Jimmy and Gary are forced to work together to survive Brat-Hog place after "Endless Summer",making it Jimmy's junior year.

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Contains slightly worse language than in the game and mild sexuality.




"Aw,come on Lola...I gotta test in the morning...even if I suck ass at math...and didn't study for the test in the first place...".

The Greaser's leader,Johnny Vincent,was lying in his unmade,car magazine and cigarette butt ridden bed. Lola was there too,straddling his hips,begging him for a "quickie". "It's frick'in one in the morning,babe".

"Oh,but Johnny!"she said while pouting to add effect."Please?It's been three days.I have alot of...tension..".

"Damn broad!Can't you wait one more night?!".

He hated to admit it,but with Lola straddling him like that,it wasn't helping. The redhead now had her face just a hair's length from his.

"Please Johnny?"

"Oh...a'right, we have to be quick about it. I'm try'in to at least get a c minus."

That quickie turned out to be an hour long. When they finished,the two collapsed in a pile of sweat.

Lola snuggled against Johnny."Oooh Johnny...you were good...".

"Yeah,that's right. I'm the king!". He then began to sniff the air.

"Hey Lola,do you smell someth'in?".

"Huh?Oh Johnny,don't be crude!".

"No I don't mean that!It smells like....smoke...".

Lola sat up."I was smoking while we were doing it...but I put it out....at least I think i did...".

"Oh shit!The bed's on fire!". They leapt out of the bed. Both were naked and screaming.

"Eeek!Johnny!Do something!".

"I'm try'in to put it out damnet!Calm down!". He grabbed a leather jacket and began fanning it at the fire.

"What the hell?!That's my good jacket!!!What are you,stupid Johnny?!".

"You wanna die?!Then shut up!Ugh,frick'in fire!".

The flames were spreading like crazy,what with all the cigarettes,matches,and a vast array of other easily flammable materials lying about. Lola was still screaming and jumping up and down.

"No!No!I don't wanna die this way!I wanna die rich,surrounded by hot Italian male fashion models!".

"Water!I need water!".Johnny grabbed a container which he thought was his water bottle. It turned out to be gasoline that he stored in his dorm room from time to time. As soon as the liquid touched the fire,the room burst into a sea of orange and red.

"Oh screw this!Lola,we're gett'in outta here now!!!".

"But we're naked!!!".

"Damnet Lola!". He grabbed her by the hand and they fled the room.

By some miracale,someone had put up a GO BULLWORTH banner in the boy's dorm hallway,so Johnny grabbed that to cover them.

By now all the boys in the dorm were running through the halls like chickens with their heads cut off. Apparently the fire had spread to the rest of the dorm and the sprinklers weren't working.

Everyone was so scared out of their minds,no one even noticed the long trail of piss Algie had left behind.

"Armageddon has come upon us!!!!"screamed Thad,only in his underwear,who was soon followed by Gord.

"My Auqaberry sleepwear has been singed!My daddy is going to sue the fire!".

Smoke was billowing out of every room,making navigating next to impossible. Johnny was holding Lola's hand while at the same time trying to keep the banner on them. He couldn't see a damn thing and the smoke was now starting to affect him. He then heard a familiar voice.

"Johnny!A fire!". It was Peanut.

Johnny had told Peanut that whenever there was a fire,he was supposed to stand near the front door and make sure Johnny got out safely.

After stumbling through the ever thickening smoke,he finally made to the front door.

"Johnny!Glad you're ok man!". He wasn't sure weather or not Peanut noticed they weren't wearing anything but a paper banner. Either way,the second in command led the two out and to the front gate.

They turned to see the entire school was burning in a sea of flames.

Everyone was now huddled together by the front gate in the unusually cold September air. As the fire trucks finally pulledup,Lola turned to Johnny.

"Well....I guess this means you'll have more time to study for that test..".

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