Jim Kirk bolted up in bed before his mind really caught up with the action. The communication console next to his bed was beeping annoyingly as he rubbed a hand over his face. A glance at the holo time display showed it was halfway through third shift. Ugh, an ungodly hour for him to be woken.

"Yeah, Kirk here," he answered while sitting up to swing his feet over the edge of the bed and leaning forward to prop his elbows on his knees.

"Captain, you are needed on the bridge."

Grabbing a Starfleet issue hoodie that was on the floor next to the bed and slipping on his slippers he left his quarters. Experience told him that the bridge only called him if it was very important; especially during the third shift. The officer's quarter's hallway was quiet and the lights overhead were dimmed to conserve energy. As he walked down the hallway sensors at shin level detected his movement and brightened the lights as he walked. Once activating the next sensor the previous one dimmed the lights back to nighttime levels. It conserved energy and helped the crew differentiate between day and night.

Stepping onto the turbo lift and selecting bridge, he pulled the hoodie on and tugged it into place just as the doors opened.

"What have we got?" he asked and glanced around at the skeleton crew as he walked to his chair and sat on the edge.

"Our sensors are picking up a strange disturbance. The computers can't accurately determine what it is," a young ensign said as he manipulated the panel in front of him.

"Where is it?"

"Directly ahead."

"All stop and put it on the screen," he ordered and stood from the chair to take a few steps forward.

He crossed his arms across his chest and stared at the screen in front of him. Even dressed in his pajama clothes he still cut an iconic image that Starfleet did their best to promote as the new face of Starfleet. Enlistment had jumped significantly after the whole Nero and Narada event and the Enterprise crew had become celebrities.

The screen showed blackness with an occasional star in the distance. The computer was overlying the image of where the disturbance was located and measuring the size and denseness of the disturbance.

"I want a thermal and plasma scan. Someone get Spock up here. He's going to do his time as Chief Science Officer."

Kirk felt a faint tremor run up his legs and through his body. His breathing paused as he focused on the sensations running up his legs. Everyone else must have felt it because an uneasy silence fell over the bridge as they looked around warily at each other.

"Put us in reverse using thrusters only. Any readings yet on what it is?" Kirk asked as a shape started to take form on the screen.

"Readings are off the charts in negative ions and neutral bariums. Everything is telling me it might be an allurium energy pulse. The computer is signaling a ninety-six percent assurance that it is an allurium energy pulse."

"Alert all departments. I don't want any systems to short circuit and lose valuable data." Kirk saw Spock step onto the bridge in solid black of off duty clothing. "Alert the science department and engineering specifically. Tell them to shut things down if they have to that may be on. We only have about forty-five seconds until that pulse fully forms and hits us. I want to be able to shut off all power to the ship before the pulse hits us and save what we can."

Spock nodded and went to the nearest panel. Another tremor danced through the Enterprise but stronger this time. Kirk lowered himself into his chair and brought up his own display to cut power to the entire ship.

"Issue a ship wide collision alert. Some people are going to be shaken out of bed tonight," Kirk ordered as his gaze danced between the main screen and his personal screen at his chair.

"Would shields help?"

Kirk glanced at the young ensign seated at the helm. His eyes held a spark of excitement but also a bit of fear. He was new to the ship; obviously had not been subjected to Kirk's off-ship debacles.

"Enacting shields is not recommended. An allurium energy pulse has been known to badly damage active equipment. It is preferred to allow the pulse to pass us and sustain minimal damage than possibly be entirely without shields," Spock answered and Kirk looked from Spock back to the helmsman.

"What he said."

"Pulse will reach us in fifteen seconds."

The collision alarm was sounding loudly as the bridge crew watched the phenomenon on the screen. They could see material now churning within the ribbon shape. Wide assortments of colors were being refracted from materials. The churning became more violent with each passing second.

"Be prepared to cut all dilithium power on my mark," Kirk said calmly as his fingers tapped out the seconds.

The ensign started counting down at ten and everyone found something to hold onto.



"Now!" Kirk barked and the Enterprise went completely dark and silent.

The tremors that had started out as gentle now became violent. A shock wave tore through the massive ship, knocking out panels and breaking a few pipes. They could hear a few metallic groans coming from the ship's structure. But a few minutes later the groans ceased and all was quiet again.

"Begin powering up sequence."

The lights flickered on and then the ship hummed back to life. The computer immediately started cataloguing damages and mechanical failures. The third shift crew members started dealing with computer issues as Spock looked over reports.

"Captain, initial scans report no debilitating damage. Minor damage throughout the ship as well as minor injuries from the vibrations. The allurium energy pulse has passed us by," Spock said and Kirk sighed softly.

Kirk had only read about pulse clouds. The texts never offered what the best course would be whenever you came across one. Hopefully his course was not too damaging. The reports so far were suggesting that they had escaped the brunt of the possible damaging. Leaning against his arm rest he hit and held the button for a ship wide announcement.

"This is Captain Kirk. I apologize for jolting you out of bed. An allurium energy pulse just passed us by. I want alpha shift crew members to run diagnostics on their department systems at beginning of shift. Kirk out."

He released the button and glanced at Spock. "Hope I didn't wake you."

"Negative Captain. My rest cycle had come to an end and I was simply catching up on some science texts when the ensign paged me."

The communication panel on his chair beeped and he tapped the screen. "Kirk here."

"Uh Captain, I think ya better come on down ta sick bay."

"Is everything all right Mr. Scott?"

"I'll let ya decide on that."


"Yaxley, be sure ta shut down tha transporter system!" Scotty yelled as he shut down the hydrolic system.

Once finding out what they were faced with Scotty immediately started shutting down primary and secondary functions. He knew what an allurium energy pulse could do to a starship's active system. His classmates and he had discussed ideas of how to handle them while they were in classes. Of course the whole incident with Archer's beagle had changed that.

"Transporter mainframe not responding!"

"I'm goin to tha transporter room! I'll shut it down from there!" he yelled and sprinted down the metal gangplank.

Sliding down metal staircases, he exploded into the white hallways and ran towards the transporter room. Skidding around a corner, he slowed as the door hissed open. Immediately tapping the touch panel, he started shutting down the interface.

"Come on, come one. Almost there," he muttered and urged his fingers to move faster.

Before he could complete the sequence, an explosion of sparks from the unit showered him. Crouching against the wall and covering his head he heard the transporter kick on and cycle through before the room went dark and silent. It was silent for several seconds as Scotty became aware that someone else was in the room with him. The lights started coming on and he slowly uncovered his head.

"What did you short circuit now, Perkins?"

Scotty looked up in shock at the voice. Slowly standing up, he looked over the top of the control panel. Standing on one of the transporter hubs was a young looking woman. She wore black slacks and a Starfleet regulation black top with silver shoulders. The uniform was a modified version of what Starfleet personnel wore around the ship. Her brunette hair was a tight cut, almost mannish looking. Her posture implied she was accustomed to getting respect upon the ship but there was also a softening around the edges that only women could impart.

Coming out from behind the control panel, he stared at her for a moment before she noticed him. She looked at him surprised then confused.

"Scotty, I'm surprised to see you. I thought Cotton was sending me back to the Hawkeye. You've lost some weight. I told you it was all those sandwiches," she said and stepped off the transporter pad.

"I'm sorry…I'm a little lost. Who are you?" he asked slowly.

Now closer he could see that the hair was pulled into a tight French braid. He guessed her age to be around mid thirties.

"Real funny Scotty. We saw each other last night remember. I didn't think you had that much ale. Apparently I was wrong." When that didn't trigger any recognition she stared at him blankly before speaking again. "I'm Captain Sabrina Hemen of the USS Hawkeye. Remember now?"

"I've never heard of the USS Hawkeye and I know of all the ships in Starfleet," Scotty replied as the communication speaker beeped.

"This is Captain Kirk. I apologize for jolting you out of bed. An allurium energy pulse just passed us by. I want alpha shift crew members to run diagnostics on their department systems at beginning of shift. Kirk out."

The color drained from the woman's face and her eyes widened as she looked from the speaker to Scotty.

"What ship am I on? What's the star date?"

"This is the USS Enterprise. Star date is 2260.43," he answered as her left hand came up to gently touch her bottom lip.

Scotty watched as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she started to collapse. If Scotty was a little quicker or actually less confused he might have tried to catch her. Instead he watched as she hit the floor unconscious.

"Oh bloody hell," he muttered and bent to pick up the woman.

Carrying her, Scotty hurried towards the medical bay. The hallways were still virtually empty and he made it there in record time. The set of double doors slid open and the medicinal smell washed over him. The main medical room had an access terminal in the center and against the immediate walls were medical beds. Past the access terminal were three clear doors that lead to quarantine, supplies or surgery. Most of the beds were vacant except for one where M'Benga stood examining a crew member with a bloody head. He glanced over his shoulder and nodded at Scotty.

"Pick a bed Mr. Scott. I'll be right with you."

"It's not me Doc. It's this woman," he said and laid her on a bio-bed.

M'Benga called over a nurse and had her finish with the crew member. Snapping off his gloves as he walked towards the other bio-bed, M'Benga looked her over but didn't see any obvious wounds.

"I don't see any wounds or injuries. What happened?"

"I was trying ta shut down tha transporter interface before tha pulse hit us. As I was about ta finish tha sequence somethin short circuited. Tha transporter engaged and this woman appeared. She said her name is Sabrina Hemen and she's tha captain of tha USS Hawkeye."

M'Benga nodded as he started a bio-bed scan. As the bone structure image appeared his eyes narrowed before stepping closer to the screen. Tapping the screen, he zoomed in on the right forearm.

"Katen, page McCoy," M'Benga called as he cued other scans and tests.

"What is it, Doc?" Scotty asked as the doctor rubbed his cheek.

"This woman's right forearm looks like it had been shattered; past the point where the bone regenerator could work. But this forearm has been rebuilt from a material I don't recognize."

Scotty nodded slowly and remembered the woman's expression after hearing the star date and what ship she was on. Reaching out he tapped the communication panel.

"Scotty to bridge."

"Kirk here."

"Uh Captain, I think ya better come on down ta sick bay."

"Is everything all right Mr. Scott?"

"I'll let ya decide on that."