I never really understood my brother or his fascination with guns and everything that went 'boom." He always said he was in it for the money, and that the best way to make a living was to do something no one else was willing to. He said the guns were going to get to the people who wanted them one way or another, and why not be through him?

I got that much. That part was the easy part. Money held a certain sway over Yuri just as it did me, but I never went looking for the most dangerous way to earn a dishonest buck. I cooked for my dad, for Christ's sake, though he complained about it not being "kosher" enough for him. We're not even Jewish, and he's complaining about shellfish.

Yuri, though. He went searching for the trouble. I always thought the violence around our house would have scared him as much as it did me, but it just got him thinking about a change in careers. "Restaurants exist because people need to eat," he told me once, "Why not fill another human need: the need to die?" The honest curiosity he had with the weapons trade was just a little disturbing.

Like I said, he went looking for trouble, and he dragged me along with him. I mean, come on, he's my big brother. He'd been looking out for me since I was too little to remember. That's what big brothers do. When you grow up in a family like ours, you never think your brother could lead you down the wrong path.

But he did. Somehow he did. I still don't know why I didn't just fly home after the first incident with those kids, but I stuck around with him. Saved his ass a few times, if I do say so myself. I though he needed me, and I was right on occasion. Plus he never thought to pick up a Neatherlands flag.

He took care of me, even after I screwed up my life even more than before with the "gift" from that drug lord. I guess I was just looking to try it, though I'm not sure why I wanted to. Just something new, I guess. He made sure I could get by, no matter the circumstances surrounding my troubles. He had a habit of chasing my girlfriends off through. Still don't get that one. After all, Angel and Candy never did anything to him, did they?

I didn't want to help him anymore, but he asked me to go with him to Africa again. I hadn't been there in years and wasn't the most eager to go back. I had no reason to, but Yuri's my brother. If he needed my help, I would help him even if I hated it. Bad idea.

That village... Those people.... I felt bad betraying my brother like that. The grenade was the first thing I managed to get my hand on, and it worked. I guess I should have learned to run faster. I was no track star, especially that day. You know, I don't think I can ever forget that feeling at the end even now. That doesn't bother me that bad. It's my brother's face that I keep remembering. I don't know what happened to him after that, but I hope he was alright.