Need You?

Dedicated to my best friend who actually likes my writing and will keep this story from being incomplete because she just wants a story to read and to all of us who sometimes don't have an idea in our head at the time. And to girls to stop being saved! No more damsels in destress.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach. I wish I did and that's all I can say.

Intro: Rukia is tired of being saved and yet she's kidnapped again and in the end she saves herself but needed Ichigo there for her. Your standard love story with some twists. RukIchi.

I. Ichigo and Rukia

Things were quiet, so quiet that Rukia knew everyday that something bad was going to happen. Ichigo knew she was concerned about something but his intuition didn't tell him a thing. The rest of Ichigo's family was just happy to see her.

They had returned from the… well they had forgotten how many times she had been kidnapped and she was getting angry. "I am not a weakling!! I am a division 13 shinigami. Why does everyone target me?!"

"Because they can take you. They have taken others Rukia, I mean you're a shinigami and a Kuchiki so that warents your kidnapping. That and you commited crimes against soul society the first time." Ichigo said in an calm manner.

"Ichigo, next time… no. If I happen to get kidnapped stay out of it." She grabbed his shirt and pulled him to her eyelevel. Ichigo looked confused.

"No way!" He yelled at her.





"Ahhh!" They both screamed in frustration. After a while he sighed.


"Yes Ichigo." She said.

"I'll try. I know how I'd feel if I was being saved. It aggravates me and I don't think you're weak, I know better." He gave her a confident smile. "I just don't want to promise then have to break it if you truly need me."

"Ichigo, that is the smartest thing you've said in a while." She hugged him thanking her for, if the time comes, a chance to prove herself.

That was a while ago. Things between them were great. She was finally at a normal level of spirit energy which meant she could leave her gigai and fight with the others. It felt good to be herself again, to use her sword and all it's techniques.

She liked to show off now that she was back. Ichigo actually didn't mind, he liked her better happy than angry. He had a feeling if he tried to fight her he'd be in for one surprise.

For the longest time she had been limited because at the beginning, when they met, she gave him her powers. She intended it for some but he took most of it leaving her weak and defenseless. Well she had kidos but they didn't compare to being able to leave a gigai and use her zanpacto's abilities.

She was angry at him a long time for that but then she forgave him. It taught her that she was weak, and she needed to get strong. She trained herself a lot of the time and fought Renji for practice. She couldn't fight Ichigo, she'd get distracted and probably hurt herself.

She and Ichigo tried not to fight. She liked to say there were a good week or two when they didn't fight. They could easily go four day without fighting, making it a whole week was nice.

They had one huge fight. It was late at night and she wrote a note to Ichigo. She took some of her stuff, leaving others. She wouldn't need it in Soul Society. She looked over him and kissed his head, "Bye Ichigo."

She made it to the kitchen when his dad stopped it. "My third daughter, how are you? Midnight stroll?"

"Actually I'm going home."

"How long?"

"I don't know. It's where I belong. My brother is angry I'm gone."

"Why'd you come?" She thought about it. Why did she? The battles were over, hollows showed up every few months and Ichigo could handle that.

"I was sick and I needed to get better." She said with some confidence. "I am better so I should return."

"You two come and go a lot. I don't know why but I think that you'd be better off staying." Isshin said.

"It's not my place." She bowed and then smiled at him. "Thank you Dad." She turned around walked out the door, but before she could close it.

"It'll kill him." She laughed.

"Nothing kills Ichigo. Many have tried."

"Those close to us can kill us easier and more painfully and slowly than any enemy ever could." His dad said.

"Then I pray that does not happen." She had to go, any longer and she would have stayed.

She didn't make it around the corner, not even 500 feet when he landed next to her. "Rukia, where are you going?"

Ichigo's eyes were hurt. He knew where. "Home ,Ichigo. I'm going home. Where I belong."

"You don't belong there. You know that!" He said angered. "This is your home, with me and my family. We're not the ones who tried to kill you!"

"Not all in soul society did. That whole world is where I belong." She didn't raise her voice but he had to go, before she cried.

"It's not. Not anymore." He said still loudly and with anger.

"I'm a soul Ichigo, living in a gigai. I'm meant to be there, free!"

"We're all souls in gigai Rukia!" She laughed, he was right. Bodies are just like gigai. It was funny to hear him talk figuratively.

"I died a long time ago Ichigo. I need to go where the souls are dead. I'm dead Ichigo." He stepped back. He never saw her like that, not in a million years. He was shocked but he wasn't going to give in.

He grabbed her in her shock. He pressed her head against his chest. "Listen." He said it quietly and she did. She could hear the thumping of his heart, it was constant. "I think I'm a gigai too. It doesn't get faster or slower, it's always at this pace. If you're dead than I am too." He put his head on her chest now. He'd be slapped later but he had a point to prove.

"You haven't died Ichigo."

"I did but I kept my real body around. It's not the same anymore. Your heart it beats just like mine." She could feel her pulse, her heart beating.

"We're both alive Rukia. Stay here with me."

"Ichigo. I can't!"

"I'll get in trouble!!"

"I'll take care of anyone who dares try and take you back." He would, and she knew it as well. To his dying breath he would fight for her. That was enough to speed up someone's heart.

She knew of countless shinigami who gave up the life in the 13 divisions for a live in the human world. Youroichi, Urahara, and some other traitors. She didn't want to go. So she cried. She was torn, and she cried. "Why did you have to make this so hard!"

"Because you were leaving. I just can't let you go!"

"Why not Ichigo?!"

"Because I want you here. You can leave me!" He paused to blush. "My family and our friends."

"They're my family too Ichigo. Your dad made that much clear. I have to go!!"

She made a run for it but he was so fast she ran into him and he just held her. She cried. He picked her up bridal style and carried her back. She couldn't do it. She didn't talk to him for weeks, not a word. She pretended she was fine around everyone else but she wouldn't forgive him that easy.

It was the biggest fight they ever had. It wasn't violent or angry but it was serious. She never even considered leaving anymore. But she felt like a caged bird.

Then after a few weeks he tackled her to the ground. He just stayed on top of her, smirking in his way and it annoyed her. They were at school and everyone was watching. He was just waiting for her to do something, say something hopefully. "Ichigo?" She said with a smile.

"Yes Rukia?"

"Would you please get off of me?" He should have seen that, she was the cute school girl here. They wouldn't fight seriously here.

"Oh, sorry, sure." He said with the same fake smile that graced her lips. He was shocked when she hugged him.

"Outside now." Her smile said she was happy and forgave him, the tone said angry, it was in a hushed wisper.

They went on the rooftop and Rukia hit him hard. "You want to fight?" He responded.

"No. I want you to NOT RUIN MY LIFE." She was angry but she was working on not crying.


"Don't Rukia me Ichigo. I stayed, you got what you want that's all that matters doesn't it!" She was upset.

"Rukia…" He walked up to her and held her. "Don't be upset. I'm selfish and someone should have killed me by now because I'm arrogant and deserve to die. But."

"But?" He voice was silent, calm.

"As long as I'm around I want you around. I'll fight anyone for you if that's what it takes." She then cried in his arms. They didn't go back to class, they just left.

She forgave him after that because she knew that she wanted him there too. She owed him so much, yet it was his fault… it was their burden to share. She gave him her powers, a crime, and he was the one who got in the way and stole them. It would have been simpler if he was like every other human but… she would never be happy. She would go through everything to be happy.

She knew after that day she wouldn't leave. She couldn't. Everything inside of her would break. She couldn't hurt him, even if that meant she had to hurt. She had met so many people, souls and shinigami alike but no one was like him. She liked that.

They were better than ever now. She wouldn't go and they'd have fun with the friends and his family. Nothing could touch the happiness they had. That's what she sincerely believed. She was happy and wanted to be that way forever because she never had a chance to live, to breathe like she did now. She was dead and living. She had to thank him though she would not. He wouldn't understand it. "Why are you saying thank you, Rukia?" Like she was an idiot. She laughed. He'd roll his eyes and smile but ignore her. That, that was annoying.