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Chapter 1: Brick, Boomer and Butch

Dr. Anthony slowly opened his eyes to the light, still groggy from his initial state of consciousness. He was knocked instantly by the explosion that happened earlier. Waking up, he brought up his hand to his head, trying to orient himself to the world. Right, the experiment was a failure; the chemical exploded again, the catalyst-

/The chemical! / He shot up immediately, his grey eyes wide. God, the chemical! With the chemical explosion, the lab may have unusual reactions again. He knows, the last time he experimented with the chemical, he accidentally created a miniature goo monster. And fortunately for him, the monster instantly disintegrated upon contact with water. Keeping these memories in mind, he glanced briefly at his surroundings, looking for any abnormalities.

And got the shock of his life.

Three young boys stood before him, looking no older than five or six years old. The doctor stared warily at first at the young boy in the center of the group. The boy who was being stared just stared back as warily albeit apathetically, his unusual crimson eyes peering under his red-orange bangs which were covered by a retroverted red baseball cap. He was wearing a bright red, single black-stripe shirt accompanied by black pants and a pair of black and white sneakers. The doctor was intrigued and at the same time, surprised by how the boy in red carries himself. The little one was practically oozing an aura of confidence, intellect and sadly, distrust towards the doctor. The poor man could really feel that he was quietly being analyzed by the boy's seemingly detached stare.

Shuddering inwardly, he glanced towards to the right. Upon meeting the emerald eyes of the dark-haired boy, he regretted it. Right now, the boy was practically glaring at him. It's clear evidence, that like the one in red, he also distrusts the doctor. Alex sighed to himself; he can't really blame them for acting like that. He would also have the same feeling if he just appeared out of nowhere, with no knowledge of the world he exists in. But still, the expressions of grown-up-like wariness, coming from such young boys seem…odd.

After sighing, Anthony shifted his sight to the left, expecting the same guarded expression as the other two but then again was met with genuine surprise. Looking right back at him is a pair of friendly dark-blue eyes partially hidden by the semi-wavy blond bangs. These eyes came from a boy who wore the same clothes as his 'brothers' but his shirt's color is a calming ocean blue unlike the fiery red and the dark green of the other boys. The blond shyly smiled at him, a welcoming and trusting gesture. The doctor found himself staring at the blue one since this one is the friendliest of the trio.

The blond must have known that he got the doctor's full attention since he spoke suddenly. "Yo, Dude!!!"

Those enthusiastic words shocked the doctor again. How can these boys talk? They only started to exist recently, and they already knew the human language?!

Trying to get himself together, Anthony noticed the other two boys looking at the blond with slightly amused expressions, their wariness completely gone. Because of this, the tense atmosphere was also gone, changing into an almost friendly one. It certainly made the doctor less wary of the strange boys before him. Gathering up his courage, he said, "Uhhh…hello to you too, I guess."

The boys glanced at him again, their wariness returning except for the blue one who was still smiling at him. The red one in the center cocked his eyebrow at the feeble unsure words of the man in front of them. But then again, he was watching the man with a guarded wary expression before. It was bound to make the man uncomfortable. Taking this into account, he softened his eyes at the man and spoke with the slightest wariness in his tone. "Uhmm, where are we?"

The doctor blinked at the sincere question of the boy. Truth be told, the boys were quite nervous of appearing in an unknown place without any memories, hence their apprehension towards their surroundings. It is only natural that they would like to know their whereabouts.

He decided instantly to help their situation despite the sheer nervousness inside him. "Well, you're in my laboratory, right now. But don't worry; you're all in good hands."

Hearing the sincerity in the words of the doctor, the other two boys dropped their guard down. The blue one beamed at him warmly. The red-clad boy gave him a small grin, his expression no longer strangely detached. Even the dark-haired boy, who was wearing his scowl the whole time, was smirking confidently at him.

Happy that the boys trust him now, Anthony can entertain other questions that are bothering his mind. Okay, these boys were born with certain knowledge, seeing that they know how to speak English. Surely, they do have names, right? Five-year olds already knew how to speak English and know other things that a five-year-old should know, like their names. They have names…right?

Oh well, he would have to find out later. But first, he should introduce himself.

"Boys, I'm Doctor Anthony Hale but you can call me Doctor or Doc Ton, whatever you feel like."

"Nice to meet you, Doctor!" the boys chorused. Then, they fell silent again. Anthony took this cue to go on. "So, what are your names?"

The boys were puzzled at the doctor's question. The green-clad boy scowled once again, concentration evident on his face. The blond had a lost and confused expression, preferring to look anywhere but Anthony. The red-clad boy at the center had a solemn thoughtful look, apparently trying to sort out his newly created thoughts. None came out.

"Sorry Doctor, but I think I don't have a name…" he glanced at the other boys on his side. Out of instinct, he knew them to be his brothers and had some sort of affinity for them. Also, he knew that he isn't the only one who was puzzled by the doctor's question. "In fact, we all don't have a name…"

The red one frowned at his own words. Wait a minute, who are they? He doesn't know and it is frustrating. He looked at the man again, hoping to find an answer and a single thought entered his mind instantly.


This single thought, although small, had a bid impact on him. That thought answered all his questions. This man was their creator and so he is the only one who could answer these questions. Realizing this, he felt enlightened. Doctor Anthony is a good man, he already saw that. Surely, his purpose and reason for creating them is good too.

Meanwhile, Anthony felt sorry for the boys. Seems like his theory is wrong, the boys didn't have name. Oh well, since he's the one who created them, although it was an accident, he would be the one to name them and take them in. He was about to point this out when the boy in red beamed at him. "Wait, you created us, so should you be the one who will name us?"

The other boys looked at him with slightly surprised expressions but they understand him quickly. They turned eagerly to the doctor, agreeing with their brother's suggestion.

Anthony blinked at the grinning child at the center. He was struck by the young one's boldness and at the same time, felt a fatherly pride at the sheer confidence displayed by his creations. No, not creations but sons.

He felt giddy and happy. Is this what fathers feel like when they see their firstborn for the first time? This strange warm feeling? And to think that the boys regarded him as someone to be trusted and respected, they respected him enough to let him provide their own names. He just couldn't be happier than this.

/Aw man, this is so cool. / he thought to himself as he bent down to their level, all the while smiling at his boys. He focused at first at the one in the center, the redhead of the group.

"Okay, because of your calm and levelheaded personality even in the midst of an unfamiliar situation, I think I'll call you…Brick!" he felt that it was a right name for the red-clad boy. Besides, from the way that the young man had acted earlier, his actions strangely reminded the doctor of a brick wall, unyielding, sturdy and cool even during in chaos. The color theme of the boy made the name even more appropriate. Strange the name may be but just right. Brick grinned at his new name.

Next, he turned his attention to the blond of the group. The said blond was looking at him with eager blue eyes, excited to know his name. Hhmmm…out of the boys, this one is the most open and friendly. Although he can be quite shy at first, he could be loud and approachable as evidenced by the innocent greeting before. Surely, with that personality of his, enhanced by his looks, he could get anyone's attention. Anthony chuckled to himself, he already know what his name will be.

"You'll be Boomer." The blond boy blinked and then laughed heartily at his new name. Guess he likes it. "It's because of your open and charismatic nature. You are quite loud and approachable too…Like a booming sound, you can get everyone's trust and attention if you want."

"Thanks Doc!" Boomer laughed, pleased with his new name.

Finally, Anthony shifted his sight to the dark-haired boy of the trio. During the whole time, this one seldom spoke, preferring to keep quiet. But still, the boy's silent demeanor gave him a clue of the likely personality of the boy. Even silent, the emerald-eyed boy carries this strong tough aura that warns any unwelcomed strangers to not mess with him, if the scowling face is of any indication. Inwardly, Anthony sensed that this child is going to be the most mischievous of the three, being the most prone to initiate practical jokes and fights. If his hunch is right, he would have to watch out for this one. A mischievous boy needs a mischievous name.

"And Butch!" Anthony declared. "Because I have a feeling that you'll be the toughest one of the group!"

Upon hearing his name, Butch's scowl turned into a pleased smirk. He liked it. He liked it a lot.

Anthony stood up proudly, looking at his sons. He just named them and he did know that his names for them started with a letter B. There is nothing really special on the letter except that he is a sucker for B names.

He couldn't believe that these wonderful young boys were his creations. He thought at first that they were going to be another abnormal result, just like with the goo monster but they were alright. "So from now on, you will be Brick, Boomer and Butch!" he pointed to each one of them. "You're okay with that?"

"Sure! We think it's cool!" the boys answered happily.

The doctor smiled upon the happy faces of the boys. They look so human despite being created from Chemical X and with the catalyst substances of snips, snails and a puppy dog tail. Sooner or later he would have to introduce them into the society, seeing that they fit in easily with the masses.

And speaking of introducing, he will have to show them around the mansion.

"Boys, I'll show you around the estate, come on!"

In his excitement he quickly went towards the stairs that leads to main floor of his home, not noticing the spilt chemicals from the explosion on the floor. Unfortunately, he slipped right away. He instinctively braced himself for the fall, covering his faces and eyes in the process.

He waited for the impact of the floor but it did not come at all. Instead, two hands held him up, braking his fall, until he was standing up again. Surprisingly, he opened his eyes and came face-to-face with a pair of amused red ones. He sighed, relieved that Brick had broken his fall.

But then, as he was about to thank the redhead, he noticed something that shocked him to his very core.

Brick is hovering three feet off the floor and without any gadgets too!

So that's how Brick was able to level with him! In his current height, Brick should not be able to stare at the same height level as him. Flying would be the only possible option as evidenced by Brick but it was technically impossible…till now.

Wait a moment! That means, Brick's flying! AS IN FLYING!! But that's IMPOSSIBLE!!!

But…the evidence is right there before him! Anthony looked straight at Brick. /This is going to get complicated. /

Brick, on the other hand, noticed the scrutinizing stare of the doctor but he shrugged it off as nothing. He was rather more concerned with the safety of his creator. "Geez Doctor, you should be careful in coming up and down the stairs, you could get hurt you know!"

The doctor remained dumbstruck for the moment.

"Yeah Doc! We don't want you getting crippled for the next few weeks!" Boomer chided in, also hovering in the air together with Butch. It seems all of them came to the rescue of their creator but Brick got to him first.

Anthony glanced from one floating boy to another. /Scratch what I said earlier, this is going to get triple times more complicated… /


Somewhere in an unknown place, a strange figure was watching a wide plasma screen which shows a man with three floating boys inside a ruined laboratory. The figure smirked, focusing his attention on the boys.

"Kids with flying abilities, eh? Let's see what kind of beings that you have created this time, Doctor Hale…"

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