Taub straightened up and wiped his mouth as he left the janitor's closet. Foreman followed after him but bumped into House.

"What were you up to?" He asked brightly.

Foreman blinked. "Looking for something," He said as innocently as possible.

House raised a suspicious eyebrow. He twisted his head around Foreman. "In the janitor's closet?" He asked. "You were looking for bleach?"

Foreman's left eye suddenly developed a nervous twitch. "Yes, we think… our patient… is allergic… to bleach…"

"Bleach probably would dissolve the IV tubing," House said. "I suppose that's an experiment that you've come up with."

"Yes. It. Is." Foreman replied, his eyes as wide as saucers. He scampered off.

House looked after him, noticing that Foreman's fly was still undone. He smiled and limped away.


Kutner looked happily at the video camera. He was pleased with himself at what he had caught going on between Cuddy, Cameron and Thirteen. He wondered how much House would pay for it before he posted it on Youtube. As he was walking, he accidently bumped into someone.

"Sorry," He said, not looking up.

"Kutner," Wilson asked.

Kutner's head shot up. His eyes widened as Wilson tried to straighten his scrub pants.

"Hey, um... Wilson," Kutner grinned stupidly.

Wilson gave a slight frown. Kutner looked around nervously.

"What's wrong?" The Oncologist asked.

"Nothing." Kutner in a desperate moment of panic, threw the camecorder at Wilson and ran off.

Wilson's frown deepened. He looked at the video that was playing. His eyes lit up. "Oh wow," He said. He turned back to his office, hobbling away trying to conceal the boner that had appeared out of nowhere.

Very short chapter, but nevertheless, makes you think.