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I wanted to add that Zechs is bisexual not gay in my story. I did it to incorporate the elements in the story of the original Gundam Series where both Une and Noin had massive crushes on the guy. I totally swooned when he removed his mask for the first time in the Gundam Wing. He was dangerously adorable.

Finally, I give you the reasons why Trowa is so against Heero. Its an extra long chapter, sort of a peace offering for such a long wait.

Chapter 5

Zechs was busy filing out the reports for the day. It was the most tedious part of his job that he adored. After years of fighting wars and hiding as the 'Lightning Count' and later as the general of White Fang, he wanted his life free to live with his family and his lover Noin. The affair with her was shortlived though. Noin wanted to continue in the army whereas he wanted a peaceful life. His heart broken, he had returned to the Preventers' as the agent Wind. However, his inability to work with a partner, except at the rare times Trowa was free to accompany him, saw an untimely demise of that career. All his life, he had always worked alone, fought alone leading his men in the battle. Trowa was a similar creature. Both the tall men have lived a lifetime of combat and bloodshed and were able to find solace in the brooding silence that hung between them. His other partners on the other hand found his silence on most matters stifling. He left preventers within six months. Politics had never enticed him unlike his sister Relena. It was at that time that Trowa's lover Quatre extended him the invitation to visit the gundam pilots. He had accepted and soon found himself the CFO, Chief Financing Officer in the Winner Enterprises. The travel, the meetings, the verbal sparring with the ex-pilots and peaceful life agreed with him well. He was truly happy for the first time in many years. He and Quatre worked well together and he soon found himself fond of the short blond. He and Trowa had become really good friends. They understood each other well.

As he began to stuff the last folder in his office rack, his phone rang. It was Trowa. He perked up.

"Hi, Trowa."

"Hey Zechs, where are you?"

"Netherlands - Rotterdam. I am just finishing up at the office. I will be in London at the dinnertime for our date." He smirked as he teased his best friend.

"Zechs!" Trowa paused on the phone. Zechs frowned. His best friend usually smiled at this joke while Quatre would pout adorably in the background and try to mock hide his boyfriend. Trowa sounded serious.

"Is something the matter?"

"I need your help?" Zechs winced at the inflection in is best friend's voice.

It must be something serious, like the time when Duo went missing for a year. It was a really hard time for their friendship when it was his sister who had caused the mischief in their lives. Relena had relentlessly pursued Heero despite knowing that the erstwhile pilot was gay and in love with Duo. All he needed was to settle down with and he would have been perfectly happy. Unfortunately, Heero could not see the obvious traps set for him by his manipulative sister and ignored Duo often, in the favor of his job as Relena's bodyguard, causing many fights between the lovers.

Relena was pampered since her birth to an extent where she was singularly determined to have things done in her way or risk destruction. Heero was quite an example. Duo's disappearance and later relationship with Wufei had changed Heero undeniably. He was a train-wreck after losing Duo. He quit his job as Relena's bodyguard and went back to Preventers. He became a player, seducing men left and right with that perfect body and husky voice. None of the pilots knew except Trowa. Heero for all his faults had maintained his workaholic ways and never bought his conquests home; that was perhaps his only saving grace.

"Zechs?" Trowa's voice brought him back to the present.

"Anything for you Trowa. You know that!"

"I have sent you a picture. Check it out."

Zechs checked his phone. Sure, there was a picture…..of a boy….a beautiful boy…. His mouth went dry. He had never been attracted to any guy before, but the picture was something that drew him in. There was something fragile and broken about the boy that screamed to be protected. His instincts were screaming at him in a way they had before making a crucial decision in the wars he had fought. This boy was important…..for his life. He gave an admiring shake of his head to the picture.

He put the phone back to his ear. "Who is this Trowa?"

Trowa sighed. "He's my half brother, Harry."

Zechs drew a sharp breath. His mind rapidly connected the dots. "Family reconstruction act?"

"Yes and he is nearly 16, an orphan. I have his custody now but he is soon going to be emancipated. Zechs, Heero has set his eyes on him."

Zechs understood and was incensed simultaneously. Harry was attractive. Heero was not going to change anytime soon. As soon as Harry was emancipated, Heero would seduce the boy. Trowa was right to be worried.

"What do you want me to do?" Zechs hesitated, "Take him with me?"

"Yes." Zechs felt Trowa's relief in his voice. You travel extensively. He needs to leave England. He is quite rich and needs your guidance in managing family estate. It's the perfect excuse.

"I will do it. See you at dinner." The call cut off. He stared at the folder in his hand. His heart gave a significant lurch. London calls.

It took him few hours to reach Quatre's London house, bad weather contributing to his agitation. The sprawling mansion was of old Tudors style and had been in the family for generations. He had always found a sense of calm at this house. It now served well to soothe his frayed nerves. He found his friends in the dinner hall. He was just in time for the main course.

Duo in his natural exuberance bellowed, "Hey Count!" the moment he stepped in, then went back to annoying Wufei who nodded his head in greeting. He nodded back. Trowa smiled when he saw him and brought a plate with him. They settled down in the window seat together.

"How was Rotterdam."

"Ok. Where is your elusive brother?"

"Sleeping since afternoon. He was injured in a recent accident." Trowa faltered a bit regarding him with trepidation. "I need to warn you though. He has extra sensory perception and extremely high ability to manipulate elements around him."

"Like as if he is magical." Trowa gave a start. "I was a high-level officer in the OZ Trowa and an heir to Sanq kingdom. I knew and hid many military secrets some of which even Triez never dreamt about and rightly so. I was also trained in magical arts in secret at a very young age by a powerful witch, my mother. Relena had no such talent so she was never told."

"Thank god for small miracles." Trowa nodded in satisfaction. Zechs's lips twitched. "Yes. He is very powerful and there are plenty of people who want to manipulate him. At the moment, he is recovering from a magical exhaustion. He needs protection, powerful one at that."

"Don't worry. I will take care of him."

"Thank you." Trowa smiled gratefully, an expression Zechs had trouble believing if he had not seen for himself. Trowa must been really worried.

They finished dinner and moved to the lounge. Zechs picked up coffee as he mulled over the sudden change in the dynamics of the group. There was an undercurrent of tension between Duo and his best friend while Quatre and Wufei were more vigilant than laidback as they usually did in the house. Trowa most likely has expressed his displeasure over Heero and Harry together. He settled down on the couch next to Quatre and grabbed a few crisps from the table.

It was then that Heero walked in with Harry. Zechs watched the boy beside Heero in intense concentration. He was short but fairly well proportioned and very handsome. He looked like he could do with plenty of rest and peperups. The boy was magically exhausted and it showed on his face, in his tired body. His eyes however were sparkling with life. They were the greenest eyes he had ever seen. He felt his heart rate speeding up.


Trowa smiled at his little brother gesturing him to sit by him. Harry settled beside him. Heero took a seat beside Wufei. Harry eyed Zechs inquisitively. Zechs returned the gaze with implied interest.

Trowa took up the introductions, "Harry this is Zechs Merquis, my best friend. He is also known as Miliardo Peacecraft, his original name; he was also an agent in Preventers earlier but now he works for Winner Enterprises."

Harry flushed under Zechs's intense gaze. He grabbed a coffee mug hiding most of his face behind it. Opposite him, Quatre's eyes grew sharper as he observed the interaction between Harry and Zechs. There was an intense attraction there between the two even more than he sensed between Heero and Harry. This had a potential to be spark into fireworks. He smiled. The spectacle would be astonishing. Just what they needed, somebody or something to liven up their lives.

Trowa gave his friend an inquiring gaze as Zechs kept his staring on. He was thrilled. It seemed that Zechs liked his brother more than he had hoped for before, if the expression on his face was anything to go by. He had seen the same expression on his friend's face once before, when he was talking about Noin. She had hurt him far more than Zechs ever realized. In his mind, Zechs was a far better choice for him than Heero.

Harry looked up under his eyelashes over the rim of the mug he was holding. Zechs had similar platinum blond long hair he liked in Lucius. Too bad the man would have murdered him without a second thought if he ever found out about Harry's obsession. Unlike Lucius Zechs had a softness in his eyes. He was capable of love. He licked his lips unconsciously. Zechs eyes followed the movement. 'Well shit! That proves it. He wants me and I am definitely gay.' His previous bouts of Cho and Ginny were wiped clean from his mind. He wanted Zechs right back.

'What about Heero?' His mind whispered. He frowned. It was true that he and Heero have their own chemistry, but his instincts were telling him that Zechs was more than an acceptable match for his magic. There it hit him. 'Zechs's magic is complimentary to my own. That is what is attracting me to Zechs. That means with Zechs I can have children. Very powerful beautiful babies.' He shivered and looked up into those intense blue eyes.

He had grown up as an orphan, unloved and alone. For people like him magical mates were rarely found. Hence, they were obligated to marry a woman to carry the bloodlines. Despite all his hatred toward the magical world, Harry did not wish for his family's name to die out when his brother was as gay as him. Now he was given a chance that he could continue his line without sacrificing his nature or love. He would never have to touch a woman. He had strength to carry the babies to term. His choice was made.

Quatre looked at Harry in astonishment. There was a steely resolve in Harry's face as he looked at Zechs.

Harry smiled at Zechs. "Zechs." Zechs who was talking to Quatre turned his head. "I want to go outside." He held out his hand. Zechs ignored a sharp jab to his stomach, probably from Quatre, and took the hand. He held Harry up in his arms only half supporting him. Harry looked up and smiled shyly. He helped Harry out in front doors.

As soon as the doors shut Quatre turned to his lover, Trowa, raised an eyebrow and prepared to hear an explanation. Trowa fidgeted under the extreme scrutiny. Heero was also glaring at him. He raised his hands and sighed.

"Yes I invited him. I didn't do anything else." He smirked. "It seems that Harry likes him far better than I wanted. I am all right with that."

Heero stood, his fists were clenched and his were eyes narrowed in anger. "You don't want me to be happy, do you?

Trowa spat, "The only one whose happiness I am worried about was Zechs and Harry. It seems I no longer should worry."

Heero's shoulders slumped slightly. Trowa was the only one in the ex-pilots that knew about his numerous one-night stands after Duo and he broke up. He had the right to think that Heero would treat his brother like one of the conquests. He had no such desire but Trowa didn't know that. He was waiting for someone like Harry to walk in his life. He didn't say anything but turned and stalked out the front doors.


Harry was sitting in a sheltered copse in the garden with Zechs. The garden was illuminated with soft lights that sprayed beautifully on the softly falling rain. The sheltered seat was dry, placed on a higher ground and hidden from the main treading paths that they could view perfectly. It was appropriately termed lover's point in the old times. Zechs hadn't removed his arm curled around his waist. Harry hadn't protested as they sat gazing at the enthralling view. His body was less tired than usual as his companion unknowingly replenished his magical exhaustion. Closeness to Zechs was benefiting his befuddled mind rendering thinking easier and his mind clearer. His eyes turned to Zechs.

"You are a wizard." He spoke softly. Zechs nodded. He noted the improved color of Harry's face. His own face drained of color.

"We are magically compatible." He breathed. Almost everyone dreamed of finding his or her complementary person in the magical world. Very few found them in their lifetime but those who did lived a far fulfilled life than the others. He now knew the reason he was so insanely attracted to Harry. The problem was he had never had any attraction towards any male before. Maybe it was just Harry. He smiled as the thought flashed across his mind.

"May I kiss you?" Harry nodded slightly. Their lips touched tentatively. Harry gasped as he felt a current shooting through his body. Thoughts fled Zechs as he was startled by his own reaction. They were definitely compatible, but could he love Harry the way he should. Harry smiled as he saw the uncertainty in Zechs's face.

He touched the older man's shoulders. "It will work out."

Zechs nodded. "We should head back." He helped Harry get back on his feet. Harry who was feeling much better didn't sway…much. Zechs helped him back upto his rooms. He hugged the boy bid him good night there.

Harry was about to open the door when something or somebody slammed into him. He tried to hit back but he was expertly restrained. His attacker whispered in his ears, "So, you like him too." Harry relaxed as he recognized Heero's voice. Heero's grip loosened and Harry turned in his arms.

Heero's eyes were flashing with emotions for the first time in the entire day. Harry smiled sadly. "Yes," he said softly. Heero's grip squeezed Harry into his door.

"What about us?"

"There is no us Heero. Not yet anyway. You need to grow up and see that not everything revolves around you. Do you think I don't know what you did to Duo."

Heero flinched. Harry knew it was a low blow. Everybody on the freaking planet knew that Heero had chosen his job over his lover many times. It had been a hot gossip topic in the tabloids when the pilot had disappeared from the public view. Harry may not be very observant person but he knew about it since he was secluded from everything last year. He had closely followed the story and drew out a few truths from the pack of shit that the newspapers usually printed.

Heero cared the most about himself. It was that what had developed his sense of self out of his feelings of worthlessness he had been plagued for his whole life. He wanted to become like Heero. That's what attracted him to his idol in the first place, but he was not going to let Heero himself push him into a decision that he wanted. He wanted a family and protection that Zechs could give him and he would have it. Heero will either grow up or grow worse. Only time will tell. Later if the time was right, he might let Heero back into his life and his arms.

He touched Heero's face with soft hands. "I really like you Heero, but Zechs can offer me much more than you at the moment. You need to mature and deal with the fact that I am making this decision for myself. I need Zechs, but I will never forget you."

He laid a tentative kiss on Heero's lips. Heero grabbed to back to his neck and plunged in recklessly. He needed Harry just as much and he was going to take what he could. Harry shivered as the hot tongue probed his mouth with care. Heero caressed his face with one hand while his other went into his shirt. His legs rose and Heero grabbed them raising them to his waist as only the door and his strength solely supported Harry. He swore as Harry grabbed his shoulders in an iron grip. The insane sliding of the two bodies soon bought them both, to sweet blankness. When they came to, Heero let Harry down on his feet. Harry swayed blinking his eyes owlishly and Heero steadied him. He laid a final kiss on Harry's cheek.

"I would cherish this moment forever, love." Then Heero was gone. Harry stared at the place Heero had stood just a moment ago.

"I know." He let out a breath. He braced himself weakly, then opened his door and went in.

Trowa and Zechs arranged for Harry to be in Havana, Zechs new office for the next week. Harry had agreed so that he could spend time together with both his brother and husband to be. They had told everybody the next morning about their magical compatibility and that they were going to be married as soon as Harry turned 16. In the magical community 16 was the age when the teenagers became to be eligible to be married according to the old laws. Heero had looked at Harry when the full implications of Harry's reasons for marrying Zechs hit him. Harry wanted children and Zechs was the only one who could give them to him. He understood, but it cut him deeply. He cancelled his holiday as soon as Harry left and went back to work.

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