Kung Fu Panda fanfic6

Hey everyone! Scout is back! This story is pretty much a follow-up from my last Sly Cooper story, UC: Lockout, which will bring me to my ultimate project, The Crossover Showdown! But before I get there, there's few things that need to be arranged here, so hold onto your seats, because this one will be epic.

Also, Special Thanks to ravioli-jo for the use and presentation of her star-character; Masquerade.


It was a dark night, a dark time of the newborn midnight, when the sun had officially left to visit the other side of the earth. Its bright and warm ray of sunlight no longer providing any company to those of the China as they all slept soundly to await it return in the morning. For when morning should come, it will cast its warm, holy ray upon the forests to help them grow, and upon the villages to ensure them a good day. But until then, the sun would sleep, the moon would take its place, and all throughout the many lands of China, peace and prosperity took its time of reign.

However, deep within Kal-Cuo, the capital of the Valley of Shadows, there lay only a dark and dreadful village. At normal villages the streets would be crowded with life, such as children running and playing with each other while their parents and adults went about their own business to make a living. These streets nothing alike those, they were quiet and ghostly, all of the cluster of houses appeared empty and shattered by a recent bombardment, and the only souls who appeared to wandering the streets were not simple villagers and civilians, they were mercenaries.

Several clusters of mercenary wolves, all dressed in black clothing and armor, patrolled the streets while other groups escorted carriages and other cargo transporting vehicles. All armed with spears and automatic-reload crossbows, they all kept close to the transports loaded with many goods; treasure, drugs, spice plants, weapons, and many other shipments that were to be storage for many upcoming operations. All of the mercs appeared twitchy and eager, their fingers were tapping on their crossbows, they didn't want to fulfill some cargo delivery job, no, what they really wanted was some action, some enemy to engage within. But they all needed to keep this desire restrained, they would be fighting soon, they just needed to wait a little longer.

He hoped they would control themselves until that time arrived, deep within the captured palace of Kal-Cuo, within the meditation chambers, Rollo Kio sat crosslegged in the middle of the room, surrounded by his enchanting scented candles as he inhaled their aroma through one nostril and expelled it out the other.

Standing in front of him, or rather a three-dimensional hologram image of which, was a man of whose species could not be identified because of his clothes, in fact, he looked more like a silhouette than any known animal. He wore all black; his boots, his trousers and torso clothing, his cloak and hood, and even wore a gasmask to hide his face, making him a complete secret to everyone. But not to Kio, no... the Komodo dragon knew him well enough to respect him as his superior.

Morgan Remnant was among the most isolated he had ever had the pleasure of meeting, isolation was obvious due to the mask, but was more so when the silhouette hadn't come into any contact with anyone, he kept everyone at a distance, even him. Which was why he only appeared to communicate with anyone through holo-images, perhaps he suspected betrayal in his associates. He wasn't surprised and couldn't really judge him for it, many have said that it was hard to trust good people these days, and he knew that typically well.

Kio kept his yellow eyes fixated on the silhouette, watching him as he remained still and silent, as if hesitating. He eyed the cubicle object being turned in his hand, its illuminating blue glow was cryptic, almost mesmerizing. He was curious of the secrets Remnant had uncovered on that forsaken island, "Howlers'" it had been named, there was something about that cube that he wanted, and his dangerous curiosity was tempting him to ask. He was fortunate enough to restrain himself, he needed to focus, to listen to the reason he had been contacted.

"Only two survived," Remnant reported, still rolling the cube in his hand, "among the forty capsules, only two containing the formula had survived the crash... and the treachery..."

"I see," Kio replied, although knowing nothing of this "formula" mentioned to be critical, he knew it was important to the operation, in some way. "And the other item?"

The silhouette held the cube in front of him, "The schematics are still whole," he said, "and the information inside the datacube will be most helpful in our campaign."

"When will the weapon be complete?"

"Not for a while, actually, we cannot build the weapon without the proper assistance." Remnant admitted, as he withdrew the cube under his cloak, the shadows swiftly seized the object and it was gone.

"What assistance do you have in mind?" The Komodo dragon asked, anxious, "I have no scientists to dispatch and aid you, are your scientists capable of managing independently?"

"Actually, there is one specific scientist who had the information extracted, and he will be the one who can see the schematics through," explained the silhouette, "His name is Doctor Arnold Reinvar, once a biotech professor who had experimented with clones and viruses, and he will be the one to build our weapon."

"And then shall we proceed with the plan?"

"No." Remnant replied, the answer confused Kio. "There is still more to accomplish before we can even build to build the weapon. The Doctor is slightly unavailable, he's in prison."

Of course, crossed the dragon's mind.

"But we will need more than the weapon itself, we will need several components; weapons, vehicles, materials, and most of all..." The silhouette told him, "...an army."

"An army?" Kio repeated, his brows climbed as his eyes remained stable, "That cannot be possible. My society is falling apart, my people have abandoned Kal-Cuo, and all that I have at my disposal are several mercenaries, and they are hardly enough to invade a village."

"Who says anything about this being an invasion campaign?" It was a rhetorical question, "No Lord Kio, what I have in mind is much more bigger than invading a common village."

"Then what is our cause?" He asked, "What is it that we are trying to succeed in?"

"A war..."

Kio was stunned to hear the answer. A war? How intruguing. He lowered his head away from Remnant's vision and smiled, the thought of a battle between two sides, where they would endlessly bombard each other with velocity and rage, where blood would rain and soak the soil of the fray warzone. He snickered, already eager. "A war you say?"

"Correct Lord Kio, I have predicted a just battle between two adversary sides, and that time will occur soon, so we will need an army ready for that time. Which is why I have contacted you."

The dragon grinned and placed his palms together, "Go on..."

"We will require allies, not only Dr. Reinvar but also many of the Chinese Empire's enemies and rebels," Remnant instructed him. "First I want the Doctor in our custody. After wards, move on to recruit others to our cause, such as General Lang of the Lang Shadow Army..."

"And such as my old associate, Chief Huang of the Great Gorilla Army," Kio added, "Yes... I will proceed with recruiting many to our cause, M'lord."

"Excellent," Remnant replied, "I will expect a contact from you in a week, and I will be expecting positive results. Get the word to as many people as you can, particularly warmongers, we will need all the help we can get. And remember, we will the Doctor to comply and build the weapon, so I want him alive and well."

"I understand, My Lord," The dragon replied, bowing his head. The silhouette's image flickered and then faded, and with that he was gone.

Rollo Kio sat up straight in his circle of candles, inhaling the aroma once more before he closed his eyes. Finally, at long last, a war would be underway. But in order to see to that it becomes inevitable, he would need assistance of his own to recruit these allies, starting with this Dr. Reinvar.

He breathed as he felt into an alternate consciousness, a cosmic consciousness in which he could see beyond the mountains, and beyond China. He found Reinvar, trapped within a prison cell, complaining about the distasteful food he was forced to eat, but then he sensed another presence, someone he had not seen in a long time. A cougar who was sitting inside one of the more secured cells, and this cougar so happens to be his old apprentice, not the treacherous Zhan Fray, no, but his other apprentice, a younger and far more talented killer...

"Masquerade..." He called his apprentice's name, "It is time..."