To be honest Matt thought Finn and Puck were fucking idiots. Of course, everyone generally thinks that Finn's an idiot, but Matt's pretty sure he's more of an idiot that anyone gives him credit for. Because, come on, have you seen Rachel-freaking-Berry? The girl is fucking hot, like smokin' hot. He gets why the girls are constantly picking on her, hell he's got two older sisters and two younger sisters, he's more than plenty familiar with the jealous teenage girl act, but he honestly doesn't know what the hell is wrong with the guys in the Glee club.

Maybe they're all as gay as Hummel. No, seriously, sometimes he does really wonder. Because Rachel's looking hot as hell right now singing her feelings out or whatever at Finn. How could anyone not watch Rachel sing and not want to hook up with slash date slash you know worship at her feet?

Fucking gay all of them.

Let's just take a look at the evidence okay? Because, well, you just can't call your teammates gay without backing that up with some solid proof.

We'll start with Puck and Rachel because they were actually together first and Matt was sitting right the fuck there when Puck sang to Rachel. Hello? She'd looked ready to jump him right there in front of the entire Glee club. Nobody actually knew why they'd broken up, one moment they were together and the next they were avoiding each other in the hallway. Fucking idiot. He should have fought for her; Rachel Berry was not the type of girl you let walk away from you. Okay, okay, maybe Matt was a pansy for thinking about all that fighting for girls bullshit that you saw in the movies and yeah maybe knew more about it then he let on but Mercedes had a big mouth and how was that his fault?

The Finn thing is just fucking ridiculous. There are just no other words to explain the situation. Moping over Quinn when he had Rachel? Has no one met Quinn Fabray? No, seriously. All the guys pant after her but have they ever just stopped and thought that thought process through? He just doesn't get that whole concept of being in love with her – yes Quinn's pretty in that very all-American way but she's a huge bitch who spent months being a total tease with Finn but giving it to Puck on the side? Yeah, he never got that part either.

Then to finally get together with Rachel only to ditch her for Santana and Brittany? Idiot.

So maybe the guys aren't gay – just dumb as fuck. They passed up Rachel – Rachel who wore her heart on her sleeve, and yeah sometimes was a bit crazy and a pain in the ass, but more often than not her heart was in the right place. The girl who opened her mouth and sang like no one Matt had ever heard before. We've already covered the hot part, right? That should be revisited because the girl was beautiful; years of dance had done wonders and that hair? Matt really just wanted to touch it because seriously it looked so soft.

Dumbasses, both of them.

If he doesn't make a move, doesn't that make him an even bigger idiot than both of them?

At least the other two were smart enough to at least give it a try with her. He knows enough to know that one day she was going to meet a guy that actually sees her for who she was, not for who the idiots at McKinnley painted her as. She was going to meet someone who saw that she was sweet, talented and hot as hell and they were all going to regret it.

Oh yeah, they were idiots, all of them.


A.N. Hey guys, so I've been meaning to write this since the Hell-o aired because hello did anyone other then me see the look Matt gave Rachel when she sings Give You Hell? I'm the type of person who's always watching the background characters so I've decided that I'm gonna try to do a set of oneshots like this for the rest of the season – Quinn's up next! Please, please review! I'd love you forever :) And of course I don't own Glee :(