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That next arriving morning felt bright and warm as the sun rose and cast its shining beam across the Valley of Peace, light crept through the windows of houses - shining among the faces of slumbering villagers, caressing them awake on the brand new day yet to come. It all seemed so peaceful, pleasant and pure to many, but for a few others - specifically Master Shifu - it was too new and strange of an addition to this once harmonic village, due to the new security.

Marching all over the Valley were patrols of Imperial rhinoceros troopers, all armed with lances and auto-reload crossbows, and even - although it breaks his heart to see tradition compromised - some modern firearm weaponry. Half of the rhinos who accepted the condition had marched across the streets with QBZ-95 rifles and QCW-05s, mostly to show off their new "toys," he figured it would be an even greater danger to themselves and the village, because they had only come to use them just now. He should have know something like this might happen, the Emperor has a great care for China, and it does seem the necessary way to protect her - despite any disagreement - was to use modern weaponry on their side.

Some people, on the other hand, actually didn't mind the presence of Imperial military guarding the village, in fact a goose like Mr. Ping saw it as business opportunity. His own restaurant was a full house of rhinos seated at every table with a few villagers, their weapons beside them as they devoured the bowls of noodles and trays of food placed before them. It was the longest line he ever had, and the first hour of breakfast was the rush hour, with too man coins to count his business' profit was better than ever.

While Mr. Ping and Po had their hands full with the counter and the kitchen, Shifu sat out of their way in the open, non-traffic space with the rest of his students. Tigress, Viper, Monkey, Crane, Mantis, and - only to his agreement - Zhan Fray sat together at the table, all dining a bowl of soup placed in front of them, some more silent than each other to start a conversation.

At least one of them would have thought this was a good moment, a time a victory that must be celebrated, but no one even brought up that subject. Sure, perhaps the true traitor and corruption in the Imperial Council had been dealt with, and now they had sentinels that stood ready for this terrorist threat when it appeared, but one piece of conscience didn't feel victorious - and as a group they all felt it.

True, while it had all been a threat from a conspiracy of terrorists, everything that occurred during this week had been a set up, a part of their plans. They wanted the Chinese Empire to raise and establish an army, a military presence all across China - and for what? - for them to fight against; a challenge - a real fight. The Conspirators needed them to have a strong force and legion for some odd reason, and they got exactly what they wanted, and it was because of them.

Though they may have fended off against the opposing forces for now, they had still lost.

"Hey guys, check this out," Po sauntered in, both his arms full of gold coins, almost too heavy to carry that he had to dump them onto the table. "Wow, right?"

The Five and all didn't show any acknowledgement or interest, or even gave the giant pile of gold before them a second glance. They all just continued to eat their meals and enjoy whatever they could out of it, ignoring the wealth, and continued to sulk after the defeat they could all suffer from.

"What's wrong?" He asked, resting his hands on his thighs, "I thought this would be a joyous moment of victory. I mean, this is the best business my dad's restaurant has ever had, this is more money than we ever got - the critic's review hasn't even come yet and the restaurant is having its greater business than ever. I thought you'd all at least be happy of that."

"We're sorry, Po," Viper spoke for the others, "we are happy for you and your father's achievement, but we're just not in a celebrating mood."

"Yeah, what with soldiers crawling all over China just to secure the valleys from a terrorist threat," Mantis explained, "which was exactly what they wanted us to do, we can't really be happy about the fact they got the last laugh... and that they're using it to mock us."

Crane sighed, "It's a new morning but it's a dark day for us. It all seems so warm, yet it feels so cold. They've got what they wanted, and now that we have a legion of guards around every village, they'll definitely come looking for it, to challenge us. Whether we're prepared or not."

"Then what do we do?"

"We prepare." Shifu caught all of their attentions, "we prepare ourselves. We begin taking our training much more seriously. More elite tactics and think fast maneuvers, anything and everything we can learn. The Conspirators could show up at any time with any unpredictable force, we need to be prepared for everything that could come our way.

"We don't know what will happen, only time will tell, so we must be ready for anything and everything, allof us," he laid specific eyes on Fray, who took notice and listened. "Zhan Fray, I know you and I have never seen eye to eye in the past, in fact we've even have our complications - you injured me and I sent you to prison, but now I ask you... no, I beg of you to take a stand with us."

Fray stood from the table and took a stand in front of the old man, he placed his right fist in his left palm, "Master Shifu, until the end, I will stand with you." He bowed, and Shifu did the same.

"Po," called Mr. Ping's voice from the other room. The panda faced his father as the goose walked into their presence, an open scroll in the hold of his wings. "Mr. Crowe's review of my restaurant has come."

He stood straighter, and everyone else leaned in closer for better hearing range as the goose scanned the text of the scroll, and upon reaching the final sentence, a surprised, shocked look appeared on his face.

"Oh dear, I cannot believe this..."

"What, what does it say?" Po asked, anxious, "C'mon, just tell us! It's been nothing but drama and suspense ever since the beginning of this damn story!"

After a few seconds of catching his breath, the old goose began to speak, "The critic, Mr. Crowe, he has a few mutual comments about the restaurant, but he calls it an 'adequate establishment' and a pleasant place to dine any time at all," he read, excited, "he approves the noodle shop. We've succeeded!"

With that news a big grin appeared on both the giant panda's and the goose's face, after a long, stressful week they had done. Their restaurant is now approved a popular place to eat, and as Mr. Ping had so desired, their restaurant is - not only safe from business downfall - popular around China. The Five and Shifu all exchanged smiles and congratulated the old cook, as the celebration spoken earlier suddenly returned to mind - though there had been a great defeat, sometimes all it takes is one small victory to lighten things up.

In the end of this dreadful, ventured week, it seemed like a complete life changing experience for everyone. For those who resided at the Valley of Peace, it was pure defeat - despite the heavy, well organized army they have as a security, one which can fend off any opposing terrorist force, they had won the battle but to no avail could stop the war from rising. Shifu's word had gotten through to all of China, although he is likely heart broken of it, and now they were on high security.

However, for all of those who were mutual in all this, such as Masquerade, who had ventured through everything only to gain nothing out of it all, that's all it was now. She had done all and everything she did to help her last master, to help him raise an army, to feed the Conspirators power, and to finally succeed in raising a war. She had been with them through everything and now has nothing out of it, and they took it from her without saying a single word of thanks.

The phrase "nothing ventured is nothing gained" must have been a pretty popular order of words in the world, but the phrase was dead to her now. She had risked everything - mostly her own pelt - and had obtained no reward in the end. Even now as she stood the deck of the freighter, littered with bodies and blood everywhere, on this now deserted ship sailing one way, there was nothing, she was at the end of the road and with nothing.

Except, however, for her freedom.

On the other hand, perhaps there was something gained this long, excruciating week, in the end of her slaughters, massacres and destruction she had been placed aboard a freighter heading to somewhere new, where no one will probably recognized her. In new lands she would be a stranger, she would finally start over anew if she wanted, and leave behind the Conspirators, Master Kio, and everything else in this whole campaign she had been "graced" with.

She could finally leave everything behind and move on to her own life.

The Conspirators, well, they had everything they wanted that she could get for them. They had their rebellion and open arches for future plans and operations, they could do whatever they had in mind - and now that she was away from them, finally free, whatever they were going to do with the supports and opportunities they possessed was nothing of her own concern. The conspiracy had what it wanted now, she didn't have to bother with it any further.

When the freighter reaches land she could depart from its dead population and move on to the next land, to other concerns and opportunities of her own. She had wasted much of her time with Rollo Kio, much of her time serving him, learning from him, and obtaining visually nothing in return for her suffering and sacrifice. She was seventeen years young, she still had all the time in the world ahead of her, and now - for perhaps a revelation - she would leave all of this troublesome memory behind.

It was time for her to move on.

THE END(Well, actually TO BE CONTINUED... if you plan on reading UC: Crossover Showdown)

Well, there you all have it. Possibly my last but most definitely my best Kung Fu Panda fan-made story ever! At least I think so, anyway. I'm sorry to say this, but like Masquerade, I guess I too much move on. I will have a bit of KFP fan in me, but unfortunately I can see I've gone as far as I can with writing Kung Fu Panda Fanfiction - well, maybe not at least, because I actually am planning to write another KFP fanfic(if you count that) and it will be a crossover with Sly Cooper!

For those of you who will be looking forward to my next work, I have planned UC: Crossover Showdown - a story where Po, Shifu, and the Furious Five face off against the Cooper Gang, and I can see for myself that it will definitely be an awesome, kick ass story! So sure, maybe I probably won't write too many more Kung Fu Panda fics solo, but for a while I'll be writing a whole chronicle of stories in the crossover. So if you're up for it, ready yourself for the Crossover Chronicles! Starting with the upcoming story: UC: Crossover Showdown!

ALSO, for those of you who are by any chance curious or eager to see more of Masquerade in action, just look for ravioli-jo's profile. And considering she's the creator of the character Masquerade, I want to give a big word of SPECIAL THANKS to my friend, RAVIOLI-JO!

Thank you, and peace!