Nagisa and Naruto Arrived at the Team 7 training grounds after a short 5 minute walk.

"We're here Nagi-chan, just put the things that you don't wanna get ruined over there." Said Naruto.

Nagisa did as she was told and there she laid her house keys, what was left of her mobile phone and her wallet. On her way back to the centre of the training grounds she analysed it. From the roots of grass to the tips of trees. It truly amazed her how beautiful Konoha was and how different it looked like from our universe. So tranquil, so serene it felt like she was in another world (no pun intended).

"So what are we gonna start of with, Naruto-sensei" asked an innocent looking Nagisa.

Naruto faltered with his words for a couple of seconds and then regained his posture.

"Well, I'm gonna test you on how long your chakra will last you. If it's too low then I'll give you a few exercises' so that you can make your chakra storage bigger and if it's too much then I'm gonna help you with chakra precision. I don't really know much on that, but I'm sure someone in the village can help you with it. But first let's see. Mmmmmm, Oh call on as much chakra as you can and do these hand signs."

He showed her the appropriate hand signs for the Kage Bunshin No Justu which were ram-serpent-tiger. When Nagisa completed the hand signs she shouted as an instinct the name of the Justu and created at least over 1,000 clones. Naruto stood there shocked and glued to the floor. For the first time in his life he had seen someone on par with him with his one of his most destructive jutsu's, even Kakashi-sensei couldn't make 10 clones with his chakra supply.

"Is this ok?" asked Nagisa.

"Yeah, that's great, looks like you wont need to increase your chakra storage." Replied Naruto.

"Ano, now that I've done this what do I do?"

"How bout I teach you taijutsu for the moment and tomorrow I can ask some of my old friends to help me train you. I'm sure it won't be a problem."

"Are you sure they'd wanna train me? what if they're busy or they don't like me?"

"What do you mean? I like you."

As soon as he realised what he had said he put a hand to his mouth and blushed, Hinata-style. Nagisa also blushed but not as bad as Naruto. After his proclamation he showed her his taijutsu stance and helped her to also get into it. This required him to accidently touch her thigh and position her hips so that they aligned with her shoulders. She blushed from the contact and so did Naruto but they both continued nevertheless. Once she got the hang of it, Naruto decided that it was time for a spar with no holding back on her behalf. He wanted to see how good she was in his stance. She did exceptionally well but she looked a bit stiff. He estimated that she was more of a flexible female, which also made him blush.

"ARGHH, ero-sennin tainted my innocent mind!" he thought.

After a few more rounds he decided to teach her all the academy jutsu's like the Kawarimi No Jutsu and target practice. He also decided that Tenten would be a more suitable mentor in that department.

"Well I think that's all for tonight. I'll ask the others tomorrow if they can help mentor you in the other departments."

"Thank you soo much Naruto-kun, you've really helped me a lot."

"It's okay, anything for a friend. With your amazing chakra supply and endless amount of energy I would've thought that you were a jinchuurki."

"Ano, I'm not sure what that is, does that mean that you're one too?"

Naruto almost tripped and choked on his own saliva at the same time.

"What would make you think that?"

"Well for starters you have an endless supply of chakra and you also have a similar chakra supply as me"

"Listen I go to go home now, but I'll see you tomorrow okay?"

"Ano, okay then, can you point me to the nearest hotel?"

"OH KUNAIS! I forgot you don't live round here. Don't worry bout that, you can stay with me."

"Its okay, I wouldn't want to impose"

"Who said you'd be imposing?"

"Ano, if you insist?"

"Which I really do..."

"Okay then Naru-chan, just don't try anything"

With that she walked off into a random direction. Naruto stood there as if waiting for someone. Within 10 seconds he saw Nagisa run up to him with a blush on her face.

"Ano, what way is your home?"

Naruto didn't reply, instead he chuckled and Nagisa joined in too. After there laughter had died down they made it to Naruto's apartment.

"Wooooow, it's still in a pretty good shape"

"Looks homey, can we go in? I'm getting a bit cold"

"Yeah, Ladies first"

Nagisa stepped through the door and chucked her shoes to the side of the corridor, making sure that no-one would trip on them. Naruto followed suit and headed for his bedroom to make sure it was still clean. While he was in there he got a pair of black shorts and a white top. He walked back into the living room to see that Nagisa was fighting sleep on the couch. Naruto then chucked the clothes at her and as an instinct she grabbed them. Naruto applauded her.

"Your reactions are something Nagi-chan"

"Thank you Naru-chan, but what are these?"

"Oh? so you want to sleep in your dirty clothes?"


"Then wear these. The showers on the right make yourself at home. Oh and the bed's yours, I'll take the couch"

"I can't take your bed; this is YOUR house, not mine"

"So if I came to your house you'd let me sleep on the couch while you took the comfy lookin bed?"

She sighed. "No Naru-chan, I wouldn't"

"Then this conversations over. I got dibbs on the shower first"

"Okay then, I'll be waiting"

It really didn't take long for Naruto to have a shower; in fact it took about 10 minutes. The door of the bathroom slowly opened to reveal a topless Naruto wearing only a pair of black sweatpants. Nagisa sat there in awe scanning his chiselled body. Naruto felt the stare and turned towards her direction. What he didn't expect to see was one Hamasaki Nagisa staring at him with a blush curtaining her cheeks and saliva cascading from the side of her mouth.

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