about Iwasaki. She's walking up as we speak."

"Seriously?" The man asked as he jammed the cigarette into an ashtray on the table and stood up. A wide smirk spread slowly across his lips hinting that his sour mood had already cleared up.

Kou nodded before she stepped back out of the doorway to allow the man to stride past her and down the corridor. The entire facility that the two companions currently occupied was completely windowless, with the exception of one way windows next to some of the doors they passed, and made out a oddly clean metal.

It didn't take the pair that long to find the automatic door that lead into the room that Minami had been placed in. The blunette man reached forward to the door to touch the door but stopped. "Kou, stay out here and observe. Only enter if Iwasaki-san proves to be hostile." He said as he looked back at his companion. The golden-eyed woman nodded before she walked over to stand in front of the one-way window next to the door. Keeping up his smirk, he placed his hand on the door.

POV Change

Minami Iwasaki had just finished dressing herself in the clothing that she had found on a small table next to the bed she had woken up on when the door to the small room suddenly opened up. In a single fluid movement, the mint-green-haired woman grabbed her katana, Vampire's Edge, from the bedside table, unsheathed it, and pointed it at the man who stepped into the room.

"I see that your reflexes weren't damaged. That's good, that's very good." The man said with a light chuckle as he slowly raised his hands to show that he wasn't armed.

Minami didn't respond at first as she moved into a position so she was now standing several feet infront of the man. With a quick flick of her eyes, she completely examined the man. For some reason, this man reminded a lot of her friend, Konata, mostly because of his cobalt blue hair, emerald green eyes, even the very small beauty mark under the corner of his left eye. "Who are you?" She asked tersely after a few tense moments.

The man chuckled lightly as he just looked at Minami. After another few moments, he finally answered, "You may call me simply, W."

"Alright then, W. Mind telling what the Enclave wants with me?" Minami asked as she kept Vampire's Edge trained on W's throat. Something about this man was really unnerved her.

"I don't think they would want anything to do with you much of anymore, mostly because you are largely believed to be dead. And by dead, I mean REALLY dead." W said simply with his classic smirk.

Minami blinked at this comment before pressing the tip of her katana into this strange man's throut. "If I'm dead then how am I talking am I talking to you right now?"

W avoided chuckling this time since the movement could possibly cut his throat open. "What is the last thing you remember?" He asked with a rather serious tone.

"Me and a friend of mine were getting on a underground transit train bound for Adams Air Force Base. Why? What does it matter?" Minami asked with a deadly glare as she pressed the tip a bit farther.

Gulping, W gave her a rather nervous smile as he said, "Because approximately five hours later you were killed by at least thirteen Deathclaws that were being held at Adams Air Force Base. And saying that they had simply killed you is a vast understatement of what happened to you."

Minami blinked as she lowered Vampire's Edge a bit. Something in the back of her head said this man was telling her the truth but she couldn't be sure. W took advantage of Minami's break in guard to take a step backwards out of Minami's reach. "Well, Iwasaki-san, if you don't mind I have other things to deal with. If and when you are ready to leave just press the button on the intercom and I'll be here in a few moments." W said with his classic smirk as he motioned to a small intercom box built into the wall next to the door. "Also, we need to go over a few things when you are ready to leave."

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Minami looked at W again and silently cursed at herself for letting down her guard. "Like what?" She asked as she sheathed Vampire's Edge.

"We'll talk about that before you leave." The blunette man said as he stepped back out into the corridor.

POV Change

W let out a relieved sigh after the automatic door closed in front of him. "Are you alright, W?" Kou asked as she placed a hand on W's shoulder.

Nodding a bit before he quickly recollected himself, W began to walked down the corridor back the way they had come from, Kou was quick to follow after the man. "Well...that was an interesting experience. I hadn't predicted she would actually pull a sword out on me." He said with a smirk as he looked back at Kou. Kou only gave him a small smile and was about to say something when a series of explosions suddenly ripped through the facility. The concussive force of the explosions threw Kou and W against the wall, knocking the pair clean out. When the two came about a few hours later, they had found that both Minami Iwasaki and W's fabled Subject zero-GA were no where to be found.

3 Months Later

W grinned widely as he pressed his finger tips together, leaned back into the chair he was sitting in, and stared at the computer screen in front of him. He had pulled off the borderline impossible in this last few days. He had figured out how to rebuild an entire human body in about 5 days time instead of the 6 to 10 months it used to take. "You think we should take her out now?" Kou asked, who had been leaning against W's chair and watching him at work.

The blunette man nodded before he stood up and walked across the room over to a massive pod that had originally been used to suspend people in cryo-stasis. "Remember one thing though, Kou." W said as he pressed a few keys on a data pad on the side of the pod.

"What?" Kou asked, finding it hard to contain her excitement for this glorious moment. W didn't say anything at first as he took a step back and watched as the yellowish liquid began to drain from the pod into a series of tubes leading else where in the craft. Bit by bit, a naked, completely recreated Nanako Kuroi was revealed to the two companions. Life-supporting machinery and tubes detached from key points on Kuroi's body as the pod opened up.

As Nanako Kuroi's eyes fluttered open, W grinned widely and said, "This is only the beginning."