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Every day, Brad had asked Randy if he remembered, and every day, Randy would say a confused no. That ended about 5 days later. Randy had his first nightmare and Brad asked if he remembered. Randy whimpered a small, 'yes', and hadn't spoken since.

~The Next Morning At Hospital (End of Flashback)

Helen and Jon walked into the pediatric ward at 10 a.m. "Good morning, boys," Helen said.

"Hi, Aunt Helen! Hi, Uncle Jon!" Mark greeted happily.

"Hi," Brad replied.

Randy stared at the floor. That was all he had done the entire morning. Brad knew it was because of what had happened last night. Mostly because of the remark about being a nutcase. "Well, we get to have a private chatting room today! Won't that be fun?" Helen asked the boys.

"Yup!" Mark exclaimed happily.

"I guess," Brad replied.

"We aren't scheduled to use it for another 10 minutes, so we can hang it out here for a while. We need to talk about your rooms. Jenna and Olivia agreed to share a room you, so you can all have separate rooms. Olivia only has a little more than 1 year at home, so it all works out. Would you like having your own rooms?"

"Yeah! I had my own room at home!" Mark cried happily.

"Really? That's cool. What do you want your room to be decorated like?" Jon asked.

"Hmm… Maybe-"

"Wait. I thought we were just living there for a month and then deciding if we want to stick around. Why are we talking about rooms?" Brad cut off Mark.

"Well, while you're at our house, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. We thought you might enjoy getting to choose how you want your room," Helen told him.

"I guess that makes sense…"

Trying to change the subject, Helen looked at her watch. "Oh! It's time for us to go to our private room! Come on, guys. Let's go."

The five of them walked out of the pediatric ward and down a long hallway. In the middle of the hallway was a room marked '115'. Helen opened the door. The inside contained of white walls, a white floor, two cream colored couches- facing each other, and a large window at the far end. The rest of the room was empty except for a few toys scattered on the floor. After looking around the room, Jon spoke up. "Well, let's sit down shall we? We only have an hour in here." Brad and Mark nodded, and the three boys sat on the right couch, as the adults rat on the left.

"Now what?" asked Mark.

"What do you mean now what?" Helen asked.

"Now that we're in here, what do we do?"

"We talk."

"About what?"

"About whatever you want. For example…" Helen paused, thinking. "What are some things you boys like to do? You all get a turn to speak."

Mark immediately started speaking. "Well, like karate. I also like swinging. I used to swing on my swing set at home, and I like making brownies. I mostly eat the batter, but I think that's even better than the actual brownies!" he rattled off in one breath.

Jon laughed. "You certainly are a bust boy, aren't you?" he asked.

"Yup!" Mark replied proudly.

"What about you, Randy? What do you like to do?" Helen asked the boy in the middle of the couch.

Randy didn't say anything. He simply stared at his knees and didn't even give a small shrug. "Come on, Randy. You can tell them. You don't need to be scared," Brad whispered in his ear.

When there was no reply, Mark started talking for him. "Randy likes to tell jokes. He also does magic tricks and plays hockey and football."

"Aww! I remember when Damian was about your age," Helen said fondly. "He had a little magic set and would put on shows for us. It was the cutest thing!"

"Yeah… Sure…" Jon said, not understanding what was so cute about his son making objects disappear. "Brad, what about you? Do any sports?"


"Well, which ones?"

"Soccer and football," was Brad's blunt reply.

"Which one do you like more?"

"I don't know."

Jon stifled a sigh. This would be a long hour…

~Noon- Outside of the Pediatric Ward~

The boys had been taken back to the Pediatric Ward, and Jon and Helen had been told to leave while the boys rested and at lunch. On their way to the elevators, they were stopped by a doctor. "Excuse me, are you the Aunt and Uncle of the Taylor boys?" he asked them.

"Yes," Helen replied uncertainly.

"Hi, I'm Doctor Jameston, head doctor of the Pediatric Ward," he introduced himself, reaching out to shake their hands. "I'd like to take some time to talk to you guys about the boys. Is that okay?"

"Oh, yes. That's fine," Jon said.

"Why don't we head down to my office? It'll be more confortable." Dr. Jameson lead the couple down the main hall of the Pediatric Ward and stopped at the last door on the left, Room 225. "Please, sit down," he said motioning to the two chairs in front of his desk, Dr. Jameson sat in his own chair on the opposite side of the oak desk. "Like I said before, I'd like to talk to you about Brad, Randy, and Mark."

"Do you know when they'll be able to come home with us?" Helen asked.

"Well, it's hard to know exactly. Each boy has a different estimated healing time. Let's start off with Brad. His injuries are all healed, with the exception of his knee. That's no big deal. He just needs to keep it in a brace, and if it's not healed in about 3 to 4 more weeks, see a doctor. However, while is physical injuries are almost healed, he is still very protective of his little brothers, which is perfectly understandable. While they were living with their uncle, Brad gave himself the duty of doing all he could to protect his brothers from harm. Now that he's here, he still doesn't trust anyone. All that you, or anyone for that matter, can do is try to gain his trust. We are also trying to get him to talk to a therapist, but he refuses. Even if he did go, there isn't much that they could do for him.

"Besides his physical injuries, Mark has a case of Acute Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. That's basically just a reaction people have after a traumatic experience. It's what's making him jumpy and stutter. It goes away in time, usually anywhere from 3 to 12 months. He also still refuses to talk about what happened at his uncle's house. I would have him go to both psychological and speech therapy when you take him with you to California.

"And lastly, Randy. Randy is in the worst shape of all 3 boys. Most of his injuries have healed. Like Mark, he still has a large cut on his back, along with one on his cheek. He also, as you've obviously noticed, won't talk. He almost acts catatonic during the day, but when he wakes from one of his nightmares, he is very alert. We want to say Randy has Severe PTSD, but we're still not sure. He's only gone to therapy without his brothers once, which was a huge fail. He sat there in silence for the entire hour while the therapist tried to get him to talk.

Now, in the hospital located by your house in California, there are plenty of extremely experienced and qualified doctors who could take care of the boys. We would like for them to stay here for about 3 more days, just for some more observation to send the doctors by you. But then, you can take them with you for your month, and I wish you the best of luck. Oh! One more thing, we have to get them to California in the hospital helicopter- regulation- besides, I don't think it would be good for them to go out just yet. You are welcome to join them in the helicopter or take a plane back. Just let us know by Wednesday," Dr. Jameson finally stopped his speech and looked at Helen and Jon.

"Yes, thank you for your time, Doctor," Jon said, getting out of his chair.

Helen thanked Dr. Jameson too and they walked out of the room with a lot to think about.

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