The scene is sometime during the night Chase comes back into his room and walks over to where he now has the single bed and climbs in to tired to notice the lump already in it he rolls over just as the lump rolls over he feels his bed for a minute then his eyes shoot open he sees the lump as it moves "Ahhhhh…" he jumps out of his bed

He wakes Logan and Michael when he screams and turn on the lamp Dustin looks at them from Chase's bed Chase looks around trying to catch his breath "What's going on ?"

Michael looks over from his bunk "Dustin ?"

Logan looks at him "What are you doing here ?"

Chase looks at him "In my bed ?"

Dustin looks at them "Jack and my new roommate where fighting so I had to get out of there"

Chase looks at him "Why didn't you just go to Zoey's room ?"

Dustin looks at him "Yea we tried that once"

The scene flash's back to Dustin playing a video game on the TV at two in the morning Zoey yells at him "Dustin turn off the TV"

Dustin looks back at her "Five more minutes"

The scene flash's to Dustin looking at the guys "They said I wasn't allowed back"

Chase looks at him "Well your welcome to stay here but I have a big test in the morning so I need to get some sleep why don't you sleep on the couch"

Dustin looks at him "But the beds so comfortable"

Chase looks at him "Okay well fine just move over I am not giving up my bed"

The scene flash's forward to the next day Chase has his head down on the desk the scene pans into his face "I should have gave up my bed"

Zoey enters the classroom she turns back to a girl "See ya later Chelsea"

The girl looks back at her "Later Zoe"

She walks in and over to the table her and Chase share she lays her head down the same way Chase has his "Hey"

Chase opens his eyes some from where he's dozed off "Oh hey Zoe"

Zoey looks at him "Why are you sleeping ?"

Chase sits up and rubs his eyes as Zoey sits back up "I didn't get a lot of sleep last night"

Zoey looks at him "Any particular reason"

Chase looks at her "Yea your brother kicks a lot when he sleeps I woke up this morning on the floor"

Zoey looks at him "Why was Dustin in your bed ?"

Chase looks at her "His roommates where fighting again"

Zoey looks at him "This is the third time this week we have to do something about this"

Chase looks at her "Yea and fast"