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"You're cuter, no you're cuter, no you're cuter. How about we agree to disagree? I know baby, I hate fighting with you. You are so cute when you pout. I know I can't what to see you either...", went on Corrine as she talked on her cell phone with Marshall. Ah, the two were so adorable, it was sickening. Well, to Josie it is.

Uh, who knew not having a boyfriend could be so annoying. Stupid Vaughn, why did you have such a womanizing jerk. I actually think I loved him. I remember when we were like that, talking on the phone non-stop when we weren't together. While we were together, we couldn't stop staring, hugging, and kissing eachother- wait. What am I thinking. He doesn't deserve me. He can whatever slut he wants. It is his fault we are not together anymore, when he needs me I won't be there. I don't need him.

But why do I feel so empty? Thought Josie as she attempted to do her English homework. She was bored out of her mind (she obviously had nothing better to do, no boyfriend) so doing her homework was just the last resort. For the first time since 3rd grade, she was doing her english homework. She had usually done at least half of her other homework, you know math, SCIENCE, social studies, spanish, ecetera. But her pet peeve (something she can't stand, really hates.) has always been English (I don't blame her, I hate English). Her objective of homeworkwas to write a double sided page essay about her favorite things. But she was too caught up in her thoughts to pay mind to it, that and the fact that her friend was talking so loudly on the phone that people in the range of Novia Scotia to Wyoming could here her. Well maybe it wasn't that loud but to Josie it was. Shouldn't her best friend have some concern I mean, she just broke up with her boyfriend three days ago but yet no sympathy, friend hugs, or girl's days, nothing. Shouldn't Corrine be at least a little thoughtful and not rub her impeccably adorable realationship in her best friend's face.

Oh wait, there was a reason why. She didn't know. As soon as she walked back from Vaughn's room she had told herself that she wouldn't tell Corrine anything about breaking up. She thought Corrine would be to busy setting up a relationship with Marshall and that she might post pone them to comfort her in her time of need. She had convinced herself that she didn't need Vaughn and that she was just fine by herself. She decided that she could take care of herself. Sadly, she miscalculated her hypothesis and now knew how it felt to feel like one of those mopey girls in those corny teen movies when their boyfriend break up with them. To tell you the truth, it sucks. Why did her pride and tough exterior have to get in the way of everything. Right now, she could be out at the mall buying loads of ice cream, shopping, watching movies and just hanging out Corrine as she comforts her. Instead, she in her dormroom doing English homework, moping, and to top all it off, Corrine blowing her ear off with all her flirt talking with Marshall. Yeah today is going to be awesome, not!

That's it, she just couldn't take it anymore."I love you too Marshall. I'll see you tonight baby. Aww, you're so cute when you talk like that. Oh really, well maybe I should dress like that tonight-" She walked right up to Corrine at her desk and snatched the phone away from her. "Marshall, lorrine will see you later. GOOD-BYE," yelled Josie into Corrine's phone.

Corrine had an exceededly bewildered look on her face because of Josie's sudden outburst. "Okay, Josie. What is the matter? You seem, um how

do I put this in a non-mean way, seriously pissed off.", said Corrine with her normal concerned look on her face.

"You, you and all your Marshall flirty crap. You guys keep being all 'no you're cuter, no you're cuter' and all your ' I love you Marshall and you are such a good kisser, and oh how can I ever forget 'you're so cute when you pout babe, it just makes me want to walk right up to your room and kiss your pouty lips senseless.' Gosh, do you know how annoying it is to hear that for like 2 hours straight, because I wil tell you sista, it is a living hell. Can't you just go over to his room and stay there in stead of going off on the phone about how much you miss eachother when you can just go see eachother right now. Hey, now thats a great idea. It is way better than listening to you two going all sentimental on eachother. Maybe I would be able to get some of my homework done or get my mind off of V- I mean do more research on the worm hole. Something. Damn, I didn't know you could talk that much." said a breatheless Josie. She was red in the face from talking so much.

"I am sorry Josie, I didn't think I would be bothering you so much. You still shouldn't be the one to talk about me being into Marshall seen as you are the one who set us up, and plus, you do this all the time with Vaughn so don't be a hypocrit. In fact, why don't you go see hime right now. Maybe he'll help you blow off steam. I think I am going to take your advice as well," said Corrine as she left the room.

Here is Josie left all alone in her dormroom with nothing but her English homework. Then, she remembered that Lucas was in the infirmary and that he might want a visitor. Ah, what the hell. I might as well (ooh, I totally just rhymed right there) go see him (and now it is ruined), josie thought as she got out of her chair and left the room.

With Marshall and Corrine,

knock knock

"Come in," said Marshall as he awaited for Corrine to call back.

"Hey cuteness," said a lovely and all too familiar voice to him. Corrine, his girlfriend/best friend/ love of his life. He quickly got up from his seat and pulled her into his arms as he gazed at her adoringly.

"Baby, you are too beautiful for me. How did I ever get someone like you?", said Marshall still giving her the same look.

"Sometimes I ask myself the same thing," said Corrine as he pulled in for a long, and passionate kiss. Marshall couldn't get enough of her. He had already started kissing down her neck.

"M-M-Marshall, as much as I enjoy this~and trust me baby I do~I thought we could maybe go ffor a walk and ge-get some ice cream," stuttered Corrine. She always wondered how he was so good at that.

"But baby, I thought you said you love it when I do this ( He kissed lips softly) or this (he kissed her again only with more aggression not alot more but, more)," said Marshall as he started kissing her more.

"Marshall (kisses her again), I do ( smiles and kisses her again). But we have got to do more than making out all the time (he looked at her as if he was hurt) no babe you're great at it baby, amazing even.." she sorta trailed off but then he kissed her again which brought her into a heavenly she broke out of his spell,

"Baby, please can we go. Could you do it for me. I promise, we will do anything you want after," she said as she seduced him into doing it by trailing her fingers up and down his arm as she wrapped his arms around her tighter. Poor Marshall, helpless love struck little guy had now been under spell so deep all he could do was nod and follow her out of the room.

She his hand as they walked down the corridor toward the exit. People staring at them realizing what's going on. Words like 'first Josie and Vaughn now this, gosh what is going on in Science Club lately'. Corrine paid no mind as Marshall wrapped his arm around her as they walked down the hall. He would kiss her lightly every few paces smiling down on her.

But they were missing something as they continued. As there was one teenager along with his group of friends staring at them well Marshall to be specific with obvious envy. The boy looked so familiar to everyone yet so different to everyone else. They just figured he might be an old relative of Marshall's or a new student. He wasn't that noticed though, just by a few people. He had this stern and pissed off look on his face, as he said,"What the hell does that wannabeme piece of crap doing with my girlfriend. I had her first and if he were a real man he would respect that. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to give him a little heads up on how this is going to work.

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