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Callen didn't know how he got himself into these situations. Its not like he went around looking for trouble, it always seemed to find him. Although on the other hand, Sam would argue that Callen must have an invisible target painted on his back that only bad guys could see, and who all took great pleasure in trying to hit the bulls eye.

It had all started two days before when Eric had whistled for them to go to the OPS room. When they got there they saw Director Vance looking down at them from the view screen.

"Callen, Sam." said Director Vance in way of a greeting. "I need your help. We have been tracking a gang of thieves for some time. They go into a bank and demand money or they will blow up the building. They get their money and when they are far enough away, they blow up the bank away." said Vance. " I've sent all the footage to Eric. Try to deal with this quickly." He said before the picture cut out.

"What we got Eric?" Said Callen.

They looked to the screen as four armed men entered the bank and shot their guns into the air. Two then demanded money while the other two set up the bomb.

"They are not talking so that they can't be recognised by their voices." said Sam.

They watched as one of the thieves pointed at a woman with her two young children and then at the door. The thief pointed his gun at the woman and said "Go". They watched as the thieves and the woman and children ran out the door. Moments later the screen went blank as the bank blew up.

"They let one go." Said Callen in surprise.

"I think its most likely that we are looking at least one woman in the group or someone with very young children." Said Nate.

" Eric how many people died in the blast?" Asked Sam.

"All six employees and four customers." Said Eric in a grim voice. "Security guard survived when the blast blew him out through the door." Finished Eric.

"Alright find out who he is. Kensi, Deeks pay him a visit. Eric we need the name and address of the woman he let go." Said Callen as he and Sam headed to the door.

Sam and Callen pulled up outside a small bungalow.

"Woman's name is Elizabeth Smith, divorced two kids." Said Sam reading the information that Eric had sent them, as they walked to the door. Sam knocked and a few moments later the door was opened.

"Ms Smith? I'm Special Agent Hanna and this is Special Agent Callen. May we come in for a moment?" Asked Sam politely. The woman nodded her head and opened the door for them.

"Ms Smith, do you know why you were let go?" Asked Callen when they were sat down.

"Yes I do." Replied Elizabeth.

"Why?" Asked Sam.

"The one who let us go was my ex husband." Elizabeth replied gravely.

"What?" Asked Callen in confusion.

"I wasn't sure until I heard him speak, but when he said go, I knew it was him." Elizabeth said.

"Where is he now?" Asked Sam.

"In his apartment. 22 Maple Crest." Said Elizabeth.

"Thank you ma'am." Said Sam as they raced to the door.

Callen sat across from Harry Smith, who was glancing down at his hands. He was nervous and kept looking around, as if trying to find a way out.

"When we picked you up Mr Smith, you were preparing to leave the Country. Why?" Asked Callen.

"I knew it was only a matter of time before you found me." Replied Harry.

"You admit to planting the bombs?" Asked Sam.

"Yes." Said Harry.

" Why are you telling us this?" Asked Callen.

" I'm dying and the guys who hired me, said that all my earnings would go to my wife and kids." Said Harry. " Imagine my shock when I saw them at the bank. Luckily I was able to get them out." He paused for a moment. " Elizabeth recognised me, didn't she?"

"Yes." Said Sam.

"Please Harry, tell us where they are going next." Pleaded Callen.

"LA National bank. 4pm today." Said Harry.

"Thank you." Said Sam.

"Eric tell Kensi and Deeks to meet us at the National Bank." Said Callen.

Sam and Callen pulled up outside the bank.

"Looks quiet." Remarked Sam.

"I'll go in. You wait for back up." Said Callen as he got out of the car.

"G" shouted Sam. He waited for him to turn around before he said, " Be careful." With a nod, Callen turned and walked away. He slowly opened the door to the bank. He stepped inside and glanced around. Everything was quiet. He walked over to the teller's window.

"Excuse me ma'am." He said politely. When she looked up he discreetly held up his badge. Her eyes widened in surprise.

"I need you to go into the back and pull the fire alarm. We need to get everyone out." Said Callen. He quickly did a head count, three customers, four staff, one guard and himself. He was just about to tell Sam that everyone was coming out when a voice shouted, " Everyone down on the floor."

"Um Sam, I think we might have a problem."

Callen looked over to the teller and he whispered, "Get to the back door." He watched in relief as the four workers crawled their way to safety. " Now to just get the other four out." He thought.

"Excuse me fella's." Said Callen standing up. "In about five minutes this place will be swarming with cops. Let these people go."

" Why would we do that?" Asked the leader stepping forward.

"Cause you'll have an NCIS agent as your hostage." Said Callen.

Sam watched anxiously as people cam running out of the front door of the bank. He grabbed the nearest one and asked, " Where is the NCIS officer?"

"He offered himself as a hostage so that they would let us go." Said the woman. Sam let her go with a mumbled thanks.

Callen watched silently as the men filled their bags with the stolen money.

"You'll never get out of here." Said Callen matter of factly.

"Well we have you as a hostage." Said the leader smugly.

"The Government doesn't negotiate with terrorists." Said Callen.

"We are not terrorists." Said one of the men in surprise. " We've all been screwed over by the Government, so we are getting even by taking their money."

" You've killed ten people by trying to get even." Said Callen angrily.

"Its about to be eleven." Said the man smirking.

Sam had spent the last ten minutes arguing with Kensi and Deeks to try to get into the bank, so that he could help Callen. He turned towards the bank, fully intending to go in, regardless of what they said, when to his horror it blew up.

"G!" Shouted Sam running to the building, followed closely by Kensi and Deeks. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the three men trying to escape, but they were brought down roughly by the police. Sam entered the building. It was thick with smoke.

"G." Shouted Sam again, as he was searching through the rubble.

"Over here." Shouted Deeks.

Sam raced over and knelt down, he carefully picked the debris off of G.

"He's unconscious but alive. It doesn't look like he's got any broken bones. Just a concussion." Said Deeks pointing to a large gash on the back of G's head.

"Lets get him out of here." Said Sam as he bent down and picked his partner of the floor. " Call Hetty, let her know what's going on, and that we caught the bad guys." He said to Kensi.

Callen woke to a steady beeping sound. Even before he opened his eyes he knew where he was.

"Come on sleeping beauty, open them baby blues." Said a cheerful voice next to him.

He slowly opened his eyes and glanced towards Sam

"What happened?" He croaked.

"You got blown up." Said Sam with a scowl. " Not that I'm complaining, but how did you survive the blast?" Asked Sam.

"I pulled over one of those heavy tables and hid behind that. Although the blast did knock me backwards into the wall." Said Callen rubbing his head.

"I'm glad your ok." Said Sam quietly.

"Yeah me too, it definitely was a close one." Said Callen.

"You know." Said Sam with a smile, "Trouble really does seem to follow you around."

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