Elves Do It Better

My first ever crossover fanfiction, combining my two favourite film franchises. This is a New Moon AU, with eventual Bella/Haldir. A break from my usual Bella/Aro, and I hope I can make Bella a stronger and generally better character by the end of this. Please give this a chance.

Yeah I own nada, though I wish I owned Haldir….

This will comply, insofar as I am able, with LOTR and Twilight canon, and will take place before, during and after the three films. So yeah, I'm using movie Haldir.

Please enjoy.


All I could feel was Edward's cold lips on my forehead.

His words reverberated in my head, like poison in my veins.

He didn't want me with him. He didn't want me…

I was never good enough for him. Not strong enough, not beautiful enough…

And now he was leaving me.

All because Jasper's attack on my eighteenth birthday had opened his eyes to the dangers of having me around.

Me, eternal danger magnet.

The forest was silent around us, as I felt a hole punch through my chest, taking away my heart, as my breathing became shallower and shallower.

I closed my eyes, feeling his hand on the back of my neck, his hard lips on my skin, cold and fragrant.

Edward, please don't…please…

I opened my eyes and saw him gone, the forest seeming to come back to life with his absence. I felt my heart convulse in agony, the last few shards of it shattered forever. I gasped, and ran forward, my soul crying out in agony.

I couldn't lose him.

I knew it was stupid, but I couldn't fight it. It was too strong, this compulsion to run after him, to plunge deeper into the forest.

"No, Edward!" I cried out, as I fought not to slip or trip on the boggy ground, ducking leafy branches and skirting around mossy boulders.

I knew I could not catch up with him, and very soon I was not even running for that.

I was just running.

Fiery agony raced through my veins and my limbs, and I wanted to collapse. I didn't want to live, to leave this world and everything in it behind.

If I couldn't have Edward, if I couldn't have my only reason for existence, I had nothing worth living for.

But he had made me promise not to do anything reckless, to stay alive for Charlie.

But why should I?

I was broken, with no hope of being fixed.

At last I reached a clearing, and I tripped in the undergrowth, sprawling on the ground.

I must have bumped my head, because a moment later I felt like I was falling before blackness claimed my vision and I fell unconscious.

There were voices singing in my head, strange, ethereally beautiful voices. I could listen to them all day.

They soothed the agony inside me, as I remembered Edward and his pale beauty when he told me he didn't want me.

I wasn't good enough.

Hush, child. Think no more of that…

I fought to open my eyes, and looked out onto bright light and nothing more. I thought I saw two figures but they were indistinct and blurry to my sore eyes. I tried to speak.

No, do not speak yet. You are very weak, but we will heal your injuries…

A beautiful, loving voice spoke close to my ear, and I thought it was female. It reminded me of Esme, but a thousand times lovelier and sweeter, and the music of a million silver bells ringing their sweet tones in my ear.

but only you can heal the rest. You have a long journey ahead of you, Isabella Swan, and a hard choice to make at the end of it. Only you can decide your fate. Only you…

This one was unmistakeably male, and his voice resonated within my very soul.

"W-who are you?" I choked out, hoarsely. Ringing laughter reached my ears.

She is a strong one. A soul made of fire, and a heart of gold… the male voice continued, and I thought he sounded amused.

Rest now, and seek healing in sleep. We will watch over you, Alphwen…the female whispered soothingly.

The voices faded away, with only that name ringing in my ears.


What did it mean? It sounded beautiful, and the words were like honey over silk, smooth and musical.

But I found myself drifting off to sleep, my mind falling down into darkness.


The script beneath my fingers became blurred as a vision overtook my eyes, and yet I still saw the page upon which I wrote.

Long had I been proficient in foresight, but this vision seemed to come from Manwe himself, the King of all.

Quickly I stood from my work, my robes gently brushing the floor as I walked out of my study.

"Arwen, Glorfindel," I called, stepping out onto the main terrace of my home, Imladris.

My daughter and my most trusted adviser hurried towards me, where I stood in the starlight, my daughter's luminous face beautiful in the light of Earendil.

Father, grant the girl your protection tonight, and guide my daughter to her…

So I prayed to my father above, as I recalled the vision.

It was of a young girl, a mortal and yet not quite so. She was human, but it seemed, she held the choice of the Peredhel. She may choose immortality or mortality, if it was her will.

She had the protection of the Valar themselves.

"Ada, what is it?" Arwen asked, still clothed in her travelling gear of dark green, her long hair trailing down her back.

"I have been gifted with a vision from the Valar," I replied gravely, and I watched a grave expression form on Glorfindel's face. "Near here, you shall find a young woman, a mortal. She is in need of our aid. Bring her here safely."

"Who is she?" Glorfindel asked, curiosity rampant on his handsome face. His expression was only mirrored by Arwen's.

"I know not. I only heard the name of Alphwen. She is in need of healing, but her fate is unclear. Her destiny is intertwined with so many," I replied, as Glorfindel nodded. "Her soul is shattered."

"We shall find her, Ada," Arwen vowed resolutely, before she and Glorfindel turned and hurried away to start the search. I sighed as I turned back to the terrace, leaning on the carved wood of the balcony railing.

I wished I could send more out, but alas, my sons were on their home from Lothlorien, bringing their grandmother with them, and I could only spare so many from the patrols around Imladris.

I prayed to the Valar, prayed for the safe return of my daughter and Glorfindel, and the arrival of this young woman. I knew not what I could do for her, but I would heal what I could. Maybe only she could truly heal whatever was broken within her.

Somehow the destinies of so many hung on this girl's life, and her choices. So many…

These were dark times, as the Shadow moved in the East, but I could not turn away one sent by the Valar, by Manwe and Elbereth themselves.

I stood in the starlight, listening to the cool rush of the waterfalls and the fountains of Imladris, as I waited for the arrival of the young woman.

Of this strange Alphwen


I mounted Asfaloth, nodding a tacit agreement with Glorfindel that I would search to the north, and he to the south. Between us, we would find this young woman.

I knew not why Ada wanted her, but I would find her.

To have been sent by the Valar…

I shook my head, as I spoke to Asfaloth, and we bounded away from Imladris at a gallop.

I offered a silent prayer to Elbereth and Earendil that night, to guide me in my search.

Asfaloth took me through the forest, the trunks of the trees flashing past in the grey night, like some statues of old. I could feel their whisperings in my mind, and I listened intently.

They spoke of a fallen woman, a child by the standards of the Eldar, lying in a glade not far away.

I turned Asfaloth towards it, and we soon reached it. I slowed his pace, patting his silver neck as I dismounted and rushed to the woman's side.

I soon amended my thoughts. She was but a girl.

She possessed long brown hair which I could see was rich in colour, richer even than that of an elf's, but her face was pale and shrunken as if with great despair. There were dark shadows under her eyes, and she breathed faintly.

I rushed to her side, and placed my hand on her forehead. I was no great healer, but I could ease her pain.

But the wellspring of despair and pain that opened up to me made me gasp and recoil, as I stared down at the young mortal. How could any mortal feel that and live?

How could they not be crushed by the weight of that despair?

I shuddered, and looked down upon her, wondering what had happened to her and why the Valar had sent her to us.

I guessed it to be a sad story.

Lady Arwen…?

Here, Glorfindel, I replied mentally, and soon I felt his presence draw near. He bent over our charge, with a gentle frown on his brow.

"What has happened to her?" he pondered, gently stroking her hair back from her head.

"Some great hurt has been done to her. We must take her to my father," I breathed, as Glorfindel lifted her into his arms effortlessly. For the first time I noticed her raiment.

It was odd, made of materials I had never seen before.

She wore what appeared to be sturdy boots, but with odd colourings on the laces and panels. Her trousers were too loose to be elven leggings, yet they were not the same as I had seen on mortals. They were made of some rough, blue material. Her torso was covered by a dark blouse, with horizontal stripes of a dark grey covered by a loose coat in a shade of orange. It looked warm, yet when I touched the mortal's face, her skin was cold.

She was slender, and had an ethereal look about her. Her long waves of brown hair fell past Glorfindel's arm in ringlets, while her skin was as pale and flawless as a swan's wing.


Swan maiden.

An apt name, I mused as Glorfindel wrapped her in his cloak, and mounted his horse.

Suddenly she stirred, and her eyes opened to reveal deep pools of the darkest brown. They were like twin polished gems, with streaks of gold and amber in their infinite depths.

"W-where am I?" she asked, and although she spoke with a strange accent, I recognised the Common Tongue.

"You are safe, young one," I breathed, smiling up at her as she weakly raised her head. Her eyes widened at the sight of Glorfindel and I, before she tried to sit up.

"No, must g-get home…" she trailed off, and I felt her strength wane.

"Glorfindel…" I murmured warningly, and he nodded.

"Rest, young one. You are safe now," he whispered, laying a sleep spell over her until she slumped into his arms. He looked down on me, the starlight glinting off his golden hair.

"Go, I will follow," I told him, and he inclined his head while I turned to mount Asfaloth.

Something, perhaps the Valar themselves, told me if she did not reach Ada soon, she would fade quickly.

I prayed for her, as I remember the void of despair and pain within her soul, as I began the ride home.

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