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Summary: Before Naraku could die, he made certain Inuyasha wouldn't live either. But death is only the beginning. When Inuyasha died, his death caused a few changes some for the good and for the bad and for the in between. I hate summaries lol. Enjoy!


Chapter 1: Recovery

Kagome stared down at the large piece of jewel in her hand. It was almost completed. The only thing left to do was destroy Naraku and take his other portion of the jewel, then…

Kagome looked at Inuyasha who was still recovering from the wounds he had received from a recent battle. Once the jewel was completed, Inuyasha would use it to become a full demon.

She sighed sadly. She loved him the way he was but he really wanted to change and well- she would support his decision.

She glanced at the jewel again. The stupid thing had caused more pain than pleasure to anyone who possessed it. Kikyo had died because of it, Inuyasha had been pinned to the Goshinboku tree for 50 years because of it and Naraku had claimed the lives of so many humans like Sango's brother, Kohaku because of the stupid Shikon No Tama.


She looked up and saw Inuyasha staring at her. "Yes? Are you still in pain?" She got up and went to him.

"This is nothing but a scratch," he shrugged her off. "I'm fine."

Kagome sighed. 'He's always trying to act so tough. Why can't he see that it's okay to show a little weakness, at least to his friends?'

"How's the jewel?" he asked.

'This stupid jewel always takes precedence over me in his mind,' she thought angrily. 'It's always 'how's the jewel' or 'where's the next jewel shard?' It's always jewel this, jewel that.'

"It's fine," she said showing him the piece they had gathered. It was a culmination of Kohaku's shard, Kouga's two shards and other shards they had found. It hadn't been easy getting Kouga's shards. He had fought Inuyasha mercilessly; this was why Inuyasha was recovering from extensive wounds right now. However, Kohaku's shard hadn't been too hard to retrieve. He had wanted to die so that he didn't hurt anyone anymore and Sango had understood that and so she had took it from his back and he died in her arms.

It still made Kagome cry whenever she thought of Sango's brother dying. But at least he could be at peace; at least his soul could now rest. Sango and Miroku were at the Slayer's Village now, burying him. Kagome had wanted to be with her, but Sango had told her that time was winding down and that they had to act quickly. Sango had told them to get Kouga's shards because Naraku would go after Kouga next and kill him. And so they did.

"Naraku's piece of the shard is way larger than ours," Inuyasha said as he stared at the portion in Kagome's hand.

Kagome nodded. She didn't care. All she wanted was for Naraku to die and the jewel to disappear and never come back to harm anyone again.

"He'll be coming after us soon, Kagome."

She nodded again. "Yes, we already got Kouga's shards. So it'll only be us he's coming after next. Let's hope he doesn't come until you're fully recovered. You'll need all your strength to defeat him."


She looked at him and there in his eyes was a plea. He wanted her to do something. She knew what he wanted. She'd never give him it.

"No." she said and got up to walk away from him.

"You have to leave." He shouted at her. "This place is going to get more dangerous than ever! Naraku could strike at any moment. I want you gone from here!"

She turned to look at him. "I'm not leaving. Not now. Not until Naraku is dead."

Inuyasha struggled to get up. His left leg and arms were broken and he had a massive wound in his stomach where Kouga had kicked him, other than that he was okay enough to go to her.

"Kagome, listen to me," he said with a plea. "Kagome, Naraku knows that my first priority is to keep you safe. Miroku and Sango are not here to protect you."

"I can-"

"You can protect yourself," he cut her off. "I know you can but that doesn't stop me from worrying about you."

Kagome gasped as he pulled her into his arms. "Kagome, don't you understand? With you here, my attention is split in two. If I'm going to defeat Naraku I have to be at full attention."

Tears sprung to her eyes. "You're saying I'm a hindrance,"

"Kagome," he held her even tighter, not caring that his arms were throbbing in pain. "If you are safe, I can fight without worry. You're not a hindrance to me. You give me strength and knowing that you are safe will make me even stronger."

Kagome inhaled shakily. "I understand,"

He pulled from her to look at her. "Do you?'

She nodded. "I'll go, Inuyasha but only when I know that you are healed up properly. This would be the best time for Naraku to strike us, but I don't think he will.

He swallowed the lump in his throat and gave her a stiff nod.

They had heard of a recent fight Naraku had with another demon. That demon had the power to extract another demon's energy with its poison spears. Naraku had fought that demon, and was wounded greatly, but in the end the demon had been absorbed by Naraku. However, absorbing that demon had poisoned Naraku as well and it was said that Naraku was recovering as well. Inuyasha estimated that Naraku's recovery would take at least two weeks. Inuyasha would already be healed up and prepared to battle by then.

"Two weeks Kagome," Inuyasha told her. "In two weeks you will go home and you won't come back until I come for you."

"But suppose-"

He put a clawed finger over her lips to hush her. "Don't think ahead of that."

Kagome nodded and rested her head on his shoulder. "Everything's coming to an end real fast, eh Inuyasha?"

"Yes," he rubbed her head with his palm.

"But we'll be okay," Kagome said as she closed her eyes. "I know we will."

Two Weeks Later

Miroku and Sango had been back from the Slayer's Village now for about three days and they were both prepared to fight Naraku with Inuyasha. Kagome, on the other hand, had made certain that Inuyasha was also in perfect condition to fight Naraku. She made sure he ate well and regularly. She watched him as he trained and gave him suggestions. She had made sure he slept enough so that he was always energized and she always slept beside him.

Kagome had told Kaede to take Shippo and move to the closest village nearby. They knew Naraku would come to them so they decided to wait until he did. It was nighttime now and Kagome was already packed and prepared to leave. She had given Kaede, Shippo and the other villagers a tearful goodbye and now she had to tell Sango, Miroku, Kirara and Inuyasha farewell.

Tears came to her eyes as she hugged Miroku and Sango and rubbed Kirara's head.

"Be safe Kagome," Sango said tearfully.

"I'll be more than safe in my time," Kagome told her as the tears streamed down her face. "I want you all to fight hard and don't die."

"We can't promise you that, Lady Kagome," Miroku gave her a soft smile. "But we promise to try not to succumb to Naraku."

She sniffed and nodded.

"Are you ready now, Kagome?" Inuyasha asked.

She looked at him. He already had her yellow backpack in her hand. He was so ready for her to leave. She felt another tear drop. "I am."

He walked out; she followed after telling Miroku and Sango goodbye once more.

They were silent. What could they say at a time like this? Kagome felt her body begin to shake as they neared the Goshinboku tree, they would soon reach the Bone Eater's Well.

She inhaled shakily as she wrapped her arms around herself. "Inuyasha?"

He looked at her. "What is it?"

She stopped walking suddenly. Her heart began to pound in her chest. Her eyes widened in shock.

Inuyasha noticed Kagome's fear instantly. He dropped her bag and went to her. "Kagome? What is it?"

"N- N- Naraku's coming," she said to him.

"Shit." Inuyasha picked her up and began sprinting toward the well. He would drop her in and she'd be safe. Since he always carried Tetsusaiga with him he was more than prepared to run Naraku through.

But it was too late.

Inuyasha reached the well and there, standing before it was…


"And where were you going so fast, Inuyasha?" The menacing voice asked. "You weren't thinking of sending that miko of yours home, were you?"

Inuyasha put Kagome down and pulled out his Tetsusaiga. 'What to do? Kagome's in danger here. If I can get Naraku far away from the well then Kagome could leave and be safe.'

"Naraku, prepare to die. Your ass is mine," Inuyasha growled angrily.

He turned to Kagome. "I'm going to get him away from the well, you get there when you get the chance and leave."

She nodded and Inuyasha ran toward Naraku swinging his massive sword. Naraku jumped into the air. Inuyasha jumped onto the rim of the well, jumped up and with a spin, he slashed his sword into Naraku's side.

Naraku laughed as his miasma sprayed from his body. Inuyasha flipped down but found that Naraku was still too close to the well. Kagome would have to wait a little longer. Inuyasha attacked again, his movements were so fluid and fast, Kagome could hardly see them.

'Come on Inuyasha,' she thought as she watched Inuyasha fight. Since she always had her bow and arrow she readied it just in case she would have to use it. 'As soon as Naraku moves away far enough I'll go to the well and jump in.'

Naraku knew what Inuyasha was planning. It was too obvious that Inuyasha would want his miko somewhere safe. Naraku had never seen Kagome go through the well, but he did see her come out of it on occasion. Obviously, the miko could pass through time when in the well.

He wanted to absorb her powers as well. But first, he would have to taint her so that her pure blood would not purify him. The poison he had absorbed from the spear demon in his previous battle would be the best one to poison the miko. And Inuyasha's powers would be a great addition to his own. Naraku knew exactly how he would act.

Inuyasha wasn't shocked when Naraku moved in Kagome's direction. Kagome, being the intelligent woman he knew ran off into the forest, the trees should hinder Naraku's movement. Inuyasha went after Naraku and grabbed him behind the neck. Inuyasha ran his sword through Naraku's back. Naraku dropped to the ground.

'Dammit,' he thought as he revised his plan. 'I should kill Inuyasha first and then go after the miko who would be defenseless against me.'

"You should pay more attention to your opponent, Naraku," Inuyasha snarled at him. "Leave Kagome out of this, this is between me and you."

Naraku snickered again as the hole in his back regenerated. He got up and stared at Inuyasha. "You're wrong Inuyasha, this is between all of us. And when I kill you, I'm going to poison your precious Kagome and absorb her tainted miko blood."

Kagome gasped when she heard his plans.

"Kagome! Go into the well!"

Kagome sprinted off. 'This could be the last time I'll see Inuyasha.' She thought and so she turned to look at him.

The fight had started again and it was obvious Inuyasha wasn't wasting any more time. She recognized Inuyasha's backlash wave and knew that it would not be enough to kill Naraku, he would need more power.

Kagome pulled out her bow and arrow and aimed it at Naraku.

"DIE NARAKU!" Inuyasha shouted. "BACKLASH WAVE!"

"Hit the mark!" Kagome shot her purifying arrow at once and suddenly, another arrow appeared.

Shocked, Kagome looked at where it came from. It was Kikyo. She was on the other side of the fight, closer to Naraku and she was injured extensively. Kagome didn't know how Kikyo had gotten those wounds and at the moment, she honestly didn't care. She looked back at the fight.

Inuyasha had unleashed his Adamant Barrage. It was a powerful technique that shot massive shards of diamond into his opponent. Naraku's screams pierced the air. Kagome pulled out another arrow and shot him again, so did Kikyo.

Then suddenly, Sango's Horaikotsu with Miroku's staff shot through the air and sliced through Naraku's side. Kagome saw them both prepared to help in the fight.

But it was over.

At least- she thought it was.

Inuyasha prepared to use his final attack; an attack that was meant to finish off Naraku. It was the first attack he had ever learnt to use against an enemy.

Inuyasha's energy flowed around Tetsusiaga and Kagome watched as Inuyasha ran toward the battered and half-dead Naraku. He jumped into the air and shouted, "WIND SCAR!"

Kagome felt the air leave her body when Naraku's hand shot out a second before Inuyasha's attack and a spear shot from it.

It was that demon's spear. The spear that could absorb a demon's energy and then poison the demon until the demon died.

Kagome screamed as the spear pierced through Inuyasha's torso and flung him back. Inuyasha yelled out as he was tossed back by the spear and suddenly, the spear pierced into the Goshinboku tree, pinning Inuyasha to it.

Naraku, on the other hand cackled into the night as Inuyasha's Windscar finished him for good. The jewel shard Naraku possessed flew into the air only to drop before Kikyo's feet.

Kikyo didn't care about it, but she did pick it up. She watched as Kagome, ran directly to Inuyasha who was pinned by a massive spear in the Goshinboku tree.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome went to him. She climbed the humongous roots of the Sacred Tree and just as she was about to touch the spear he shouted at her.


Kagome stumbled back and watched as Inuyasha grabbed the spear and attempted to pull it from his torso. It wouldn't budge. Tears drained down her face as a black toxin began to appear.

"Inuyasha, we have to pull it out!" She cried.

Miroku and Sango went to her. "Kagome, humans can't touch the spear," Miroku said covering his mouth and nose.

"It's a demonic spear that will poison any human that touches it and kill them instantly," Sango had on her mask so she put a hand across Kagome face and began to pull her back. "The toxin will also kill us if we inhale it."

"Kagome! You guys just leave!" Inuyasha ground out as he continued trying to pull it out.

Miroku began helping Sango pull Kagome away. Kagome thrashed and cried as they distanced themselves from Inuyasha.

"No!" Kagome screamed. "We have to help him."

"There's nothing you can do."

Kagome's head snapped to the injured miko. "Kikyo…"

Kikyo looked at Inuyasha from where they stood. "He's going to die this time. Permanently."

Kagome crumpled to the ground as the words hit her. She shook her head. "No! He can't die! Inuyasha! You can't die!" She screamed.

"He will die," Kikyo said as she pulled out Naraku's portion of the jewel. "Here".

Kagome didn't want it. Kikyo dropped it in front of her.

"It's your responsibility now," Kikyo told her as she walked toward Inuyasha.

"Kikyo!" Miroku called out. "Stop that toxin will kill you."

She gave him a soft smile. "Monk. Have you forgotten that I'm already dead?" She turned from him and continued to walk.

Kagome watched in shock and jealousy as Kikyo went to the hanyou she wanted to go to most but couldn't. Tears streamed down her face.

"They belong together. They're going to die together just as she wanted." Kagome felt her body begin to shake rapidly. "They'll be together in the afterlife just as she had planned from the beginning."

"Kagome," Sango tried to console her but for Kagome, there was no consolation for this twisted fate.

"I can't go to him," Kagome sniffed. "There's nothing I can do but watch as she goes to him. They were meant to be together and I'm such a fool I actually believed that maybe, maybe there was a way for me to be with Inuyasha forever."

"Lady Kagome," Miroku whispered as pain shot through him when he heard her words.

"I'm such a fool," Kagome's bent her head as the tears wracked her body.

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