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Chapter 1: Visits

Rain…. rain… and more rain… That's all that Piper saw outside of her window as she waited for a special visitor. It had been a week since she received the phone call; the one where her cousin told her that he wanted to stop by. It would have been completely normal, if it weren't for the fact that she hadn't seen him in four years. 'Four years… I wonder if he's ok?' thought Piper as she waited. After another fifteen minutes of waiting, a car finally pulled up the driveway. Piper stepped outside and went to greet her cousin.

She laughed at the image of him running up the steps in a long coat meanwhile trying real hard not to get wet. It, or course, failed. "Fox! Hi. How are you?!" asked Piper as she hugged him.

"I'm good. How are you? It's been so long?" he replied hugging her back.

She smiled and nodded. "I've been good. Busy with school and everything." Piper replied as she motioned for him to follow her inside. "Are you hungry? Do you want me to fix you something to eat?" she asked as she took his coat.

Once Piper put his coat away, they started walking towards the kitchen. "I'm actually starving," he replied with a shy smile.

Piper smiled and remembered what Fox used to love eating when they were younger. "Hmmm I'm thinking… chocolate-chip pancakes?!"

Fox smiled and was impressed that Piper had actually remembered his favorite food after such a long time. "I would love some!" replied Fox with a child-like grin. He sat down while Piper began preparing the pancakes. "So where's Phoebe and Paige?" he asked after a little while.

Piper let out a little grunt before answering him. "Phoebe is in New York for the semester and Paige is God knows where doing God knows what with her latest boy toy."

Fox could only stare at Piper. He was speechless. After a while, Fox asked, "Did you guys have a fight or something?" From what he remembered, Piper and her sisters were always fighting and bickering with one another.

"Yea, we did. After mom died, we all just sort of drifted apart. Phoebe ended up going to New York for the summer and Paige just did whatever the hell it is that she does." Piper finished the first batch of pancakes and handed the plate to Fox. She then went back to finishing the rest.

"Oh my God! This is really good. I didn't know you cooked so well," said Fox after tasting the delicious pancakes. Now he was truly impressed.

"I hope so. I'm studying it after all," she replied as she smiled. She has been in culinary for two years. "So, what's your reason for coming here anyways? Not that I'm not happy, but you haven't been here for years."

Fox hesitated a little bit before answering, "I had a little problem back in Utah, and I was wondering if I could maybe stay here for the semester. Maybe I could apply at UCLA."

Piper blinked a couple of times before she spoke again. "Ummm, you want to stay here? Like, in this house, here?" She wasn't trying to be rude; she was just confused.

"Well, if you let me, yea. I have nowhere else to go…" He had a pouting face on; the same exact face that would get them in to trouble when they were younger.

Piper sighed. She knew that she had lost. There was no way in hell that she could say no to him. "Well, I do need some help with paying the bills."

He looked up at her and smiled. "Really?!" he asked as he rose from his chair and gave her a hug. "Thanks!"

"Yea yea put me down," she said while laughing. "But you have to live with some rules. Number one: No parties in the house." Fox frowned at this but let her continue. "Number two: No loud music after 12. And number three: Absolutely no magic unless it's necessary."

"Ok. I can live with that… But let me get this straight… no parties?" he asked a little sad.

"Yep. We can't afford to thrash our home. That's why we go to other people's houses and thrash theirs," replied Piper with a grin. Piper was big on parties, but she never threw them. After all, what else would you do at the age of twenty?

"Hmm interesting logic. I'm starting to remember why I hung out with you the most," said Fox with a smile. "Well, I'm gonna go grab my suitcases. Be back in a bit." And with that, he was off. Piper just stared at the empty seat where Fox was in a few seconds ago. 'Suitcases?' was all that came to her mind.

The next day, Fox woke up to the amazing smell of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and hash browns. 'Mmm' he thought as he got up and ready to go down stairs. As he approached the kitchen, he saw that Piper was already sitting and reading the newspaper. He could only stare.

"What?" she asked when she saw his expression.

Fox shrugged and simply asked, "Are you really reading the newspaper, or just holding it to look smart?"

Piper gave him a fake smile and went back to the newspaper. "Just so you know, I don't read the newspaper. I'm just lookin at the comics. They're funny."

Fox laughed and sat down to eat. "So what are your plans for today?"

"Actually, there's a party going on tonight. We should go." She really loved parties.

"Sounds good. But I have to go to UCLA and apply first. Come with?" he asked. He wanted a chance to talk to Piper in public; just in case she tried to kill him after he confessed to her the real reason why he was there. 'Public place = good. Private place = death' that was Fox's logic when it came to Piper.

"Sure, why not. I have to go there anyways to pick up some books for my classes." They both finished eating and headed out.

After half an hour of looking for parking, they made their way to the office of admissions where they were greeted with what could only be described as Piper's worst enemy; the waiting line.

"Ugh! I can't believe we have to wait in this damn line after trying to look for parking for a damn hour." She always hated the line in the admissions office because it would always take forever. She could be the third person in line, and it would take her thirty minutes to be able to speak to someone. "Fox, can I just go buy the books while you wait in line?" she pleaded.

"Why, there's not that many people here. We should be out in a few. And just so you know, it only took us thirty minutes for parking." He really needed to talk to Piper about Utah. 'Now is as good a time as any' he thought to himself.

Piper was just standing there with an annoyed look on her face. She was clearly upset. 'Maybe not now' Fox thought. 'I can just wait until we're eating... Yea, Piper loves food. There's no way she'll be mad then.' It was decided. He would talk to her during lunch.

About an hour and a half later, they were in the bookstore buying…well, books. Piper noticed that Fox was acting a little strange so she decided to talk to him about it. "Fox?" she asked.

Fox was lost in his thoughts when Piper talked to him. "Hmm? What?" he asked a little jumpy. He was clearly nervous about something.

"Are you ok? You seem…distracted. I mean more than your usual fly attention span." She was always a smart-ass.

Fox looked at her. 'Smart-ass' he thought. "I'm good. Just a little hungry," he lied. "Did you get all the books you needed?" he asked, anxious to get out of there.

Still not convinced she nodded and went to pay for the books. Afterwards, they went to the cafeteria and sat down to eat. Fox looked at their surroundings. 'Good. There are a lot of people here.' He kept looking and spotted a police officer not too far from their table. 'Perfect. Ok, Fox, here goes nothing" he thought. He cleared his throat before he spoke. "Uh, Piper?" he asked nervously.

Piper looked up from eating. "Yea?" she replied.

Fox looked around the table, fixing his eyes on anything but Piper's. "I um, I wanted to talk to you about something" he said very soft and delicately. Piper knew, by the tone of his voice, that she was not going to like this.