XIII Epilogue

"Momo, come on!" Rukia yelled as they were rushing from store to store in the mall.

"What's the rush Rukia?"

"I only have a few hours to get ready!" Rukia responded.

Ichigo and Rukia had decided that they would be taking major positions in soul society the following years, their only rule, they could be together for all missions and they got the summer to be with his family. Soul Society could care less and was glad to have their talent.

Rukia was packing up things to take back to Soul Society in the last few hours she needed to buy more. "When are you going to wear all this?" Momo asked.

"I don't know… next summer…" Rukia said, checking her clock. "Oh no, we're going to be late for our celebration!" Rukia quickly checked out and returned to the house.

"You're late. What were you doing?" Ichigo asked her.

His dad hit him. "Never mind him Rukia, I hope you enjoy your time away. See you next summer. You'll be missed, thank you for everything." She nodded and took Ichigo's hand.

"Where's Toshiro?"

"Here I am." Toshiro was sitting on the couch watching TV. "I'm surprised you were late Momo."

"It really is my fault Hitsugaya." Rukia responded.

"Whatever, so what now."

"Dinner!" Yuzu said calling them all into the kitchen.

They all sat at the table and ate talking about their plans for the next year. Rukia and Ichigo would be working together, as normal making sure that things were normal for soul society. Any abnormalities were there job. It was a boring job most of the time but if something did happen, it was the most exciting thing and they got to do it.

"We're going to go to this club and party tonight." Rukia said. "It's a tradition."

"Rukia, it's not a tradition, we did it once." She looked at him and shrugged.

They went into the dance hall and Momo was very uncomfortable with what Rukia had picked out for as well as all the people dancing. "I like the music. What is it?" Toshiro asked her.

"Techno…" Rukia answered smiling. "Come on Ichigo, let's dance." Ichigo couldn't even answer before he was pulled away.

"Hey, who let that kid in!" A bouncer said going after Toshiro.

"Excuse you, I am 18." Toshiro had been told by Rukia to be 18. He was 130-some and did not appreciate being treated as a child.

Thankfully Soul Society created identities so that when you were in the real world you could pass as any other human, even if you were Toshiro and could pass for 12 in reality. Height had nothing to do with it. "Oh… he's a midget… I'm sorry sir."

"I AM NOT A MIDGET." Momo took his hand.

"He's short, that's all. He's not short enough to be a midget of course." She smiled at the gentleman, kindly.

"Toshiro, don't cause problems." She said, trying to get him to ignore them. "Dance with me?" She asked.

"No," he said strongly.

"Please, come on Toshiro. Have fun. Rukia told us to relax and enjoy ourselves. You know what she'll do if you're not."

"Something ridiculous and childish I'm sure." He responded, and sighed in defeat. "Fine, let's go."

Meanwhile Rukia and Ichigo were having fun randomly dancing to the music. "Having fun?"

"Yeah," he answered, dancing with her. "So this is our tradition?"

"You bet."

"Weird tradition,"

"It's fun. That's the best kind."

At the end of the night they went to Urahara's to leave through the gateway. "That was fun." Momo said.

"I guess it wasn't too bad." Toshiro commented.

"I'm glad you like it, Ichigo had fun." Ichigo shrugged and as when they got through Momo and Toshiro went to their respective divisions.

"I'll see you soon Ichigo." Rukia told him.

"Yeah, you will." Ichigo said, he leaned over and kissed her. "Don't do anything stupid."

"I'll try not to." She answered, rolling her eyes. She smiled. "Bye Ichigo."

"Bye Rukia." They turned and parted in the same way that Momo and Toshiro had, not looking back, only looking on to the future.

- The Next Morning -

"Ms. Kuchiki…" a shinigami said knocking on her door.

"What!" Rukia answered.

"Rukia, there are a bunch of adjuchas headed our way through the gate." Ichigo said pushing through the doors into her room.

"Get out!" She yelled at him.

"Fine, but hurry up." He waited outside the door and quickly she ran passed him. She stopped and looked behind her.

"Coming?" He was beside her.

"Of course,"

The hollows were no match for Ichigo and Rukia. She would freeze them and he would destroy them. It was teamwork in the best form. "So is this how it's going to be?" She asked him.

"If you want, tired of me?"

"No, I think this is great."

"It is isn't it? It worked out. I don't to fight all of soul society to get you back. I get a place in both worlds, respect and all it cost me is my years."

"What would you do on earth anyway? More school?" she asked.

"Probably. I get paid plently for this anyway." He answered. "We do one of these missions and we're set for the month. It's nice. No college or trade schools."

"I went to the Academy, it wasn't that bad… it is forever in human years though."

"I'm sure but it's important you're well prepared and trained for it." He answered. "I'm just a natural." She hit him.

"Shut up, if it wasn't for me you'd be nothing."

"So would you, so I wouldn't talk." She stuck out her tongue and they relaxed.

Rukia and Ichigo laughed and enjoyed working for each other. It was a good trade off. They weren't bothered by soul society in return they got good pay for 9 months of work and got 3 off to do whatever they wanted back home. They got to work together with no questions asked.

Momo and Toshiro got closer as time passed and slowly grew out of the discomfort they had for one another. They stayed close with Ichigo and Rukia. Momo was able to completely block Aizen from her memories and she was completely healed. Ichigo and Rukia were happy. They had each other for support and strength. Rukia was working on her bankai and Ichigo was considering becoming a captain. Rukia knew he wouldn't because it was too much paperwork and responsibility and there was no way a captain could go home 3 months of the year.

All in all they learned to lean on each other. They fought together, spend their freetime together and learned that life was best together. They needed each other, not just to stay alive but to live. They were in love and they were happy. That's all the wanted, and all they needed out of life. It didn't matter that they were dead.

The End

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