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Walking toward her new chambers with Sesshomaru at her back seemed so surreal to Kagome, she fought down the sudden mad urge to pinch herself.

'I am mated to a taiyoukai.' She thought dazedly. Had he been walking beside her, she would have stolen a glimpse of his face, seeking desperately for some clue to the stoic Inu's emotions. Kagome felt as though she were walking through a fog, oddly numb and completely alone, despite her silent companion.

Sesshomaru moved along the familiar halls of his home, watching as the soft light played across Kagome's black hair and alabaster skin.

'My mate.' He thought, feeling tentatively pleased, he knew the ceremony of joining they had just completed increased his status and power immensely, but oddly he just couldn't bring himself to care. Here in front of him was a female unlike any he'd ever encountered, strong and kind to ningen and youkai alike, she was by turns fierce as a mother protecting her young and delicate as spider gossamer. Inwardly he was in awe of her contradictions and the strength within her that drew deep loyalty from all those in his household.

The taiyoukai reached out and placed a hand upon the small of her back, causing the small priestess to stop and look at him with wide eyes, he was not pleased to see they held no small amount of uncertainty and even a tinge of unease. Schooling his features to neutrality, he gestured toward the doors.

"We have arrived." He said softly, seeing the trepidation on her face not lessen in the slightest, he frowned. Reaching around her to open the chamber door he said with a barely concealed smirk, "I will not bite you Miko."

She had the grace to look abashed and ducked her head in silent apology as she allowed him to usher her through the door.

Once inside, Kagome took a moment to study the room, it was not as she had expected, bathed in white. She felt momentarily surprised as she took in the décor, it was simple and elegant as she knew anything of his would be, but instead of being Spartan and severe, it gave a feeling of great comfort and luxury. She felt her muscles relaxing somewhat and admired the tasteful yet vibrant blues and greens that swathed his chambers.

Sesshomaru watched the tension in her shoulders lessen and set about preparing the next step, they would have to share the bed. It was an inevitable requirement. Youkai mating was followed by a period of isolation lasting for one full cycle of the moon. After giving it much thought, Sesshomaru had decided to make her comfort priority, but one thing he would not concede was his bed.

"Miko, you may bathe if you like." He said, gesturing to an open screen showing a glimpse of a closed in courtyard not unlike the one in her old chambers. She looked back at the taiyoukai for a moment and said,

"Arigatou Sesshomaru-sama." He held up his hand.

"Miko, you need not address me as Sama, my name is enough or you may call me 'My lord.'" Kagome could have sworn she saw a twinkle in his eye on that last bit, but it was gone so fast she wasn't sure she had seen it at all.

"Alright then, but you can't call me Miko anymore," she replied, displaying some of her spark that had been absent recently. "I will accept Kagome or 'My Lady'" OK, now she was losing it, she knew she had seen the corner of his mouth twitch just then.

"Very well." He said advancing on her slowly until she had to crane her neck to look up at him. "Calling you Miko in public would make my subjects wonder, as virginity is a requirement." Kagome felt her face flush with embarrassment.

"What makes you so sure I still have that quality?" she snapped, trying desperately to match his aloof demeanor and failing miserably.

'This is going to be entertaining.' He thought as he leaned down, allowing his mouth to curve upward in a small evil grin, exposing the wicked tips of his fangs. Sesshomaru stopped a mere hairsbreadth from the delicate shell of her ear and inhaled slowly.

"You cannot fool my senses….Miko."

She gasped at his words, drawing back; the taiyoukai looked into her wide eyes and lifted a single elegant brow. Kagome seemed about to say something, but instead turned a deeper crimson and fled. Sesshomaru watched with interest as she beat a hasty retreat into the outer courtyard, smirking, he went about changing from his ceremonial robes.

After wrestling with her cumbersome robes and ridiculous head piece, Kagome sank into the hot spring with a sigh.

'What the hell was all that?' She shivered when she though back over her exchange with Sesshomaru, his breath on her ear provoked a response from her she thought was dead. Through all her relationships in the years since she returned to Tokyo, she had carefully preserved her purity because she knew it was the catalyst for her Miko abilities.

After two decades of men wanting nothing from her but favors or sex, she had stopped dating all together, what was the point, Kagome had become used to being alone and convinced herself she preferred it that way, in the blink of an eye the silver Inu had shattered the façade she had cultivated for so long.

'What is he playing at?' she wondered.

Sesshomaru had surprised her with his offer, she had come to the conclusion he had no desire for an actual mate with emotional entanglements and decided to take the power and status she could provide instead. Kagome supposed she should be grateful, he was giving her freedom, security and comfort, her friends were here and the library held such promise.

Tonight though, she had felt something new from Sesshomaru, he had been teasing her, she was still shaken thinking of the predatory way he had advanced on her; it was the same as when she first arrived and he had been angry with her. This time when he came toward her however, his eyes held not anger but humor and a glint of something that looked suspiciously like eagerness.

Shaking her head in disbelief, Kagome exited the bath and donned a silvery yukata that lay folded on the rocks next to the spring, she steadied herself, and went inside, only to stop in her tracks at the sight in front of her. There was Sesshomaru, clothed in deep green, relining comfortably on the futon as though waiting.

'….for me?' she thought in a sudden panic. Kagome cast her gaze about the chambers for another futon or bed, hell, a wadded up towel would do. When her search came up with nothing she looked again with those wide eyes at the taiyoukai who was staring back at her, amusement in his golden eyes.

"I trust your bath was satisfactory," a pause, "Kagome." She nodded mutely and stayed where she was. "Come," he said, turning back one side of the bedclothes. "you must be tired."

"Um…we're sharing a bed?" she asked nervously.

"Hai Miko," he replied, "regardless of the truth, you must carry not only my mark but my scent as well."

'Oh' aloud she said "But couldn't I just wear something of yours?" Sesshomaru kept the amusement from showing on his face with some effort.

"Should we do that Miko, Iwould not share yourscent." She did not move a muscle, he could see her hesitation and fear, frowning he said, "Miko, do you think me a dishonorable creature?" Kagome jerked her head up at his tone, it was sharp and almost angry; she met his gaze and shook her head, biting her lip in concertation.

"I will not molest you onna." He said with a slight curl of his lip. "I would not sully myself with such dishonor." Kagome was immediately sorry, he had been extraordinarily kind and generous with her and she turned around and insulted him. Moving with a lightness that belied her heavy heart, she approached the futon; he sat there looking at her, waiting. Kagome decided to make the best of things, smiled gently at him,

"Gomen Sesshomaru," she said, "I didn't mean to insult your honor." The severity of his expression lessened and he held out a graceful clawed hand, she slipped her own slender fingers into it as he tugged softly, drawing her toward him. She lay back stiffly and watched as he extinguished the lamp, engulfing the room in darkness, she felt his weight settle beside her and slowly she began to relax.

Kagome's thoughts were racing, trying to focus on anything besides the demon beside her, she wondered what would come of her being lady of the west, if she focused her energy on something perhaps the yawning hole in her heart would not ache so. She allowed the softness of the futon and her exhaustion to take over and slipped into a deep sleep.

Sesshomaru listened as the Miko's breathing evened out and her heart rate slowed before opening his eyes to look at her. She looked incredibly small, surrounded by bedding, curled up on her side with her hands drawn up to her chest, he allowed his fingers to ghost across her cheek and slide to his freshly made mating mark at the juncture of her shoulder.

She was his mate.

He let the idea sink in for a moment, his face remained impassive, a long ingrained habit. Examining his feelings was a rare event for Sesshomaru so he took his time doing it, he felt odd warmth where Kagome was concerned, the Inu paused, taking time to consider this.

That his beast was attached to her was not in any way uncertain, his logical side was comparing this new feeling to the reaction he had to Rin as she had grown. Mentally he recognized this was altogether different, Rin had been his ward, something to protect and take pride in her growth as he had shaped her.

His thoughts turned to the various youkai females that had shared his bed intermittently over the years, the base lust he experienced with them was too simple to be compared to this peculiar sensation he had when he was near Kagome.

Sesshomaru continued to study the sloping planes of her face in the weak moonlight, she seemed to be dreaming, her brow furrowed and she let out a small whimper. She grew steadily more agitated as the dream progressed and the youkai watched in fascination, having never before observed something like this.

Kagome's breathing grew sharper and she twisted her head as though trying to avoid something, the expression on her face became tense and tortured, reminding the youkai of her face during the ordeal of her death only days ago.

At that moment, concern overran his curiosity, he felt the sudden need to assuage he discomfort, another rare feeling for him, he did not spare any thought for it. Reaching out tentatively, he placed his hand on her shoulder, intending to shake her so she would wake and be free of her nightmares. To his great surprise she stilled instantly under his touch, muscles relaxed, face smoothed; startled, he withdrew his hand and watched as she slid back into the dream, tension returning, causing her to again whimper in her sleep.

Sesshomaru again placed his hand on her arm and was amazed to see the calm again and turn toward him, still asleep, with a contented hum.

'She finds comfort in my touch?' he thought in shock.

Judging by the unease her saw in her earlier, one would think she feared him, his beast within howled in triumph and for once, Sesshomaru and his inner self agreed on something, here was one less thing to over come. Removing his hand from her arm he watched her brow furrow yet again, this time she reached out with her tiny hand, seeking his presence.

Her delicate fingers twined in his yukata, knuckles pressing against his chest; he felt a purr well up within him, accompanied by a surge of male pride. The taiyoukai allowed himself to relax and drew Kagome to him, not even noticing the ghost of a smile on his face as she burrowed even closer in the protective cradle of his arms.

The next morning, Kagome drifted toward waking, she reveled in the feeling of warmth and comfort, slowly she began to register a weight across her middle. Blinking, she looked down to see an arm adorned with two magenta stripes on the wrist draped over her, a clawed hand relaxed as is lay on her hip.


Kagome swallowed hard as she noticed the wall she had to her back was...purring? Too surprised to calm her movements, she twisted to face him, feeling his hand grasp at her hip reflexively as she moved. He was looking at her with flat, calm eyes, one brow lifted slightly, she just stared back, frozen in shock, trying to figure out exactly how they had ended up here.

Languidly, Sesshomaru lifted his arm from where it rested upon her waist and let it settle loosely on his own in an effort to ease her nervousness.

That Kagome was surprised was a gross understatement. She stared up at the taiyoukai as he casually removed his arm from around her middle, not looking the least bit apologetic, if anything he looked...amused.

'And perfect.' she thought with a grumble, surveying his pristine hair and face free of sleep wrinkles and puffy eyes, Kagome shuddered to think what a picture she must be presenting, as she moved to get up and beat a hasty retreat to the bath area, the weight she put on her still healing wrists caused her to wince and let out a small hiss of pain.

Sesshomaru had been aware of Kagome's waking from the moment her breathing and heart rate had increased, electing to remain where he was, with her tucked up against his sleep warmed chest, the silver inu was content to watch her as she realized just where she was and who she was snuggled up against.

He had not ceased the low rumble in his chest at the sight of her illuminated in the morning sunlight, she took an especially deep breath before her eyes cracked open and immediately trained on his arm. He felt her stiffen slightly before abruptly turning to face him, propped up on her elbows she stared at him wide eyed.

"Good morning Kagome." he said with just a hint of humor. His words seemed to snap her out of her stupor and she brought her hands to the futon to lift herself up, the motion caused her to wince when she put pressure on her still injured wrists. Sesshomaru focused at once on the source of her discomfort, some base instinct driving him to remove whatever was causing his mate distress, he frowned when he took in the raw skin on her wrists and reached out to steady her as she wobbled on her feet.

Sesshomaru surprised her again by supporting her with a gentle touch, and was that concern on his face?

"Your skin has not healed?" he asked as she regained her balance, Kagome shook her head minutely.

"My abilities can't heal them and neither can Otou-sama or Kumari-sama." she replied. He lifted her hands to examine them more closely, testing the scent for any trace of poisons. "Kumari-sama thinks they will heal on their own, because it was caused by soul bindings, it resists all magics."

Sesshomaru's golden eyes flickered to meet her own, every instinct within him screaming to heal his mate, he hesitated, knowing how strange it would seem to her, his manner of healing.

"Kagome," he said, "would you permit me to heal you in the Inu way?"

Her ebony brows lifted, "The Inu way?" she echoed hollowly, looking half unsure, half curious. Sesshomaru nodded,

"Our saliva contains healing properties which uses no magic or youki of any kind." Her brows climbed higher,


"So it's enzymes like..." she trailed off, he looked confused and she realized she was referring to things that would not be understood for hundreds of years. She also realized he would not have appreciated the comparison to domesticated pets that threatened to roll off her tongue with disturbing ease.

"I do not know of these...enzymes" he said, " but I would try none the less."

Kagome hesitated for a small moment, considering how odd this would be. 'No,' she corrected herself mentally, 'just odd for me, this is perfectly normal for him.' He seemed to be genuinely concerned so she acquiesced by dipping her head in a small nod to the demon kneeling across from her and extended her hand to him.

Sesshomaru took hold of her arm and wasted no time, drawing her injured flesh to his mouth, he began laving the wounds gently, drawing out impurities and soothing the tender skin. Kagome watched in fascination as the great youkai lapped at her wrist, his tongue was perhaps her greatest reminder that he was not, in any sense, human.

It had a rough texture and was shaped more like that of a dog, thinner and longer than that of a ningen, she found herself beginning to relax. She also found herself studying him as he worked, his golden eyes were intent on his task, silver hair draped around his shoulders like a shimmering cloak, the strong line of his neck flowed down and met with prominent collarbones and a broad chest, all visible in his loose yukata which seemed to be the only thing rumpled from sleep.

Kagome found herself suddenly fighting the urge to trace the lines of his body with her fingertips and find out just where they went, she closed her eyes to keep from being so distracted and found her senses immediately distracted by what he was doing with his tongue.

'I wonder what else he could...'

Shocked at herself she cut the thought off, and opened her eyes, she could feel a hot blush rising to her face.

Sesshomaru, for his part, was doing his best to keep himself under control, his beast was clamoring for him to claim his mate, as was proper. He thought ruefully that he wished it was more rational, but there was no reasoning with the embodiment of his base instincts, his keen ears picked up the sound of Kagome's heartbeat as it jumped slightly and her breath caught quietly.

Glancing up he saw she had shut her eyes and caught a glimpse of pearly teeth behind her half open lips, he continued his ministrations and watched raptly as tawny eyes snapped open and her skin flushed prettily. She looked shocked and somewhat guilty, her gaze sliding away from his as her blush deepened, extended down her neck and disappeared below her collar.

'What is she thinking?' he mused. Judging from her actions, she was nervous about something and rather flustered, which confused the stoic youkai, considering she had seemed to find comfort in his touch.

Then he smelled it.

Faint and slight, but unmistakable, the tangy sweet aroma of her desire drifted up from her. He paused, feeling intoxicated by Kagome's clean wintry scent enhanced by the spice of her desire, his beast battered itself against the cage he kept it in. Sesshomaru kept his eyes trained on her face and fought the urge to smirk, riling up his little miko was fast becoming his favorite activity.

Kagome breathed an internal sigh of relief as she felt his tongue cease it's movement, he seemed to stop; much to her chagrin, she couldn't stop the wave of hentai thoughts that surged through her mind, she chastised herself even as heat began to build in her belly causing it to twist sharply.

Kagome peeked st the taiyoukai's face and immediately wished she hadn't, in a rare display of emotion, he had lowered his wall and in the depths of his honeyed eyes a hunger blazed. He still held her hand to his face, lips hovering over the pulse point on her wrist, his intense gaze held her own as he deliberately extended his tongue and flicked it over her newly healed skin. He immediately huffed out a small breath over her moistened flesh and watched with delight as the woman shivered ever so delicately, goose flesh rising on her arm.

When she didn't pull away, he repeated the action and was rewarded with the sight of her small pink tongue darting out to wet her suddenly dry lips. Kagome's heart was racing as a sharp need rose up within her chest, a need for...for...she didn't know exactly but she was sure whatever it was would come from the youkai before her.

Sesshomaru saw desire flicker deep within her eyes and reached up with his other hand to catch hold of her cheek, a gasp escaped her at the searing sensation of his calloused sword hand sliding over her sensitive skin. She leaned into his palm and let her eyes flutter closed; Sesshomaru's beast was exultant and practically rabid within him, he drew a hard rein on himself and tugged gently on her arm while wrapping his fingers at the base of her skull.

Kagome allowed herself to be drawn against him as he stood, her nose level with his sternum, pulse racing as she felt his claws thread themselves through her hair. She stood still, wanting desperately to melt into his embrace, wanting the comfort and security she felt so close to; but she wanted love too.

Did he love her?

Did the stoic, icy youkai truly want her and not just what she represented, did he want to make love to her or just satiate his lust? She had to know.

'His eyes' she thought muzzily, 'I'll be able to see it in his eyes.'

Lifting her face from his purring chest, Kagome was met by his heated gaze, it burned away her doubts with a cleansing fire, then his lips met hers and all thought was wiped from her mind. She was surprised at the smooth firmness of his lips as he reached out with his tongue and hungrily asked for entry. Kagome parted her lips eagerly and met his invasion of her mouth with a fierce hunger that matched his own.

Sesshomaru growled appreciatively and pressed and hand to the small of her back, molding her tiny frame to his own and curling around her, never once breaking contact with her lips. Kagome let out a small moan into his kiss at the feel of his long lean body, she reached up with nimble fingers and traced his clavicle outward, easing her hands underneath his yukata and pushing it away from his broad shoulders.

The taiyoukai came so very close to losing grip on his legendary control when he felt her hands on him, her tiny fingertips dancing over his skin left fire in their wake. He had not meant for his teasing to go so far, and while he was fantastically pleased by her obvious desire for him, he knew she was still emotionally fragile and not at all ready for all that youkai mating entailed.

Reluctantly he began to withdraw, sensing this she made a small noise of disappointment in the back of her throat and reached up, twining her hands around his neck. Suppressing a groan, he reached up and unwound her hands, pulling his lips from hers with slow movements, he got the shock of his life.

Kagome followed his movements for a short moment before latching down on his lower lip with her blunt little teeth. She cause no pain and held on just long enough to open her eyes and pin him with a fierce look filled with heat and wanting. It was animalistic in it's intensity and Sesshomaru's beast rose up within him, roaring in triumph and conquest.

So tenuous was his hold on it's chains suddenly, he had no choice but to push her away abruptly before completely losing control and ravishing the onna before him. She may have been a hanshin but she was still physically fragile and his primal side, now full awake would injure her immensely. Kagome gasped as she stumbled backward from the force of his shove, righting herself, she looked at him with confusion writ sharply on her face; he stood with his back to her, head bowed, hands clenching, a low growl pouring from his rigid body.

'Oh Kami, he was just toying with me.' She thought, suddenly mortified by her own wanton behavior, 'How stupid can I be? Now I'm made him angry.' despite her best efforts to remain quiet, a ragged sob tore from her heaving chest, her emotions, so close to the surface, overwhelmed her.

She fled.

Sesshomaru heard her cry but remained turned away from her as he battled his beast, she would have to wait for him to be under control again. The silver inu fought harshly with the animal within

'You made mate cry!' it roared at him, 'Why did you stop?'

'You would have torn her apart.' he snarled internally, 'she is fragile and does not know our ways.'

'She wanted us!' was his beast's reply.

'And she will tomorrow!' he snapped back 'you cannot take her so roughly, she will be afraid.'

Silence met this and it seemed suddenly easier to breathe as his beast ceased to struggle.

'Mate is sad.' it grumbled at him, 'you must help her.'

Sesshomaru realized belatedly he could smell the salt of her tears trailing into the bathing courtyard; suppressing a sigh he followed her scent. He saw her sitting hunched over on a stone bench in the corner of the courtyard, she looked so dejected and hurt, the taiyoukai felt a twinge of guilt. Knowing she probably did not know why he pushed her away, he came to a stop behind her and softly cleared his throat.

"Miko." She stiffened at his voice and he listened to her bring her breathing under control.

"Yes?" She replied, voice stead, her face still turned away. Sesshomaru frowned,

"Kagome," he said a little louder, "look at me."

She hesitated for the briefest of moments before standing and turning to face him, her face was a study in stillness, alabaster skin stretched over features so motionless they seemed carved of marble. A small chill ran down Sesshomaru's spine, she looked drawn taught, like a bow string about to break, utterly frozen.

"What do you wish of me my lord?" Her voice came out brittle and harsh, eyes screaming her hurt at him, he felt buffeted by the pain flowing from her hazel orbs. Her sudden forced distance hurt him, he was shocked by the twisting feeling that lanced across his chest, the knowledge that he was the cause of her pain weighed heavily upon him.

Sesshomaru reached out, seeking to close the chasm that had yawned open between them, his movements were arrested sharply when she flinched back from him, a frown marring her face. Kagome hadn't meant to recoil from his reach but she couldn't help her reaction, she felt used and embarrassed but most of all, confused.

'Why does he act like he wants to comfort me?' she wondered. Aloud she said "I am sorry Sesshomaru-sama, I did not mean to impose upon your person." His eyes widened slightly at her words and he stepped toward her, grasping her shoulders and frowning down into her face. Oddly, he didn't look angry.

'No' she thought 'He looks perplexed.'

"What nonsense is this?" he asked, searching her face.

"I did not mean to cross any boundaries earlier," she said, "It won't happen again."

"Miko, do not jump to conclusions," he replied, "I pushed you away to protect you."

"Protect me?" she echoed blankly, "But...you weren't disgusted...by me?" The vulnerability in her voice made him cringe internally, she sounded so weak.

His face did the most wondrous thing then, the corners of his mouth lifted, the edges of his eyes crinkled and those golden eyes lit up with such warmth it took her breath away rendering her speechless. Sesshomaru was smiling. At her. She felt his arms draw around her and pull her close, she twisted her neck so she could keep looking at his transformed face, if he had been handsome before, he was positively divine now. Ignoring the irony of that thought, she rested her tiny hands on his chest and stared transfixed into his eyes.

"Kagome," he murmured, "I was not disgusted, quite the opposite." Now she was really confused,

"Then why-?" she began, he bent in, close to the shell of her hear and breathed,

"My beast enjoyed your challenge a bit too much and I do not think you are ready for all he would have done to you."


'OH' She realized suddenly what he meant and a stain of red bloomed across her cheeks. Sesshomaru chuckled and said,

"Should you wish it, you will no longer be a Miko when we leave our seclusion." The low rough sound of his usually smooth voice sent shivers down her back; she stretched up on her toes, small fingers reaching his face and timidly tracing those exotic stripes back into his silver hair, her fingertips grazed the tips of his ears and to her great surprise, they twitched and he let out a low rumble.

Glancing at his face she watched intently as he closed his eyes briefly as if in pleasure, so she tried it again, this time running her thumb along the outer edge of the long pointed lobe. His breath wooshed out of him, stirring her hair as his hands moved down to the small of her back and pressed her to him, he reached up and took hold of her questing hand, bringing it to his chest he fixed her with a smouldering gaze.

"Continue that, and it will be right now." He half growled at her, his breath coming a bit shorter. Kagome felt a thrill, his sculpted form against her own seemed to tremble ever so slightly, she reveled in the knowledge that she had done that. As old as she was, and as educated in the practicalities of sex, she had never experienced the feeling of a man barely able to contain himself because of something she did. Add to that the face that this was no man, but a great and terrible taiyoukai, it was empowering to say the least.

She could feel heat building again low in her belly and a tingling sensation shot through her whole body, almost painful in it's intensity. She wanted him. The realization hit her like a ton of bricks. Not only did she truly want a male for the first time, Inuyasha didn't count, she discarded those feelings to the realm of childish fantasy, but she was able to have him, the only thing stopping her was he didn't think she could handle it.

'We'll have to show him otherwise.' she thought mischievously.

Sesshomaru watched with baited breath as Kagome's eyes glazed over and began to darken with lust. He could see the wheels in her mind turning madly, he had made his last comment half jokingly but knew that if she continued to tease him they would have a repeat of the fiasco from earlier. His demon ears picked up the sound of her heartbeat as it once again sped up, he could practically hear the blood singing in her veins, he watched as she bit softly into the flesh of her lower lip, within him he felt his beast yet again lift it's head a sniff the air hopefully. It was the scent of her desire invading his senses that pushed him into action, he needed to distance himself from her until she was ready, Just as he began to move she stopped him with a look.

"Shessomaru." Her voice was soft and low, he leaned in slightly and she raised her eyes to his own, the next words out of her mouth drowned out the world. "I don't want to be a Miko anymore, I want you."

Perhaps it was her blatant words, devoid of any seduction or misdirection, perhaps it was the conviction in the depth of her eyes as she said them, perhaps it was the though of such a pure being offering up her innocence to him, maybe the sweet smell of her desire and the warmth of her pliant body, whatever it was, Sesshomaru was lost.

He gave up all battles that were raging within himself and swept her up, devouring her lips with his own, he felt her weave her hand into his hair and mirrored her with the one hand not supporting her small frame. Kagome felt a surge of heat as his hands gripped her bottom and lifted her against him as he kissed her with fervor, she wrapped her legs around his trim hips and held on for dear life, she moaned softly at the feel of his claws holding the base of her skull underneath the mass of raven tresses.

She was dimly aware of him moving but couldn't focus on anything save the feel of his lips and the press of his sting hands on her, they came to a stop and Kagome felt the world tilt, her foggy brain reported in telling her that soft feeling on her back was the futon before it check out as he explored the inside of her mouth with his increasingly nimble tongue.

A rush of familiar, preciously discarded speculation involving his tongue once again sprang to mind and she allowed herself the luxury of following them through all manner of hentai activities. She felt Sesshomaru withdraw his body from her own and opened her eyes to see what was happening. He came to rest heavily on the futon beside her, his torso resting against her hips, disengaging his hand from her hair he softly caressed her cheek and jaw before moving down the slender column of her throat and resting on her collarbone.

His eyes were molten gold and just as hazy as she imagined her own to be, he places small butterfly kisses at the corner of her mouth, on the underside of her jaw, slowly moving down her neck, the kisses became hotter, wetter and hungrier, as though he wanted to devour her. Kagome's breath hitched as he gently nosed the spot where her neck and jaw came together just beneath her ear only to follow with a languorous swipe of his tongue along the side of her throat.

She tilted her head back with a gasp at the sensation and he reveled in the sight of his female baring her throat to him, she had no idea what she was doing but somehow that made it all the more appealing. Nosing her once more he moved, ghosting caresses with his lips down the center of her chest, placing one particularly hot, open mouthed kiss at her sternum he lazily dragged his tongue over her right breast, still clothed in the thin yukata.

Kagome found herself awash with pleasure, inu youkai atop her was demonstrating just how skilled he was with that tongue of his, all thoughts of modesty were gone from her mind, she wanted with all her being to join with him, she whined with impatience and propped herself up on her elbows just long enough for him to pull back from dampening the cloth of her yukata and look at her questioningly. She sat up, reached out and latched onto his face, meeting his lips in a burning kiss, she pressed her momentum forward and succeeded in pushing him onto his back.

The look of surprise on his face melted into one of intense arousal as he watched the tiny onna deftly untie his yukata and slide her hands beneath it, his breath came in short gasps and she ran her flat palms over his abdomen, down, down only to suddenly part and graze his hips at a critical moment that had him biting his own lower lip forcefully.

'Where the hell did she learn that?' he though dimly to himself as her eyes flicked up and met his own she curved her fingers and dragged her blunt nails down the tender flesh of his abdomen. His hips bucked of their own accord, enraptured, his eyes never left her face as she repeated the action, this time letting her lip curl challengingly as she moved her face toward his. Never one to back down, Sesshomaru met her in a mighty clash and their tongues battled for dominance as she allowed her hands to continue their southerly route, this time not shying away from their final destination.

Kagome wrapped her hand around his manhood and was suddenly nervous all over again, she was not ignorant of how things worked but she was seriously doubtful that he would fit. Even with her insecurity, the feeling of heat within her had not diminished, she applied gentle pressure and gave him one lingering stroke; Sesshomaru made a sound of pure want and bucked again against her hand, she barely had time to think of her next action before she found herself on her back with a very imposing taiyoukai looming over her.

Sesshomaru had had enough, first the Miko had not only taken control, but she had elicited unbidden responses out of him. He was floored, no female, EVER, had been able to do this, he was so aroused that it hurt and then, just when he thought he would be able to regain control, the little minx had come a hair's breadth away from making him lose control. This just would not do, he gazed down at her and growled,

"Be careful Miko, you just may get what you are asking for." His eyes were beginning to bleed red and she found that instead of being frightened, she felt exhilaration. She coked one ebony brow and said

"Do you promise?" The last thread of self control he had snapped at those words and he felt himself melding with his beast, Kagome exhaled in a rush as he made short work of her yukata with his claws and proceeded to slip his fingers between her already damp folds. The feeling of his digits entering her was unlike anything she'd ever experienced and she found herself gasping for air and unable to speak, she felt strangely full yet empty at the same time and hungered for more.

Without her even noticing her hips had begun to move against his hand in small desperate movements, again just as she felt she was on the verge of falling off the cliff, Sesshomaru withdrew his hand from her, she didn't even have time to voice her displeasure with this before he was between her thighs, pressing the entrance to her womanhood. He moved slowly, mindful of her innocence even while melded with his beast, she was deliciously slick and tight almost to the point of pain, but he let nothing deter him, whispering a sift apology he thrust himself in to the hilt and stilled.

Kagome gasped at his forceful entry, waiting for the pain to ensue that she knew was inevitable, to her vague surprise there was only a faint sting followed by the new and odd sensation of fullness. He pressed his brown to her own in a effort to control himself, she caressed his temple and cheek causing him to open his eyes and look at her, he was blown away by the trust that shone from her desire filled eyes. He could not recall another being ever looking at him in such a way, intimacy was something he had never felt comfortable with yet he found himself strangely comfortable with Kagome, their physical intimacy had surpassed mere physicality and for the first time he felt truly connected to another creature.

Kagome gazed into the eyes of her mate,those deep golden eyes that held such power and such hurt and watched as the guarded quality disappeared and was replaced by something liquid and warm. She felt her desire rising again and she moved beneath him, his response was immediate, those golden mirrors slid closed and he tilted his head back, arching his back he steadily built up a rhythm that drove the world away. Kagome felt herself panting as each thrust within her pusher her higher into the sky. Than, without warning, the universe shattered into tiny sparkling pieces.

Sesshomaru strained above her, losing himself in her as he never knew he could, he could feel the walls of her passage tightening as she crested the wave of pleasure, his beast within roared as she suddenly clamped down on him, forcing the air from his lungs in a great exhale. Kagome's body went rigid beneath him as she crashed into orgasm, Sesshomaru's eyes flashed red as he thrust several more times before baring his fangs, latching down on his mating mark and letting loose his youki to twine with her own reishi.

Several timeless moments later, he shook the haze from his eyes and released his jaws, looking down at his mate he was surprised to see her eyes closed, frowning slightly he listened for her heart and found it was beating slowly. Somewhat concerned he lifted himself from her tiny form and settled next to her, observing, the moments dragged by as he waited for her to stir, there was a small trickle of blood coming from the renewed mating mark and he took a moment to lap it clean and heal the small wound.

"Kagome." he said quietly, touching her face tentatively, when there was no response he repeated himself a bit louder and rubbed his palm on her cheek, he was rewarded with his mate taking a deep breath and opening her lovely eyes to regard him curiously. Looking at her he saw that her gaze was unfocused and she almost looked intoxicated, "Are you alright?" he asked.

She smiled and turned to face him, "Is that a serious question?" she replied with a touch of bemusement. "I don't think I've ever been this alright" He let out a breath he didn't realize he had been holding, for a few tense moments he had thought despite his efforts to hold back, he had hurt her, she simply looked drained, he supposed the expulsion of reishi was to blame, he should have warned her about that but thinking back he realized there had not been time.

Kagome propped her head up on one hand and said, "So, I'll make a deal with you Sesshomaru- sa-ma" as she drew out the syllables of his name her fingers walked themselves distractingly up his abdomen and chest. Surprised and curious he looked at her, the onna's mouth curved into a smile that reminded him oddly of a cat who had caught a bird, wordlessly he waited for her to continue. She leaned in and whispered,

"Give me five minutes to do anything I want to you and I'll let you have me however you would like." His brows climbed up into his bangs, he opened his mouth to reply but found he had no words. She laughed then, a glittering happy sound and as she walked her fingers back down said,

"I'll take that as a yes." Before he could react she was following her fingers with her mouth and sweeping his up in a raging storm of pleasure that he would return fully.

Smirking, Sesshomaru began to count.

The following weeks were filled with passionate lovemaking, he had to wonder just what kind of monster he had created. Kagome was endlessly creative and insatiable didn't even begin to cover her appetite for him. They made love, talked, and grew ever closer as time passed, then the day came when they would be presented to the court again, this time as Lord and Lady of the West.

Kagome was beginning to dress herself in the ornate kimono left by the servants she had yet to catch a glimpse of, when she felt strong hands take over and begin the task of wrapping the heavy layers of silk around her. Breathing deeply, she relaxed her shoulders and let him add the layers, they were silent for a moment, then he spoke,

"What worries you?" She was surprised that it was so obvious, disconcerted she shrugged and shook her head once.

"It's nothing really, just silly worries I cannot change." He stilled and turned her round gently,

"What worries?" he asked. She twisted her face into what looked to him like a rueful smile, he waited, not letting her brush it off.

"Well, in my time," she paused, "in the future there are no youkai, or at least none that I was ever able to sense." she stopped, nibbling her bottom lip, "It makes me worry about what happens." She was looking down at the floor, brows furrowed and she said something so softly that even with his demon hearing he almost missed it

"about what happens to you."

He grasped her chin and lifted her face to meet his gaze, she was afraid, frightened for his safety and it shone from the very depths of her soul, Sesshomaru looked at her for a few moments and then spoke.

"Kagome, could we agree that you were not very adept at seeking out youki for most of your life?" She paused,

"Well yes..." she replied.

"And can we assume that if they wanted to, powerful youkai could hide themselves from you?"

"Yes," she said again, "but..." he cut her off with a shake of his head,

Whatever may come between this day and that, we shall face it together, you never need fear that I will abandon you or put you in danger, rest assured that we shall experience the future together and once we have caught up to your time, we will continue shaping the world."

Relief crossed her features and she allowed him to finish wrapping her obi.

"I will hold you to that promise Sesshomaru." she said, a smile in her tone.

"I would expect no less from the lady of the West." He said holding out his hand, taking it she allowed him to guide her to the door and walked by his side to the formal hall.

Jaken's voice rang out, "It is my esteemed pleasure to present to you, Lord Sesshomaru and Lady Kagome, rulers of the western realm."

The doors swung open and they stepped out on their journey together.

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