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Oh yea, before you read this story you should watch Hemispheres seen as it takes right after the episode. If you haven't seen it before, it will probably spoil it for you so watch the read.

Corrine sat in her room thinking about recent events. Mainly how she had just kissed Marshall Wheeler! Ah, and a good kiss it was. But, she knew that if he didn't feel the same way and she told him how she felt, things would be to awkward and their great friendship would be ground into a fine powder and be blown into the wind as if it was never happened. It was way to valueable to be in that much jeporady for some dumb relationship that probably wouldn't leave highschool, right? Or was how she felt was as mutual with him as it was with her. Wait, it is just her illogical side of her brain making another apperience in her many thoughts. But she couldn't help it. Those glorious two seconds that made up her first kiss were two amazing to ignore and she knew that even if she had gotten an extreme version of amnesia that it would never be able to leave her thoughts. Not only will she remember that great moment on the other side of a mirror but, she will be curse of thinking that her imaginary relationship with Marshall will never become a reality and that the friendship she most carefully built with him will remain intact.

But, that doesn't mean she can't have fun. Playing with Marshall head when she got out of the mirror at first he was so confused as to what she had done or how she changed so suddenly made him seem so interested in her. And she wouldn't tell him a thing which would only make him more interested. As she walked away she could've sworn he was staring at her backside. Just a thought she just shook off as if it were nothing. Soon she was laughing uncontrollably about all that happened. " Maybe I"ll tell you someday." Okay, now she was laughing like a wild coyote that desperately needs to go to an asylum. It went on for a few minutes until, ...guess who just walked in. Bet you ten bucks it is not who you think it is....

"What's so funny?" said Lucas and Josie simultaneosly. They and the entire rest of the science club walk into Corrine and Josie's dormroom. Corrine became kinda nervous about the sudden witnesses of her unprofessionalism. "Nothing" she said as she tried to hide her out of control front and covered it with a fake superior exterior while taking out a magazine as if it were as much of a nothing as she said.

Unfortunately, her cool barrier was suddenly broken down by an unbelievably familiar voice "But I want to laugh too", said Marshall uttering something so simple and yet it seemed so beautiful to her. She had to fight the unbearable urge to look up at him, because if she did she would be to lost in his eyes to answer to his statement. "No, seriously it is nothing. So what are you guys all here for?", said Corrine recomposing herself and again putting up her wall to sanctuary with the same magazine.

"We want to know where you were all day, we were worried something happened to you.", said Vaughn with a caring voice as he took a seat on the desk chair. He was always a good guy when he wanted to be.

"Yeah, we were wondering how you were feeling about the audition after Marshall acted like a total ass when you were going to and and we thought you left because of what he said. I know you're not the type to run away over something so dumb and everything but, we were still worried." said Lucas sitting across from her on Josie's bed while Josie sat next to her staring at her intently.

"Yeah about that, Corrine I am so sorry about what I said. I was being a total jackass about the whole situation and I was being total insensitive jerk and I am really sorry, Corrine. I really miss having you as my button.", said Marshall using the nickname that he had actually started to call her when they were in 1st grade and her parents started to call her that. It stuck when it came to her parents but by 5th grade, when it had came to him and in public, she threatened to rip his body parts to shredds and scatter them across the solar system. The only time she actually let him call her that was when one of them did something really bad. It showed that he really cared about how she felt.

"Guys, seriously it is no big deal."she said putting the magazine down givingthem her undivided attention. She did some quick thinking to have an explaination as to what she was doing during her distant trip. "I had to help principal Durst set up a web cam in her office." she lied to give reassurrance.

"We're glad you are okay. We still need our walking encyclopedia every now and then.", said Josie with a short laugh. "Oh yeah it is not like I am your friend or anything.", replied Corrine with her normal sarcasm. Marshall, still feeling uneasy, daidn't laugh at what she said. Corrine noticed that and got up to hug him and he immediately hugged her back."It is okay Marshall, really I'm fine.", she whispered in his ear as she hugged him. After about 10 seconds, they slowly pulled apart(not wanting to) and she went back to sit down.

"Nice outfit", said Josie as she sat down. "Oh, this. Just something in the back of my closet I thought I would give some air.", said Corrine covering up why she was really wearing it.

Just as she finished saying that, the guys were getting up about to leave. "We're gonna go alright guys?", said Lucas getting up. "Okay", said Josie and Corrine simultaneosly. Marshall and Corrine stole one last look at eachother before he left the room.

After things died down, about a half an hour after the guys left, Josie decided to listen to her CD player.

Corrine was trying to do some extra credit for her English Class by writing a complete essay about today's politics but, it seemed to be impossible(I know, shocker right?) . She had decided to tell Josie the truth about what happened when she went on the other side of the mirror that day."Josie, can I talk to you about something?", said Corrine finally putting her paper down and looking in Josie's direction.

Like I said, Josie was listening to her CD player and couldn't hear anything because of her replaying of the same song (I didn't even think it had real words) repeatedly until her brain poured out of her ears(rhetorically speaking of course).

"Josie, Josie!",she yelled as she threw a pillow at her head."What! Okay, okay I hear you.",said Josie kinda pissed that she had a pillow thrown at her.

"I have something to talk to you about.", said Corrine. Josie decided to put her CD player away and sat across from her bed.

"Sure, what's up?", said Josie pretty calm about the whole situation. But, that calm look slowly left her face as soon as Corrine got up and started pacing around the room. "What if I tell you I did something ...huge?", said Corrine, finally.

"What do you mean by 'something huge'.....Do you mean something bad? You did something bad, didn't you? Oh my God, I am so proud of you.", said Josie getting up to hug her."No, I didn't do something bad, or at least I hope I didn't-", started Corrine but was cut-off by a slightly discouraged and not surprised Josie. "Then what did you do?", said Josie.

"Well you know about how I disappeared earlier today, well I didn't tell you guys what really happened.", said Corrine."Then, where were you all day?", said Josie.

"Before I tell you, you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone, not even the guys or Z.", said Corrine seriously finally sitting down. "Okay I promise. Now, what happened that made you have to pace again(only on rare occasions)?", said Josie. "Okay, so you know how I was.......", Corrine told Josie practically everything that happened on the other side of the mirror, practically.

"And that's not all what happened", said Corrine wrapping up her story about her long-distance trip threw the mirror."What, did you buy the entire school on your way back to your own dimension?", said Josie sarcastically.

"No, I sorta, kinda umm...-""Spit it out already for goodness sake, I am your best friend Corrine. You can trust me.", interrupted Josie.

"I kissed Marshall."said Corrine. "Wow, when did this happen. You guys haven't been spending much time together lately so how did you guys manage to make-out with eachother while-""No, the other one.", cut-off Corrine slightly frustrated.

For about the first time ever, Josie P. Trent was speechless.

"Well, say something. Hello Josie, are you in there?" , said Corrine waving a hand in Josie's face. Josie, once she regained composure, slapped it away and sat down on her bed. " Again, wow. So it takes you going through a mirror, breaking one, learning to be more right brained, and building another one, just for you to kiss Marshall. And he is not even from this dimension! That is it, you are officially the most delusional genious on the planet."said Josie."Why can't you guys just face the fact that you guys are totally in like with eachother, God!", she finished.

"What if he doesn't like me the way I do and I tell him everything?", said Corrine.


Lucas and Marshall were on the other side of the door and they heard pretty much everything that was said.

"See, Marsh. I told you this wasn't a one-way street. So can you stop moping around and tell her how you feel. You being all sappy really isn't a good look on you." said Lucas patting Marshall on the back.

Marshall was about to reply to what Lucas just said when-

"Why don't you find out for yourself?", said Josie as she opened the door to find both of the guys pour into the room.

So, Corrine decided to take Josie's advice. "Marshall, we need to talk."