Just and idea that's been playing around in my head, and since I've been grounded, I figured why not?

Just a quick disclaimer: Obviously I don't own Twilight, I totally should though. Because if I did, Bella wouldn't be with Edward, she'd be with Emmett, Jacob or Jasper! And she'd be hot and confident, and deffinatley get along with Rosie-posie!

So, I officially bring to you awesome people, the first chapter of When fate intervenes.....

Chapter One.

I'd never given much thought to fate. Why would I? It's never benefited me. But I figured; everything happens for a reason right?

In the state of Washington, under a near constant cover of clouds and rain, there's a small town named Forks. Population; 3120 people. This is where I'm moving. I know what your probably thinking; why move to such a dreary town? I couldn't answer you, I don't know the answer myself.

I was born and raised in Rochester, New York. A small, elegant neighborhood where the wealthy lived. Despite Rochester being in a big City, it was very quiet and almost like a beautiful modern village. But with mansions instead of small little houses. My family were one of the founding familys.

The house, no scratch that, mansion, that we lived in was huge and had been in our family for generations. Dating all the way back to 1850. OK. Maybe it's not the same house, it had been knocked down and rebuilt through out the years but hadn't changed since 1910. It's obviously been re-painted and decorated, but if you were to look through our family album, you'd see the very obvious similarities.

My home is beautiful, many people envied our wealth despite them having large homes also. But I couldn't blame them, if you were to see the house, I'm positive you'd fall in love with it as quick as the next. It's marvelous, with it's two story build and sandy coloured bricks, it's beautiful. Glossy black steel gates, smooth long driveway, and then the large acres of land surrounding it, the Hale mansion truly was a masterpiece.

But what attracted most was the history of the home. Like I said, generations.

And now I bet your thinking, if your homes so beautiful and you love it so much, then why the hell you moving?

I honestly don't know.

For the past year or so, the small town of Forks has been visiting my dreams. Which is crazy, I never even knew that town existed until I googled it. I've tried speaking to my parents about it, but they just brush it off as nothing. And that's exactly what I tried to do, but then they only came back worst and clearer. Now I feel a pull towards the small town, a pull that I couldn't possibly describe.

Once again, with determination, I brushed it off.

But then when my Mother, Anna-Lynne Hale, was diagnosed and then later died of Cancer, the pull strengthened. I'd sat down with my Father, Kaleb Hale, and spoke to him of my dreams and the pull that I felt and how it had increased since my Mothers death, he told me that it was a sign and that I should visit the place that consumed my dreams so much. A sign of what I didn't know. Like before, I brushed it off.

But then a few days later, I had another dream.

Only this dream was different. I dreamt of my Mother. We were sat in a unrecognisable place, a meadow of sorts. She told me to go to Forks, there I would find the answer to why my dreams occurred. She wept sadly when she told me that soon my Father would drink himself to death, and that I couldn't help it, no one could. It was his fate. Then she kissed both my cheeks, and told me make her proud and with one last smile, disappeared into a bright light. I'd awoke in a sweat and confusion, the dream had felt so real. It was then that I decided what to do.

I, Isabella Rose Hale, was visiting Forks. I wanted my answers.

Lets see what fate throws me.