/N: This story proves that even the strongest and most pure of heart can be caught off guard at their weakest point, falling down hard and fast. How will our beloved couple survive this?

Standard FFVII disclaimers apply. Background music: "Apologize" by OneRepublic and "Unfaithful" by Rihanna

"Never Say Never"

By MakoRain

Where it ended

It was all a mess; her heart, their home, everything. How had this been screwed up so much? The answer rang mockingly in her head: It's my fault.

It was as if he couldn't move anymore, couldn't even bother to hold himself up as he sat down hard in a wooden chair, the sound resonating through the empty silence that held the weight of the world between them. Cloud wouldn't even look at her, instead choosing to study the scuffed hardwood floor before he struck her with a look so hurt, so hard, so cold with an underlying hint of sadness he tried to play off so well that it broke her heart all over again. He could never hide the churning emotions from her, not Tifa.

It all hung in the balance, their life together, their love, everything.

"We need to talk."