She was only a drone.

She had no name, at least not any more, she was stripped of her name and idenity, her Queen claimed she would not need it any more - for she was apart of the Hive now. All she had for idenity knowledge was that she had been adopted - as they called it, taken in by one of the Queen's children to be a drone, that was who she was now, just a drone. She might have been a human before, at least a little piece of her remembered, but it didn't matter any more, she was mindless, she couldn't think or move for herself, she could only listen and obey...

...Like a true drone.

The child whom claimed her was a drone, and she could remember it claiming her for itself, how it ripped through her clothing to expose her back's flesh, and how it dove its needle like thorns into her body, wiring up with her limbs and mind. Now it was her, and she was it - they were both one now, just one drone like many. She was only conscious, she hadn't been destroyed yet, she was only robbed of her will and made a servant - a servant of the Hive.

The drone had a new assignment to do, the Queen's eggs were ready and needed to be transported to the nesting crater, the same place where she recalled killing a new born maggot and where she had been made a drone - this was her punishment for her past actions, for the crime she committed before she became anew. Her sentencing was to carry the eggs to the nest, where they would hatch and be transported to their next stage of growth.

It scared her remnants of being human, but she was already in a nightmare, one which she couldn't wake up no matter how much she tried. Her own body was against, same as her mind and will, the Hive had stolen her from herself, and left her with nothing else. No memories, no thoughts, no ability to think, only the obedience her human remnants didn't need, and the loyalty she didn't have before. This was all a nightmare about her being transformed into something she can't control, and the worse of it was she couldn't wake up.

She would never wake up.

The drone reached out with her arms and picked up the small, spheric globe, which was coated with a slimy, web-like substance. As directed, she placed it against her body, whereas the slime of it stuck itself upon her skin, and collected a few more, until she now carried six eggs.

She stalked through the cavern of the Hive, her arms full of eggs but not a single thought to ponder on. The drone passed several of the Guardians of the Hive, as they carried new born maggots, and were likely heading for the outside, to harvest trees for the evolution into drones.

It all felt mutual to her, no fear or regret of her actions, only her body made a move, and that was clearing minding only the drone's business and continuing to the nest. Once she was there, the drone began to dig a hole in the crater, and mechanically her hands claimed one of the eggs and gently placed it within the hole, burying it in to ensure its lasting into maggot stage, all she needed to do now was let it grow on its own.

This was what was left of her - whoever she was, just an adopted drone sentenced to servitude for a crime she committed before claimed. Her name and identity was confiscated, whoever she use to be doesn't matter any more, she was no longer human as far as she knew, she was just one another drone, a servant, just another of the Hive, and nothing else.

Suddenly, she heard a call from within her mind, a type of screech that was more of a command coming from inside her thoughts, the Queen was alerting the entire Hive due to some matter of emergency. The drone took acknowledgement of the alert and hurriedly climbed out of the nest, reaching for what was once her human weapon.

The Queen spoke out and alerted the Hive, the Guardians and the drones, with a call that reached every loyal mind, including hers - Intruders!

They voyaged through the dark pathway of the cave, feeling chills run through him Hiccup took a quick moment of time to rub his palms together for warmth, and quickly reformed a hold on the crossbow and satchel, to insure the explosives maintained without harm. However, he didn't believe once that they would be safe for even a second in this nightmarish place - he had never been a fan of dark caves, and the knowledge that they were meandering through a hive of parasitic bugs did little to lighten up his mood.

The first thing they had been taught was to never mess with a hive of hornets, but was this a completely different situation?

"Man!" Snotlout began, waving his hand over his face, "It stinks... what's in this cavern anyway?"

"Well what were you expecting to find in a hive - honey?" Hiccup commented, adding a little sense of humor to the situation. "Just relax, we're getting closer to the center of the Hive, I think."

"Sure, that makes me feel a whole lots better. We close to arriving in the center of this hellhole, where all the bugs are coming from. Perfect!"

"Silence!" Fray snapped back at them, shining his lantern's light down the pathway and making his way further into the darkness.

Both teenagers and the Night Fury kept close as they reached the end of the archway and found themselves just at the very entrance of the Hive. The ceiling was huge, wide and high off the ground, but to make things worse it was also dark - they could barely see a thing through the thick fog.

But what really made Hiccup's skin crawl was the strange series of whispering he heard out in the deep darkness, the sounds of ghosts being present in their wake, and the voice of looming spectators and predators which were watching them, stalking them.

"I feel like I'm being watched," he announced to the others in a quick, near quiet voice to insure not to give their position away.

"We're in their territory," Fray replied, his observing gaze never leaving the interior, "of course we're being watched."

"Gee, thanks, that's a comforting thought."

Without warning, they heard a rather loud hiss echo through the cavern, like the sound of a snake who had discovered a mouse meandering through its tunnel, and it was at that moment he knew their place in the theory. They had been the ones to aimlessly journey into the Hive, and the bugs must have surely been watching them as they drew closer and deeper - they were the mice, and they had just wandered right into a snakepit.

"I don't like the sound of that," Snotlout said, and Hiccup couldn't agree more with him.

The hissing mysteriously came to an end, and left them all puzzled and worried about what was to happen next. He kept calm and watched the shadows of the cave, but Snotlout was the one whom was already beginning to panick. Fray's expression was a mystery, but his arming his wrist slings and drawing his machete proved his reaction will differ. Toothless growled, his yellow eyes scanning throughout the whole Hive, ready to pounce if need be.

The only thing that made this long wait uncomfortable was the dead silence that plagued their surroundings, the haze of short fog that began to creep across the ground, and the very thought that anything could jump out at them at any moment was the most disturbing.

A shriek emitted and echoed through the whole cavern, it came so unexpected that it would have made them jump out of their own skin. Hiccup glanced up to find a Tarantula leap off the ceiling, flying towards him - but before he could react Fray pushed him aside and thrusted his blade as the giant bug toppled over him. From the ground he watched as the monster and the hunter rolled and wrestled until he was finally on top of it, he dove his weapon into the creatures, twisting the blade both ways, until it finally went limp and montionless.

He lifted his head to trace Fray's next glance, finding two more monstrosities climbing along the web-covered walls towards them. The hunter removed his satchel of explosives and drew a bola in each hand, he swung and twirled them both in circular motion and tossed the second after the first.

The first wrapped around one's neck, swung around, and litterally the two steel spheres smashed its head flat. As its dead body dropped to the ground the second was enclosed and tangled by the remaining bola, restrained as it fell to the surface next to its brethren. Fray drew his machete from the dead creature and dove upon his tangled prey, and with a well placed boot he stomped on the bug's head, smashing through the thick exoskeleton and squishing it.

Another shrieked echoed, and Hiccup looked up to find another Tarantula, strangely he spotted a knife half buried in the thing's shoulder, but it appeared to have some interest or value to Fray because he leaped onto ledge by ledge and chased after it as it scurried away.

"Fray!" He called, but to no avail did he get through to the hunter as he left their presence, likely abandoning them.

"Aw man, he just ditched us!" Snotlout complained, starting for the tunnel from which they entered, "I'm outta here!"

Before he could take a step forward, a few bugs dropped in front of him, blocking their way out. The young Viking could only freak and start in the other direction, running through another tunnel.

"'Lout, come back!" Hiccup called, but again to no avail. Now it was only him and Toothless. The dragon hissed back at the Tarantulas as they clattered and surrounded them.

He blasted the first to approach, a blue bolt of fire pierced and incinerated the fleshy bug into ash, just as another hopped onto his back. Toothless rolled over, applying enough weight to crush the insect, and recollected himself to his feet to swat at the third with his tail.

It appeared to do little progress, all through the Hive more and more bugs began to crawl out through holes and tunnel, coming to the point of outnumbering them by hundreds. Hiccup knew it to be true that they probably couldn't win this fight, and unfortunately so did the Night Fury.

He was caught unaware as the black dragon swung around swatted him away - at first to allow him to escape while he held off the horde, and Hiccup was merely powerless to prevent himself from falling down a tunnel, he was tossed and rolled down as he could only watch the scene of Toothless fighting off numerous monsters drew farther and farther away, until he could no longer see him.