The Watcher
Sesshoumaru stood just outside the doorway, wondering for the umpteenth time why he had agreed to come. Oh, right, Kagome had bartered him into it. Become closer to the family or else she would make sure that he would be the one to help Inuyasha baby sit the 600 year old triplets (Although to humans, they would appear and behave like 6 or 7 year olds). He could just leave to Hawaii for a week or two, but he knew that Kagome would have the gall to call him a coward and he'd never hear the end of it. Besides, he never ran away from anything. He hadn't when he first met her in the Edo period, and he wouldn't now in the 21st century.

Taking a deep breath he steadied himself and pushed the door open, automatically analyzing all the scents reaching his nose. Meat dumplings in the kitchen along with Teriyaki salmon on top of white rice. He glanced at the traditional Japanese styled doors and tatami mats, something hard to find these years. The low table had platters filled with shrimp and sweet potato tempura. He could smell the individual scents of the triplets. Onikusu (*Onyx) sat on the roof beside his father Inuyasha. Shinju (*Coral) and Sango (*Pearl) were in the kitchen alongside their mother and the Taijya Sango's reincarnation, Hana (*Flower). The Houshi's reincarnation, Sou, (*ironically meaning Monk) was sitting in the living room, watching T.V. by the sound of it.

Sesshoumaru decided to go into the living room, and noticed that the Houshi really hadn't changed much. The spirit was still as lecherous as ever. How could he tell? The baka was watching girls gone wild with a smirk that reminded him of the original Miroku. Sesshoumaru shook his head and snatched the remote from his hand, earning a yelp of surprise from the human.

"Oh! Sesshoumaru-Sama, welcome. Won't you watch with me?" Sou took in Sesshoumaru's outfit. His winter Kimono was black, with a golden dragon winding down from his shoulder to wrap around his waist and down the back of his legs, settling with a roaring head just above his feet like a coiled pet. The kimono brought out the Gold of his eyes and highlighted his pale complexion and silver hair. Sou noted that, unlike usual, he had left his hair down and the silky tendrils floated down to his knees. That was a lot of hair... He looked down at his own Kimono, simple blue with gray patterns. He felt outdone.

Sesshoumaru settled gracefully on a tatami mat instead of the couch and switched the television to a football game in English. "Oiiii, Sesshooooumaruuuu-Samaaa... That's not fair; you know I can't understand English worth a bum. At least put on a soap opera or something." Sesshoumaru ignored him, mentally rolling his eyes that the human would be so comfortable with him. Well, it wasn't like he could just cut off the damned man's head, not in this day and age. Oh well, more's the pity. However... maybe he would be thanked instead of punished.....

Kagome trotted into the room, her kimono bright pink with darker pink cherry blossoms designed on it. Sango and Shinju followed on her heels. Sango wore a white kimono with black Swallows darting across it, and Shinju wore a black kimono with white orchids. The girls' hair were silver, like their father's, and their eyes were dark chocolate brown, like their mother's Laughing they ran towards him and stopped a few inches away, properly waiting to be acknowledged by their uncle. He nodded to them and ran a hand over each of their heads, and slightly grinned as they giggled and ran to Kagome. Kagome in turn graced him with a bright smile.

"Welcome Sesshoumaru, I'm glad you made it." She ignored his raised brow. "Sou, Hana is waiting for you in the dining room. She wants you to help her set up." Sou smiled at the mention of his Fiancé's name and practically ran to be with her. Kagome smiled, held up 3 fingers, then slowly counted down. When she hit 0, there was a loud slap and an exclaimed "Hentai!" from the front of the house. Kagome laughed. "Nothing changes, hm?" Sesshoumaru nodded, his eyes closed. The door bell rang, announcing the arrival of someone who wasn't used to the "Friends and family walk in whenever" rule. Sesshoumaru wondered idly who it could be. Very few humans knew about the Shiruba-Inu (*Silver Dogs), as they liked to refer to themselves. Curious, he went to the dining room and did what he always did.


She had been sitting in the Goshinboku tree as everyone arrived. Inuyasha glanced at her warily every once in a while and she smiled disarmingly. Patting his black haired, gold eyed son, Onikusu, he leaped over to the branch she sat on and landed nimbly. Over 1,100 years old now, he had had plenty of time to perfect his strength and nimbleness, but his temper had yet to be... refined. Inuyasha hunkered down onto his haunches.

"What exactly are you doing?"

"Observing." Her answer was cool, and for some reason Inuyasha felt irked. He huffed, muttering "Kagome's gonna freak, y'know" before he leapt back to his son's side. She recognized Sou as he arrived. He always hung out with Kagome and Hana. He walked in with his arm around Hana. A few minutes later she was staring at the shining silver head of someone she had yet to meet. His silver hair was raidiant in the sunlight, his build was strong. He had to be almost 7 feet tall, and his hair went down to his knees. That was, what, 5 feet of hair that was perfectly smooth and silky? She could barely tame the snake mass that was her hair and it only went up to her upper back. Tall and lean with wide shoulders and a tapered waist that was flattered by the design of his formal kimono, he was definitely a sight to see.

She rubbed her thumb back and forth over her bottom lip, contemplating the reasons for his hesitation to enter. Could he be socially awkward? No, the man exuded confidence. Perhaps he didn't really like social functions, but if that were the case he wouldn't go. Perhaps he was being blackmailed? If it was Kagome… she could definitely believe that. He entered and she contemplated whether or not she should make an entrance. It had been a long time since she had talked to Kagome; it was in her previous life. Kagome would definitely recognize her, seeing as she had the same appearance. She sat for what she judged to be about 15 minutes and decided she would drop in and say hi.

She fell gracefully out of the tree and landed lightly on her feet. Inuyasha gave her his "what are you up to" stare and she smiled and pointed her thumb at the door. He grinned and shook his head. She could almost hear his arrogant voice. "'Bout damn time" he would say. Grinning, she politely rang the doorbell. Humming a melody she tapped her foot rhythmically and waited until she heard the click of the door opening. Kagome's chocolate eyes clashed with her green ones and were instantly lighted with recognition, surprise, and delight.


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