Third Person

Bella's home was in the heart of France in the magnificent city of Paris. As the Kings daughter she had thought herself untouchable, but more importantly safe. She spent her days shopping in the marketplace, on the river and channel, and lounging around without a care in the world.

All that changed ten days ago when the English invaded her land in an attempt to further expand their empire. Everyone knew once the English had their eyes set on your land you should pack up and leave. Bella's father, however, had hopes that he could reason with them and maintain his land. Instead the English came with legions upon legions of men, in total around five thousand invaded the city. Emmett, the commander of the invading forces, walked up to the proud King.

"Welcome!", the King was trying to stay diplomatic and peaceful towards the invading army. Emmett started laughing and plunged his sword deep inside the Kings chest without saying a word. Bella, who had been standing near the entrance to the room, cursed at Emmett as she ran to lower her dying father to the ground.

"Now sweetie is that anyway to talk to your new master" Emmett placed his finger under her chin lifting her head to force her to look into his eyes. Bella spat in his face and jerked away from his touch. Without hesitation Emmett slapped Bella across the cheek causing her to collapse next to her now dead father. "You will be punished more later" his words were filled with so much hate and venom that Bella shuttered.

Emmett snapped his fingers and two soldiers ran over to stand next to him. "Take her and put her with the rest. Make sure she is bound tightly, we dont want to lose this one." He turned away from the scene as Bella was yanked from the ground, and her wrists handcuffed and taken away from her fathers body.

"How could this happen? What did I do to deserve this?" Bella was thinking a 100 miles an hour trying to figure out how she ended up here in this dirty, and cold stone dungeon days away from her home.

"Fucking English!" Bella yelled out in the tiny cell. Such language for royalty was unheard of and the rest of the inhabitants in the dirt ridden cell turned to look at her. "I am sorry", Bella muttered as she took in their tear stained faces of sorrow. They had all come from Paris during the attack. The door to the dungeon opened with an awfully loud noise. The girls in their rags pushed as hard against the back wall as they could trying desperately to get away from the soldiers who were slowly entering.

Bella's Point of View

I was trying so hard to get away from the men. My back was pressed so hard against the stone that it was leaving bruises. One of the men was smiling as he grabbed two girls, one in each hand. I recognized them as being servants from my house. The girl named Lilly looked at me as if pleading me to help but there was nothing that I could do. Girls were screaming and kicking trying desperately to get away. I balled up in the corner, hoping that if I stay still they will forget about me.

"Where are you taking us?" One of the girls shouted as she was being dragged from the cell. The response of laughter was more frightening to me then any spoken words ever have. I felt someones hands grab the back of my neck and force me to my feet. KICK HIM!!! Every bone in my body was telling me to fight back, their going to kill you. I kicked the man, bending my leg back as far as I could trying to kick him in the groan. I couldn't reach.

The man that was holding me tightened his grip on my neck and shoved me into the wall face first. "That is for trying to kick me you stupid bitch!" Everything started to get very fuzzy as I felt the warm blood flow from my hairline down my face. I muttered something back at him but it was incoherent and I passed out as he forced me from the cell.

"What?" I slowly opened my eyes. My head was hurting so awful that I could feel my heart beat through my bruises. Soft hands encircled around my elbow, "Princess you need to stand". Lilly was whispering in my ear very quietly that I almost couldn't make out the words but she sounded urgent. I allowed her to lift me to my feet. She kept her arm holding me, steading me as I opened my eyes. We were in a new room. It was larger and brighter, but not much cleaner. All the girls from my cell were standing in a line facing forward, there were also other girls who had not been in our cell there. The only furniture other then candles was a long rectangle rug running the length of the room. We were standing at the edge of it. The soldiers were positioned through out the room. Their smiles scared me of what was coming. A couple of girls were weeping and shaking.

"When your Masters enter stare straight at the ground and do not move", one of the soldiers was addressing us snapping a whip as he spoke. I slowly shifted my gaze to the ground. I didn't need any more bruises today if I could help it, the blood was still freshly caked on my face.

"Very nice selection Emmett" a magical voice drifted through the air. I wanted to look up and see what being possessed such a wonderful voice. Another girl must have had the same idea as I and a loud sound echoed around the room, followed by a whimper. I was not in the mood to be whipped so I kept my eyes staring at the ground in front of me. Foot steps slowly announced the closing in of the new comers. I was slightly shaking, both from nerves and because my head was killing me.

"And who is this?" The same magically voice sounded out but this time directly in front of me. Do I look at him? Am I allowed to? Is he asking me or is it to someone else? Stay quiet, dont look up. Bella you don't need any more problems.

"Good eye brother. This is the Princess" Emmett's voice respond it was much grainer now compared to the magical voice of his brother. "I promised her more punishing when we got back." The two started laughing together. I could feel my whole body start to shake more then before. A warm hand took my chin and lifted my head. Don't spit! I tried to remind myself of the last time that someone had done this to me and the outcome it had. The curiosity got the best of me and I lifted my gaze to meet the owner of the magical voice. The most brilliant green eyes stared back at me. My body relaxed, I felt calm spread throughout every cell in my body, followed by an electrical current. I parted my lips slightly without realizing I was doing it.

"Naughty girl" Somewhere over the magical beings shoulders Emmett spoke. Shear pain met my back, a spasm of the most intense pain I have ever felt in my life shot up and down my spin. I leapt forward away from the object that had inflicted the pain. Unfortunately this action forced me right into the arms of the beautiful man standing in front of me. I could feel the blood start to pour from the slash marks. The gorgeous man had reached out when I jumped but now he released me. I quickly backed up into line and focused on the ground trying to ignore the pain shooting throughout my body. Emmett started laughing, followed by the magical laugh of the brother.

"Edward, seems like this one cannot wait to be in your arms" Emmett managed to force out between laughs. Edward! I knew that name! The King's youngest son. SHIT! FUCK! Why me?! Edward is known as the most ruthless, man whore, and bloodthirsty being in the whole world. He ate countries for breakfast, fucked a hundred women for lunch, killed babies for dinner, and finished the day with more sex. I am in deep shitl "Let's see more of this little slut" Emmett was still speaking but my mind was worlds away until he placed his hands on the straps to my dress.

"No! I want to open her like a gift and not have to contain my urges brother" Edward responded to Emmett. I tried to shrink away from the two while keeping my eyes down. I could feel the solider with the whip behind me and stopped before I ran into him. "Take her to my room, and make sure she doesn't go anywhere." The solider behind me placed his hand on my shoulder leading down to my wrists which he handcuffed tightly behind my back. I looked up at the girls standing next to me, panic setting in. What was going to happen to me?

Emmett and Edward had headed further down the line. Emmett removed girls clothing to 'inspect' them closer. That could have been me but Edward saved me. Saved me to do worse to me later. The solider forced me towards the door and out of the room leaving the scene behind me. I was shoved through corridors, and upstairs. I had no idea where I was going.

Finally we stopped in front of this huge oak door. The man continued to force it open and shove me through. A quick scan of the room gave me no options to escape. In the middle of the room was a huge plush bed. Had it been any other situation I would have loved to run up and plunge into the bed getting lost for days in the softness. But in this case I wanted nothing to do with the bed. The solider started leading me closer and closer to it. I tried to push against him, trying to get away. He forced me to the huge oak headboard, where he threw me into the middle of the bed.

"Please don't" I whimpered out to him hoping there was someway that I could persuade him to let me go.

"I am not going to do anything to you. It is not me that you have to worry about." He proceeded to un-handcuff one of my wrists only to weave the shackle through the head board. He yanked my arms above my head and re-handcuffed me. I was stuck there was no way I could get away from the bed. The solider turned quickly and began to walk away. I thought I could hear him praying under his breath. I started shaking again. This was not how I wanted to die. What was Edward's deal?

I don't know how long I lay there helpless and trapped before the noise of the door opening startled me. I looked up towards the door. There standing facing me was Edward. He stared at me without saying anything for a couple of seconds.

"Emmett has instructed me that you need to be punished severely for your behavior back in Paris". I tried to shrink into the mattress of the bed. What was he going to do to me? I just want to be back in my bed safe and sound. He started walking towards me removing his jacket as he walked.

"Please...don't" I whimpered again in a faithless hope. The response from Edward will hunt my dreams forever. "Babe that is not going to be the last time you say that tonight" he smiled and started laughing as he got onto the edge of the bed headed right for me.

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