Alright my loyal fans. Finally the story has ended!

Or has it really?

Why not go see the troubles that Tsuki and Sesshoumaru's great, great, great grandchildren suffers? And the strange yet intriguing love she finds? I have uploaded a new story that I took up on a bet, and it revolves around a scifi universe with Thrax, the Red Death of Osmosis Jones.

Yea, I know there are some people who don't like him and think he's gross and yadda yadda, (that's the argument that got me in this predicament in the first place.) So I took on a bet that I could make him not so 'disgusting', a good guy, keep him in character, pair him with an o.c., AND make it a good story.

Alright, fuck me. Fuck me hard. DX

But ey, I'm having fun with it and I think its worth the read. So do me a fav and read! And since I have people who have this on their favs and watch list, I will be using this to inform you guys of new stories or fan art.

Speaking of fanart, check out my stuff at DeviantArt .com My deviant is MiseryAria!