(and here dear reader is the fourth chapter in which things get weirder as they near Nikola's stronghold.)

Chapter 4: Brave Sir Robin

The group got up again from their rest, and this time went along a straight path in hopes of not running into idiots.

They would have no such luck as they ran into Moore and O'Neil, who were still chasing the map, and some fat guy dressed up as a pirate calling himself Marshall D. Teach.

As they were looking along they saw a zombie, a vampire, Van Helsing, and a homunculus playing poker.

The vampire made a snide remark and Van Helsing swiftly killed it in a fit of rage saying later 'serves you right you bloody C***."

Popeye asked them for directions to Nikola's castle only for Helsing to tell them it wasn't in the area, he was going to give them directions when a flyer for a "sparkly Vampire convention" flew by him and as everyone knows Helsing hates all vampires but those are the kind he hates the most.

The vampire hunter ran off with a couple of massive crossbows screaming bloody murder.

So needless to say he wasn't going to be of much help.

They went further down the road where they saw near said convention, where he was calmly watching the massacre while eating popcorn, they asked him where the castle was but he refused to tell for as he put it "shut up this is my favorite part."

So they went off where they finally got somewhere we have the transcript here

(League is seen walking through the woods, when a knight comes along pretending to ride a horse, he is followed by a man who is clacking coconuts, and a band of minstrels)

Popeye: ahoy ye swab does ye know wer Dr. Niklola is?

Knight: who?

Moran look could you just tell as who you are?

Knight: (is about to speak but cut off by minstrel)Minstrel: he is the brave Sir Robin Sir Robin who…

Knight: (hereafter referred to as Sir Robin) shut up (turns to League) uh nobody really

Popeye: nobody eh?

Sir Robin: well I am a knight of the Round Table…

Münchausen: (surprised) YOU'RE A KNIGHT OF THE ROUND TABLE?

Sir Robin: yes

Münchausen: well then in that case I shall have to kill you

Sir Robin: WHATMünchausen: just kidding

Sir Robin: (lets out a sigh of relief)

Münchausen: although I demand to know why you are hereSir Robin: well I just came from Camelot to find the Holy Grail

Münchausen: oh that old thing? I already have one

Sir Robin: there can't be two Holy Grails

Münchausen: well either way it doesn't matter now will you help us find or notSir Robin: who's he?Münchausen: he's an evil occultist who has killed more people then the Black Plague

Sir Robin: (visibly suite nervous) oh gee look at the time…

Münchausen: (grabs him) on second thought you're coming with us it might be useful to have a brave knight with us

Vampires: (rush by so fast they can't be seen) RUN FOR YOUR NO GOOD LIVES)

Van Helsing: (is seen close behind the vampires dressed like Rambo and duel wielding two crossbows each one the size of his arm and is also dressed like Rambo) AAAAHHHHH

Münchausen: who does he think he is? Some crazy war veteran?

The League now with the shanghaied Sir Robin and his minstrels in tow, they finally found Nikola's lair…and if you want to know how they knew it was his well when there's a giant neon sign reading "LAIR OF " on top of the door odds are It's on the level.

Also worth noting, is that Alan "Squiffy" Moore and Kevin O'Neil were seen still chasing the treasure map.