"Come now Elendians, We will not give up this chase on that pervert Ein!" the Elder exclaimed. "Yeah Elder, we will punish him!" Serene shouted.

"That's right" said Lina "Ein is a pervert!"

So the Elendians kept on chase of Ein, who is almost out of breath, but luckily, He found a cave underground, "This will help me hide." He jumped into it once hearing the enraged Elendian's shouts.

It was pitch-black in it, Ein was wandering around looking for light, then a crimson light appeared out of nowhere, "Where did that light came from?" Ein wondered. As the light comes closer, a giant red-colored dinosaur-like creature with black markings, and white spikes running from its head down to its tail, which has four red rake-like spikes at the end of it, growling "A Grim Angel....". Ein jumped backwards a bit, stripping his costume off revealing his original clothes and hair.

He unsheathed Einherjar shouting "Prepared to be sla..Wait!" Ein halted his attack, upon realizing its Groudon:the master god of land.

"I've heard that the Elendians were chasing you this Halloween because they think you're a pervert when Ledah told them you have help the breast part part of his Yggdra costume to make it life-like." said Groundon.

"Yes Groudon, I need help on this angry mob chasing me, I didn't mean this to them like that." Ein explaining the problem to the king of lands.

"I understand Ein, Elendia thinks for such foolish reasons!" Groundon yelled. "Okay, King of Lands" Ein quietly said. He got out of the underground cave, just when the angry Elendian mob found him "There he is, get him" Cierra said angrily "Charge!!"

Ein freaked out just Rose jumped into the forest to tell him "Ein, I've decided to help on this silly mob thing."

"No worry Rose. I have someone to take care of this for me." "Who Ein?" Rose confusely said. "Groudon." Ein said. "Ein are you crazy? the King of lands is extremely superior... but I'm glad you have someone to help you out". Just when the angry mob get closer to Ein, an earthquake with crimson lights jutting out of it, revealing Groudon.

The angry Elendians now becoming frightened of it, except for Serene who flys towards the God of lands, preparing to strike it with her scythe saying "Prepare to meet doom you over-grown lizard!" but just when the Arc was about to strike him with her scythe, the king of lands breath fire at her, Serene was seriously injured and flies back down, Fia frightenly said to Serene "Serene, what are you thinking, you can't fight the mighty heavenly king of lands, he's too powerful."

Serene looked at her body and saying "Dammit my clothes are ruin, you'll pay for that..." before she can finish her sentence, Groudon let off an intimidating glare at them, including her, this gives the Arc a scared look.

"Gyaaaaaarrrrrr!!!!" roared Groudon "You will pay for your plans of killing a heavenly being!!" The Elendians were extremely scared, with Cierra saying "Um.. Heavenly king of lands were sorry, we didn't mean to.." Gyaaaaarrrrr!!! "You will DIE SPRITES!!" angrily said Groudon, Lina sadly muttered "But..." "ENOUGH!!!!"

And so the Elendians were chased by the enraged Groudon, Ein realized his mistake and goes after Groudon, but he was stopped by his familiar Rose.

"Ein, let's just let the Elendians learn their lesson, but I hope you learn not to be such a pervert" Alright?." Ein quickly changes his mind, saying "This may been a suckish Halloween Rose, but lets just go Fia and Lina's house to have some fun."

"Ok Ein lets go." and so Ein and Rose left off to their friends house to have some fun.