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Gundam Wing it is after the war and after Endless Waltz, the G-boys will be 17 with Relena. I am basically going to bash everyone including the light bashing of Weasleys and Hermione just for the novelty of it. Manipulative Dumbledore bashing is enthusiastically pursued. My story heavily borrows from a number of other similar crossovers. Basically I am writing this because none of the other writers are inclined to finish or even go till midpoint of the stories. They simply start write a few chapters and leave me hanging. So I chose to mix match and write my own. You are in for an interesting ride. I hope not to leave you hanging.

Background: Harry defeated Voldemort in the Department of Mysteries but Sirius died and Harry was injured. The war is over, and one of the Preventer Agents is revealed to be Harry's half-brother by Family Reconstruction Act when Harry is sent off to Dursleys again.

It was the summer of 1996 when Commander Une was frowning over her wire framed spectacles at the urgent file handed to her by a Junior Agent. The reason for her frown was that the file placed one of her top Agents and former Gundam Pilots as the half-brother of a British teenager who was 16 years old already. Family Reconstruction Act was in effect since eight months and most of the matches have already been done and approved. Why this particular file had taken so long to reach her office when her agents were to be given top priority in everything else baffled her. The whole scenario screamed even more suspicious to her as she started to read the facts listed in the file.

There was little information that could be found on the boy and when she called the British Department of Preventors for answers she faced more difficulty. There was a large gap in the educational history and there was almost nonexistent medical one. There were no records that showed his relatives as his guardians and when she looked at the parents there was even less. What really worried her was that the mother's educational history was startlingly parallel to the child in question. Also, there were neither death certificates nor wills. There was no way to determine how one of the father's child ended up on one of the colonies as the records on the father were even more sparse. The file had been urgent stating that the child had not been seen outside for weeks and he disappears for months for some center called St. Brutus which showed no registration for the said child on its roll.

This just brought up even more questions and concerns for the young Commander. It made no sense to her that once he finished Primary School he disappeared from the schooling and records for no reason and to add more mystery nobody in the child services or social agencies realized or bothered to check up on it. It seemed to her that both the mother and the child in question were systematically confined and abused since childhood first by the parents and then by current guardian of the said child.

At the end of every the file was something that gave her tunnel vision and the possible root of the cause of the case. The Preventor agents had found that every month £25,000 were deposited into the couples joint bank account from the woman's nephew's inheritance which so far had not been traced at all. At the beginning of the Summer Holidays the money was doubled. The family had been abroad with this money several times a year but the boy never accompanied the couple. The best conclusion was that the couple have illegally detained the boy and taken over his inheritance by force. The couple was recommended to be arrested immediately mentioning the fact that several reports had been made to the local authorities without any response to the case therefore the case had been forwarded to the Preventors due to the gross neglect and severity of the money embezzled from a minor.

As she finished the file her vision had gone in red haze. It caused her to take deep breaths to calm her down before she started to type a new mission into her computer. The ping of mission being accepted by two ex-Gundam pilots, 02 and 05, gave her a pause to collect herself into her normal unruffled appearance.


Duo was feeling bored out of his mind. After the war had ended there was no fun left in his life except for the odd bomb threats or hijacking here and there. They were minor problem handled by the lesser Preventer agents. So, when the urgent message came from Une to retrieve some kid from a suburban area came onto his folder he narrowed his eyes. There was something that Une was not giving up on this case because no way in hell she would assign one, let alone two of her top agents on this innocuous mission. That meant it was a top priority mission. A little blue color coded symbol at his end, grabbed his eyeballs suddenly. FRA meant it was someone related to very high up in the authority.

He grabbed his coat and weapons and caught the eyes of 05. Their mutual understanding had progressed to the level when they could read each other even with the slightest expressions on their faces. They nodded to each other and with sharp measured steps walked out of the building. They cocked their weapons when they reached the address and silently and stealthily made out of the car and into the front lawn of the number 4 Privet Drive.