Trapped in the Naruto Universe


Poor Nagisa gets sucked into the Naruto universe and becomes a kunoichi of Konoha. Read on to find out what else happens.

On Earth there laid a 15 yr old girl in the middle of her queen-sized bed located in London, England. Her name was Hamasaki Nagisa. She was currently occupied on her laptop watching her weekly dose of Naruto: Shippuden. Nagisa had noticed that her laptop screen had started to become a nuisance, so she gave it a light tap, which resulted in it becoming an even more of a pain. As she was carefully watching the screen for any signs of it becoming clearer she thought she heard something. She looked even closer at the screen to try and identify the sound and she heard it again. Nagisa tapped the screen lightly again and her hand seemed to waver the screen slightly. She suddenly felt a breeze, Nagisa walked over to her window to shut it but noticed it was closed, the same with her door. She sat back down again and noticed it was coming from her computer and decided to head but the laptop because it was frustrating her. Suddenly she felt her head being sucked into the laptop along with her she was sucked in she started to feel dizzy and nauseous and became unconscious.

When Nagisa woke up she found herself being carried on top of someone's firm shoulder. Normally Nagisa would have panicked but she was still currently getting over her previous state. She looked around to try and notice her surroundings and saw a lot of tree's, it seemed most likely to be a forest. Nagisa heard a muffled voice so she tried to tune in.

"Good mornin', we saw you in the middle of the road side unconscious and decided to help you since we got a GREAT medic ninja. You know Tsunade Obaachan?"

'We? medic ninja? TSUNADE OBAACHAN?!!, I must be dreaming again yeah that's it!' thought Nagisa.

"Ano, Good morning too and I appreciate the help but I think I can walk" replied Nagisa.

'Might as well play along, it'll be fun like always!!' she thought.

"Are you absolutely sure?" asked the tall haired blonde.

"Yup!" replied Nagisa with an almost cheerful voice.

The blonde haired stranger lowered her down slowly and discovered that Nagisa was at the height of his eyes. During his discovery he decided to roam around and try to identify her hait-te, but unfortunately didn't. Instead he noticed that Nagisa had a soft tanned complexion, wavy thick black hair that reached her shoulder blades, dark brown eyes, hour glass figure and a cute button nose. He resists the urge to blush and introduced himself.

"Name's Uzumaki Naruto and you?" asked Naruto as he held out a hand.

"Hamasaki Nagisa" she replied with her hand out to shake his in an introductory manor.

"Cool, that's a nice name, never heard of it before though" said Naruto with a full fledged grin.

"I don't think it's common, I can say the same for yours too" she chuckled.

"Can you to for the love of Kami-Sama and icha icha paradise STOP flirtin'" shouted the other man, although he seemed much older than Naruto.

"Don't worry 'bout him, he's just cranky 'cuz he didn't get any research for 1 year" sniggered Naruto.

"Ya Think!!" replied the disgruntled man.

Nagisa erupted with laughter and almost stumbled upon the floor, but Naruto caught her in time. He was also chuckling.

'Her laugh is real nice, never heard anythin' like it' thought Naruto with his Trademark GrinĀ©

"What was so funny?" asked Naruto with a voice laced with curiosity.

'Have to make a lie quick' she thought.

"It's just that I knew someone who did a lot of research, if they'd call it that anyways"

Now the older figure was more interested so he tuned in on the conversation too.

"I assure you that his research is far more different than what you're talkin' 'bout" assured Naruto.

"I don't really think so" replied Nagisa in a sing-song voice.

"He loved to go to bath houses and peek while giggling like a little girl and writing notes saying it was his research" replied Nagisa,

Naruto dropped onto the floor wide-eyed while twitching.

"What's wrong?" she questioned innocently.

"Hehe, never mind" chuckled Naruto nervously.

It took about another 15 minutes to get to a clearing and that's where Nagisa for the first time in her 15 yrs of living had seen the great Konohagakure gate.

'Its waaaaay more different than the anime, i could just get used to this' she thought and smiled. N not smiled, she beamed a gigantic grin almost beating one of Naruto's Trademark GrinsĀ©.

While Nagisa was busy spacing out at the view before them, the blonde haired wonder decided to take the oppurtunity in sneaking a quick peek at his new fellow passenger. He noticed how the sun had illuminated her face and made her eyes glisten. He also noticed how her midnight black hair swayed with the cool breeze and how that breeze seemed to make her clothes hold on to her. her outfit consisted of a baggy blue shirt, jeans and blue converse.

'hmmm, her fashion sense is odd, but i like it, it suites her. She's so HOT!!- OMG i'm turnin into the pervy sage. i swear he's contaminated my mind. AGHHHHHHHHH whats Tsunade Baachan goona do to me!!'

The brown eyed teenager seemed to have noticed his discomfort and tried to comfort him with a gentle smile. it seemed to have worked.

"Come on Lovebirds, were here so be ready" Said the Toad Sennin

"Uhh we have name's you know?" replied Nagisa with a hint of frustration laced in her voice.

"Ohh, so you're not denying you're Lovebirds?" said the perverted sage.

At this both adolescents blushed and began mumbling incoherently but such things as "Stupid Old Man" and "I'm Gonna Kill Him" could be heard.

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