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G Callen knew he was dying. As he lay on the floor of an abandoned warehouse, curled up into the foetal position, his body shook from the poison coursing through his veins. He'd had to go into this mission alone whilst Sam and everyone had tracked him from a distance. The last thing that he had remembered was arranging to meet his contact, Fred Watkins.

Two hours earlier.

Callen stood silently, observing all the people in Bosford national park. He was unsure who he was meeting, so he kept a well trained eye on all the people.

"G, someone coming up on your six." said Sam's voice through his ear mike.

Callen turned around and tried to look annoyed at having been kept waiting.

"I have been waiting for half an hour." he said angrily tapping his watch.

"I am sorry for the inconvenience Mr Hart, but it was a necessary precaution, we had to make sure you weren't followed." Said Fred.

"Followed by who?" asked Callen.

"Anyone who wants to stop our little deal." said Fred grinning madly. He stepped up towards him and held out his hand, as if to shake it. Callen reached forward and clasped his hand firmly around Fred's. Fred squeezed tightly, and being of bigger build than Callen, pulled him forward.

"Can't be too careful now, can we Mr Callen." said Fred angrily his eyes flashing dangerously.

Callen's eyes widen in surprise as he felt a needle jab into his neck.

"Two hours left to live." said Fred's voice before he fell into unconsciousness.

Callen glanced at his watch as he lay on the floor. Only fifty-nine minutes left. He closed his eyes and fell into nothingness.

Sam paced around the bullpen furiously. It had been an hour and fifteen minutes since he had lost Callen, and the way he was feeling he felt that he needed to punch something. The scene played out in his mind. He could only watch in dismay as Callen's contact reached out to shake his hand, pulling him close. He heard him call Callen by name, and jab something into his neck. As he and Kensi began racing towards him, he saw Callen drop to the floor. The guy bent down and picked him up, placing him into a waiting van, and by the time they had gotten there, all the found was a empty syringe and Callen's ear piece.

"Eric, anything yet?" shouted Sam

"No nothing." replied Eric's voice from the control room. " Wait a minute, yes. I've found them." he said excitedly.

Sam raced up the stairs closely followed by Kensi and Nate.

"This was picked up by a traffic cam about eighty minutes ago." said Eric as they entered the room. They all watched as the unmarked white van pulled out of traffic and into an industrial estate. They saw the van stop and two men get out. They walked to the back and opened the doors. The bigger of the two guys, pulled something out and slung it over his shoulder. With an angry scowl, Sam saw that it was Callen. The two guys and his friend moved out of the shot.

"Eric, can you follow them.?" asked Sam.

"No the traffic cam is static. I can't move it." said Eric.

"Alright do anything you can to try and locate him." said Sam. "Kensi let's go."

"Mr Hanna." said an authoritative voice behind him. He turned to see Hetty coming towards them with something in her hand. "The antidote for the poison that was in the syringe. But you have to hurry, you only have forty minutes left to give it to him." said Hetty as she passed him the phial. "Good luck."

"Thanks Hetty." said Sam pocketing the antidote as he raced to the door.

"Eric, we need a location now." said Sam frantically.

"I'm sorry, there's too many containers. I can't get a read." said Eric anxiously.

Sam couldn't believe it. They had come all this way, just to be stopped at the last hurdle. They were running out of time.

"Time." muttered Sam to himself, as he looked at his watch. "Kensi was G wearing a watch?" asked Sam hurriedly.

"What?" said Kensi in confusion.

"At the meeting, was G wearing a watch." repeated Sam.

"Yes. What's that got to do with anything?" Kensi replied.

"Eric, there's a GPS tracking device in G's watch. Turn it on." said Sam into his phone. "I got it him for Christmas one year." said Sam when he saw Kensi's raised eyebrow. " And I might have added a GPS tracker without him knowing. But you have to admit, trouble follows him around like he's a magnet. At least this way we know where he is." finished Sam.

Kensi was just going to agree with Sam, when Eric's voice came over the speaker.

"Sam he's in a container fourth row back, second from the right. It should be a red one." said Eric quickly.

"Thanks Eric." said Sam snapping his phone shut. He and Kensi raced forward, knowing that time was of the essence.

When they got to the container, Sam sighed in relief, the door only had two deadbolts but no locks. Obviously they weren't worried about anyone finding him in a yard full of containers, or him getting out. The bolts slid back with a clang and, motioning for Kensi to stand guard outside, Sam walked cautiously in. He saw a shape huddled at the back of the container. He approached wearily just in case.

"G! G, can you hear me?" asked Sam loudly. He bent down by the side of him and placed his fingers on his neck. He was startled to find no pulse.

"Kensi call 911." shouted Sam as he frantically reached for the antidote. He jabbed the needle into his neck. Tossing aside the now empty syringe, he began CPR.

Refusing to give up, even after five minutes, Sam resumed the procedure. A violent coughing had Sam giving a startled yelp and falling backwards onto his butt.

"Some Navy SEAL you are." said G hoarsely. " I scared you just by coughing." he gave a weak laugh.

"Oh man, it is good to hear your voice, even if it is making fun of me." said Sam happily.

"What happened?" asked Callen motioning to Sam to help him sit up against the container wall.

"Your contact knew who you were." said Sam as he pulled Callen up against the wall. "He injected you with poison and kidnapped you. He was going to leave you to die in this container, and believe me, there are so many containers, I didn't think that even we would find you." said Sam sitting down next to him.

"So how did you find me?" asked Callen in confusion.

"GPS tracking device in your watch." said Sam without missing a beat.

Callen opened his mouth angrily to speak, when Sam cut across him.

"G, come on man. Trouble follows you around where ever you go. it's a good job I did or you'd be dead right now." pleaded Sam.

Realising that Sam was right, he gave a slight nod and rested his head against the container wall. Trouble really did seem to follow him around.

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