Babylon Paradox

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Chapter 1 (Jeffrey Sinclair)

The massive Minbari war ships glided through space like huge predators, picking off all the Star Furies and any human warships. Space was full of them. It was an unfair battle, one the humans had no hope of winning.

Sinclair knew that each Minbari warship was as monstrous as the one in front of him, but from the distance, they only looked like small flies with stabbing beams of light. He needed to make a strike against the Minbari weapons and take them out. At least I could help more humans escape Earth.

He set his target and rushed forward at full speed. He ducked and swerved debris that travelled at near-realistic speed in all directions. But before he had the chance to strike a blow, his primary systems were hit, sending him hurtling into space. Tremendous G-forces pulled at his hands and space spun beyond his view screen as he tried to stabilise his craft.

Bad news came to Sinclair as one after another, like a succession of death sentences as his Star Fury informed him about his system failures. In one last heroic action, he ordered his Star Fury for ramming speed.

The enormous Minbari warship filled his window. He could not look away. It was massive, surrounded by dead Earth vessels and bodies. This will be the last thing I will see.

The Minbari vessel engaged its tractor beam and broke off Sinclair's train of thought. He wanted to strike a blow; now he would be a prisoner forced to watch the destruction of his home world. What do they want? Are they going to torture me? Like hell they will, I will fight to the last breath.

As the Minbari shuttle bay opened, a green plasma burst shot past him, destroying the tractor beam and sending his tiny ship hurtling past the War Cruiser into the void of space. He frantically wrestled about, got to get control...! Got to get control...!

With his ship under control and his life support online, he managed to breathe again, but he felt sick dread in his stomach as he watched the Minbari War Cruisers press on...toward Earth. And he was helpless to stop them.

Ship after ship fell to the Minbari advance. Hulls breached, spilling all the inhabitants into space. Bodies twitched and struggled before they turned into fragile ice statues.

Nukes blasted several of the Minbari vessels into atoms all over Earth space before a blinding light engulfed the area, but in the end, it failed to stop the advance. The Minbari carried on, as if they could smell victory. It was a holy war and nothing would, stand in the way of their victory against the humans.

Sinclair stared out of his view screen, Humanity is doomed!

More silent nukes went off, filling space with a blinding light. All Sinclair could hear was the pounding of his heart, the frantic breathing and incomprehensible cries for help over the Star Fury's radio system.

The light dimmed and his heart sank deeper. There was no way the Minbari stood a chance against the field of nukes that formed the primary defence line. The Minbari hovered next to the remaining Earth Defence Fleet as if teasing the remaining forces. Forces that already teetered on the edge of despair.

"What do you bastards want? Why don't you leave us alone?" he shouted, as if his voice could force the Minbari away.

But as he looked on, they opened fire. Stabbing beams of yellow light tore open the remaining Earth vessels -short bursts finishing of anything that moved, like moths being incinerated in a blast furnace.

He looked on; he could do nothing. Could only watch, as Earth stood like an injured prey surrounded by hungry predators.

The blue waters and gorgeous landmasses stood open. The white fluffy clouds hovered over the cities as Sinclair looked into the magnified viewer. Then a storm of yellow beams pulverised the atmosphere, destroying the white clouds, superheating the oceans and disintegrating the cities all over the globe.

Sinclair watched as the attack went on for what seemed like hours, his heart hammered as he flinched deeper into his chair. Earth was being slaughtered… including his family.

Confusion filled him. Why do they have to attack Earth? The military is already gone. The planet is defenceless. Why didn't they start with the outer colonies like the briefings said?

The towering cities turned into black stains on the surface and the sky began to bleed... He wanted to cry out, but that would only draw attention to his small ship. He was safe for the moment, far out in space and he could only listen to the shocked COM chatter.

The Minbari continued and converged around Earth like angry hornets around their victim. Swarming, stinging, killing...

Mother Earth soon became bruised and battered. The landscape was unrecognisable now as the sky began to fill with smoke and ash. The Minbari beams continued to rain down on anything that was on the surface.

Unable to look away from the view screen, Sinclair watched, as the Earth died and its atmosphere became dead, black and unable to support life. Then, unexpectedly, the air caught fire.

A hurricane of fire swept around the globe, incinerating everything as the atmosphere exploded with excessive force.

Sinclair jerked back at the unexpected result from the constant bombardment. The smaller Minbari vessels tried to escape, leaving the war cruisers to be vaporized. Despite it all, Sinclair felt a grim smile cross his face. Guess the Minbari didn't expect that result..

The entire side of the Earth burst like a blister. Red lava exploded out the side as the core erupted like a second sun. All the matter spread outwards as if a million nukes had gone off inside the planet. The frightened Minbari War Cruisers backed away trying to escape the hurtling rocks of lava and superheated jets of water spewing into the coldness of space.

Mother Earth was acting out her revenge on the scurrying Minbari. Like a final farewell to humanity, she struck out. Huge chunks of rock propelled through space, as if Earth herself targeted each of their warships. Collisions on a colossal scale tore open the Minbari Vessels, killing everyone and causing secondary explosions. Lava streams splashed over the hulls, like paint splattered on a painter's board, melting and simmering the sides of the Minbari vessels. Huge decompressions tore open the ships' hulls before they halted, dead in space.

Sinclair almost cheered in victory until he realized that his homeworld was completely destroyed. What will I do now?

What was left of the Minbari fleet limped off, like a group of children that had just burned down a house. Sinclair hovered in his Star Fury with no idea of what to do next. He waited before sending a distress signal, in case any Minbari were still lurking.

At last a battered and scarred Earth vessel came to retrieve his Star Fury. They brought him on board and his life was saved. Only a pitiful handful of humans had survived. After Earth was gone, the Minbari carried on their relentless attacks on defenceless colonies.

More sinister events filled his mind. More humans are killed and massacred; there is nothing he can do. Suddenly, he is faced-to-face with a Minbari warier. His face is tainted with the colour of red human blood and the planet is caked in red. The Minbari's dagger hangs from his hands.

Suddenly the Minbari springs forward, raising the dagger. He hammers the blade into Sinclair's chest, driving the blade home.

As if a nail had been shoved in his back, Sinclair jolted up in his bed from his nightmare. His scars stung in remembered agony. Sweat soaked into the bed sheets and he could feel his shirt wet.

The ventilation hummed in the background as he drank in the details of his room.

Another nightmare? Always a nightmare! Every night!

The twisting shadows on the wall created by the light from hyperspace slowly turned into the Minbari War ships, the red atmosphere turned into the blood spatter that engulfed his Star Fury with all the soldiers who fought in the war. "What a disaster! The damn Minbari, I will kill every last one!" He barked as he blinked away the visions.

He stood up and lumbered over to his bathroom. But he paused when he approached a huge water painting of his Hyperspace city.

"What an achievement we made during the ten years. Our world may be gone, but we live on. Our cities are the key!"

He picked up a glass of unfinished scotch and drank a toast to the picture representation of his city, which gave him and everybody else a home. The taste was flat, but his meaning was true and sincere. It was something he did every morning, a ritual for good luck.

He carried on into the bathroom. The sudden activation of the light made him flinch. When his eyes adjusted, he scarcely recognized the man in the mirror, who had endured so much pain and suffering.

His stubble showed on his face. He needed to shave it off before his shift began. It would be another day of making sure the city ran at maximum performance. The huge city relied on him. The human race depended on each city commander.

But deep down in his heart he swore that he would have his revenge on the Minbari. Revenge I will have. One day.

Please note: - This story is also available from my website as a PDF download. Check out my profile for my website link and look for the PDF logo. Enjoy.