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Quirk of Fate


On Tuesday I was just an ordinary med-student with an ordinary job and an ordinary life.

I like ordinary. I like normalcy. I'm the sort of guy who enjoys sitting back and watching the universe unfold from a comfy perch far, far away from the affairs of the world.

But on Wednesday, everything took a turn for the extraordinary simply because I didn't have the foresight to walk away while I still had the chance. Damned if you do and damned if you don't, right? And then, somehow, I found myself caught up in the inextricable world of superheroes, moon princesses, and evil aliens bent on claiming earth for their own. Which I'm still rather hesitant to believe exists, no matter what that enigmatic girl says. Mental trauma can do funny things to people; I've seen the proof firsthand... but I suppose that's my fault too, isn't it?

Well, not entirely.

She's the one who came bounding out of nowhere, right into the trajectory of my car. It's not like I meant to hit her. You'd think she might have some sort of sixth sense about those things, being Tokyo's legendary superheroine and all...

Heart of stone? Maybe. But you have absolutely no right to judge me until you know who I truly am, and why I made the decisions I did.

One thing is for certain, though.

The day I accidentally rammed Sailor Moon with my car was the day my destiny changed. Forever.

A/N: Ha. Just a little teaser for you all ^^ I'm not quite sure when I'll be updating this fic again; I still have many plot details to work out but I just wanted to see what the response was first. As of right now I have two main ideas and no clue which to choose for the direction of the story. One is the premise you see here, with Mamoru having led an ordinary life until accidentally injuring the legendary Sailor Moon with his car. The Tsukino Usagi/Chiba Mamoru subplot will still be there, with them having met and not quite hitting it off right away (hee). But, because Sailor Moon can't fight after the car incident, she helps Mamoru become superhero Tuxedo Kamen after realizing the powerful potential in him and the risk her absence would pose to the world (I may even have Chiba at the stage where he actually does become Kamen but is unaware of his alterego?). The second possible plot would be to have Mamoru know he is Kamen and view Moon as his enemy, although in pity takes her to his house (this happens in either plot, by the way). Hmm, decisions decisions. Shoot me off a review; tell me which sounds better!

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