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The blaring alarm pulled me out of my meditation as did the red flashing lights. "Titans, trouble!" Robin called from the main room and I teleported to the scene of the crime.

RedX was running through the halls of the museum trying to find the easiest way out. I watch him from the security room, seeing his escape route I teleport to the hall he's heading and send the coordinates to cyborg.

I stand in the hall leaning against the wall in the shadows so I can stay hidden. I can hear his footsteps get louder and quicker and I see his silhouette on the wall across from me. As he runs past me I grab him and incase him in black aura. I slam him against the wall.

"What'd you take?" I huff.

"Wouldn't you like to know, Sunshine." He grins under his mask and suddenly disappears.

"Don't hide," I say, "Fight me."

He abruptly appears behind me and throws me onto the floor. I blow a piece of hair out of my face, "Where is it X?"

He laughs and says, "Like I'd tell you."

"Titans Go!" Robin shouts coming around the corner and throwing disks around X who eludes them gracefully. X presses a button on his belt and plasters Star to the wall with a mastic substance. Beast boy helps me up and then rams at x as a bull, X hits him with a gooey x to the hooves, keeping him grounded. Cyborg was the next to go, with a canon full of goo and then trapped in a red net as he struggles on the floor.

Before I can follow what just happened, X showed up behind me and snaked his arm around my waist and cuffs my hands and feet in red goo.

"Alright, Bird boy," X begins as I squirm to get out of his grasp, "you have three seconds to save Sunshine here... 3..."

Robin lunges at X and X gracefully dodges it in one swift movement.


Robin pulls out his Bo staff and attacks X careful not to hit me, but X trips him. "1." X shoves Robin on the floor, "Looks like time has run out." And with a click of his belt he disappears with me as his captive.

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