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Chapter 1:

The Million Dollar Baby

"I say we should neuter him with a spoon"

Bella laughed at her best friend Reira's outrageous suggestion. Leave it to her to make her laugh despite all of the problems that had arisen in the past two months. One in particular had her sitting in Reira's spacious 2 floor ranch-style house just outside of New York City on a cold Sunday afternoon with her Tarot cards spread out in between both of them; instead of lying in bed on her day off with the covers pulled over her head crying her eyes out and yelling at all the cheating men in Divorce Court.

Still smiling at the thought of someone neutering the gorgeous six feet two inches tall, lanky, pale, bronze-haired Edward, Bella glanced around the bedroom that served only for the purpose of Reira's Psychic Tarot Reading Profession. The smell of chicory coffee and beignets floating in from the kitchen as Reira settled in to read the cards for her, setting them out on the cheap card table disguised by a purple cloth passed down from Reira's grandmother. According to Reira and her mother, the cloth was sewn with special "incantations" known only to their family that has been passed down by the females within their flamboyant family.

Madame Reira, Mistress of the stars and moon, was what she was known, sat behind it wearing her classic green flowing suede skirt and purple knit sweater and a large black over coat. Bella's own outfit was only a simple white tank top and worn out jeans with a light tan ski jacket. But then again, Bella enjoyed staying in the background rather than force attention on her like her best friend since kindergarten. After she had moved to Forks, Washington with her dad Charlie Swan the chief of police, they had lost touch but just when she was going to go to college up in New York, she had found out that her friend was now living just outside of the grand city.

"So, tell me how it all went down with what's his face…Edward…the CEO to that company you worked for" Reira curled her lips in disgust as she shuffled her Tarot cards.

"You have got to be kidding me; you're asking me this after I had explained to you what had happened?" Bella groaned cutting the cards in half and putting them back together again. Reira raised her eyebrow as she began to set the cards in a three card spread.

"All you told me was that you found out you got pregnant after a night of – "Cataclysmic" sex with the man of your dreams, and ended up hauling ass out of there in the hopes that he won't find out" Bella gave a half-hearted laugh and shrugged.

"Alright, alright, I'll tell you everything exactly as it went down, but first let me get my coffee, you overbearing woman"

"Oh shut-up you know you love me" Reira yelled into the kitchen as she flipped over the cards and began to read them.

"Ok. So it started out with me and Edward getting pushed into this project by his dad, the head of the company, Cullen Industries"

Two months earlier

"Tell me you're joking, dad" said Edward who was CEO of the New York Branch of Cullen Industries for the last six months. He was Twenty-seven years old, with unkempt bronze hair, pale skin, emerald green eyes and his classic panty dropping half smile. Also his father Carlisle Cullen was the head of Cullen Industries as well as the founder of the company that provided supplies to hospitals in third world countries; decent foods, clean water, new clothes, and free immediate first aid.

It was said that Carlisle had funded his own company in the medical business in the hopes to help third world countries a little bit more by doing the things he loved to do and conforming it to the wishes of his much loved wife Esme Cullen. Within a few months the business had become an excellent success and had thus continually constructed new buildings in France, Spain, Africa, South America and last but not least Japan. There are also two in the states located in Washington, and New York as well as another one currently being built in California.

"But sir!" exclaimed Bella as she paced in front of her boss who was dressed in a red Hawaiian shirt and khaki pant and sandals sitting in his plush black leather chair looking at her in a calculating look in his hazel eyes. His short blonde hair slicked back and fair skin and broad shoulders and calm features giving a false view of relaxed business person.

" No, buts Miss Swan, my orders were clear on this" leaning forward, he peered at her "if you don't like the idea of working closely with my son, then perhaps I can find a more comfortable task for you to do for the coming weeks, you know, come to think of it, the mail room has been understaffed lately, perhaps you would prefer that instead?" as quickly as she had started she stopped

She stopped in her pacing to send a startled look toward Carlisle "no, of course not!" she furiously shook her head and gulped a few breaths of air before her chocolate brown gaze met the very much bored blank expression of Edward Cullen who lounged on the other end of the large open designed office of who was perhaps the second person in her entire life to easily manipulate her to do his bidding. Bella bit her lower lip in concern. How on earth was she going to be able to even manage to get through the next few weeks with her own personal Adonis working side by side with her.

"Both Edward and you will just have to suck it up for lack of a better phrase and get on with your lives. One project together won't kill either of you. Now then if you're both done whining I'm off to take my lovely wife to Cancun for our 15th anniversary" Carlisle said as he stood slowly peering at both Bella and Edward directly before motioning for both to leave.

Edward stood; frustrated on a level he never thought was possible for him, walking out of his father's office with Bella following close behind. He knew without a doubt that his father was playing some sort of game with both of them, yet what it was he couldn't figure it out.

"Look, don't get me wrong Swan" he said turning around just as the door was shut soundlessly behind them "this will never work, you and I have different views on things, and frankly I can deal with less problems at the moment"

"You think I wanted to be partners with you on this surprise project our boss sprung on us? Bella hissed, chocolate brown eyes glaring up into emerald green ones "with all due respect Mr. Cullen, it is not yours nor my fault that we got stuck together, for now it is just best that we get this over with and go back to being personal assistant and boss once again because I for one am not going to get demoted because New York's most capricious bachelor decided to deny working with me but against me"

"Fine, meet me in my office promptly in Twenty minutes, and we'll deal with this" he hissed right back stepping closer to her, yet like a true fighter she didn't step down, only stood her ground as she continued to look up at him until he threw in the towel and walked away from her, his frustration apparent in his handsome face as he walked away from the second person to ever stand up against him.

"What the hell am I to do now?" Edward said as he entered his meticulously clean office heading straight for his computer not noticing that he had company "of all the rotten luck, I get pushed into the fire by my own father"

"Aw, what's got you all in a hissy little brother-in-law" Edward turned surprised to see that his brother's wife standing behind him looking outside at the bleak February sky.

At four feet nine inches, Alice, his second eldest brother's Jasper wife should have been easy to miss yet that was far from the truth. She was a small, pale and fragile looking female but she was anything but fragile. The woman had a heart of gold and a spine made of the strongest metal known to man with a determined drive to get what she wanted. Nothing got in the way of Alice, not when she had decided she would marry his brother and most certainly not in anything else.

"Alice, what are you doing here?" Edward said as he ran a shaking hand through his bronze hair messing it up a little more than what he had originally styled it to be.

Alice shrugged as she went to sit in front of his desk, tilting her head to the side as her hazel eyes looked at him curiously, taking in every detail about him and all that was around her.

"What did you mean that Carlisle just tossed you into the fire? Huh? Is it about your cute little PA? "

Edward barely managed to hide a wince at the mention of Bella. Now that he was in the comfort of his own office with only Alice as witness he was free to show the actual feelings that were plaguing him. Somehow Alice had figured out what he truly felt with Bella was practically bordering obsession. He liked everything about her. From the top of her silky brown head to her perfectly pedicured toes that he had accidently peeked at when they were both working late at night. He still smiled at that particular memory as it was the first time she had actually talked to him as other than one of four major bosses within his father's company.

"Yeah, well, ok don't get me wrong, I like Bella, she's intelligent, sexy as hell and sassy, but the fact that she is an employee frustrates me because it's like shoving forbidden fruit into the hands of a guy who has had nothing to eat for the past several days, you get me?" for the past six months, his thoughts had fixated on Isabella Swan from the first moment that he has first met her when he walked into his dad's office with paperwork ready for his approval. She had been sitting in the plush leather chairs dressed in a royal blue form fitting suit and black three inch heels; wavy brown shoulder length hair loose and welcoming chocolate brown eyes that he could just stare into for hours getting lost in their intelligent depths. Not even dating a top model named Tanya Denali had taken her off his mind and frankly Edward had no idea what to do, every time he had imagined giving a single lingering kiss on her lips had him wanting more with her. But the fact still remained that she was still an employee of the company his father had founded, in fact she was the best. She attended social functions, made sure everything was done on time, even helped out her peers whenever she could. She also made the most delectable coffee he had ever had in his entire life.

"Well, I'm sure Carlisle has a reason to do this, he wouldn't just push you into this project without knowing how you feel about it" Edward snorted.

"Oh I have no doubt that he knows how I feel about Bella, but how he came to know is a mystery" Alice snickered.

"Hardly, its extremely noticeable. Especially when both of you are at each other's throats like an old married couple. Why do you think Tanya become so jealous of your little PA and did everything possible to get her fired? Well at least before you dumped her in front of a very large crowd on live television which by the way was a genius move."

"That's just it Alice –" a knock sounded at his office door and he knew that twenty minutes had come to pass "Come in" he said looking at Alice, giving her a look that practically begged for her not to say a word while he dealt with his current problem.

Bella took one look at the small beautiful woman sitting in one of Edwards chairs and instantly wished she could crawl into a hole. This woman was everything she was not. She had eyes that spoke volumes, a smile that could entrance anyone and a gorgeous complexion she was sure was too perfect it was ridiculous.

"Hi ya, I'm Alice Brandon Cullen, wife to Jasper Whitlock Cullen" she said in a chipper voice, her eyes not missing Edwards reaction as he inwardly winced. So much for begging Alice not to speak…

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Cullen, I can come back a little bit later" Bella murmured as she was about to close the door. Inwardly cursing at herself for not noticing that Edward had a guest in his office. At least she knew it was family and not another super model begging for attention.

"Actually I was just about to scurry on out" she said getting up, Bella felt a pang of envy, the woman was completely graceful as she kissed Edward on the cheek and whispered something in his ear making him blush slightly and shift in his chair as she hurriedly passed her by.

"Please take a seat, Miss Swan, we have business to discuss" Edward said a nonchalant expression on his god like features that made her want to just say something amusing just so he would gift her with at the very list a half-hearted smile.

Bella knew that she was completely in love with the man before her, and she also knew that he was off limits. Not only was he the kind of man who only wanted to date people like Tanya Denali the renowned model living in one of the most expensive hotels ever built in New York, but he was also her boss, who was always hard to please. The last thing she needed in her life was to tell him how she felt and get an immediate rejection notice on her desk the following day.

"So then, how exactly are we going to design the new building, Mr. Cullen" she said smiling, it had taken her exactly twenty minutes to calm herself down from the little fight they had just had in the hall just barely managing to keep herself in check. As much as she hated to admit it, she wanted to kiss Edward Cullen until he couldn't even remember his name. Even when he constantly provoked her anger she wanted to just enjoy the time she was with him. But she'd be damned if he found out now what was secretly going on in the back of her mind. In the end she was still desperate to cling to a well-paying job as a secretary/ personal assistant. Though she didn't need the money, she needed to keep herself sane, and the only thing that can do that is by keeping her mind busy. What better way to keep busy than to land a personal assistant job in a big-shot company?