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For those of you who have just opened this story and are looking for a good one to read, welcome, but you probably need to go back and quickly read through 'Light in the Shadows' which is Part One. A lot happens in that story which will make this make a lot more sense. I will give a quick explanation of some things, but nothing like the detail you will get from reading the first story.

For those of you who have read 'Light in the Shadows' and have now followed me onto this one, welcome back and good to see you. As before this is all written from Harry and Yami's point of view.

There will be pairings in this one, nothing obscure, I like the pairs that JK Rowling used so I'm sticking with those.

Well enough introductions and on with the story...

Chapter 1: Summer

To say that this summer was different to last year was to severely understate things; at least in reference to Harry Potter's summer.

Last summer had been days full of boredom, irritation and a desire to return to school. This summer his days were full. After all he now had to care for an elf-child, keep a vicious and deadly Shade under some sort of control, practice a new, unfamiliar and exceptionally powerful magic and get all his holiday homework done. Boredom at least never came into the equation.

As he had promised his Uncle, Harry kept Yugi the diminutive, amethyst eyed elf inside and away from the prying eyes of their neighbours. Of course his Uncle didn't know about Yami, the elf's living-shadow guardian. The Shade was perfectly willing to take Yugi wherever he wanted to go. So long as it was within his territory.

When Harry had first learnt that Shades had territories he had thought that he knew what that meant. Harry, of course was very wrong.

For two days after their arrival Yami had disappeared. According to Yugi he was tracing out the area where he was going to set up his territory and then setting down several very complex layers of spells which would warn him of any approaching Shade. Considering he now had to protect Harry as well as Yugi, Yami had added in spells to detect Death Eaters and dementors.

Harry had smiled at that. After all the years Dumbledore had spent putting protective charms around the Dursley's house, Yami was protecting him better after two days. And he could do it all from Harry's bedroom.

Harry now had no fear at all of being attacked by Death Eaters or any other dark creatures within Little Whinging. Not only was the powerful charm laid down by his mother's sacrifice still in place, but there was no way that Voldemort would be willing to tackle Yami just to get to Harry.

At the moment all three of the occupants of Harry's bedroom were present. Harry was sitting on his bed combing Yugi's long tri-coloured hair, a past-time that they both found surprisingly relaxing.

Yami leant against the opposite wall. The Shade was nearly a head shorter than Harry and he didn't seem to be growing at all, unlike Harry who was sprouting upwards in a way that surprised even him.

Dressed in tight black leather and topped with a pair of eyes the colour of freshly spilled blood, Yami never looked like the kind of person you messed with despite his considerable lack of height. At least here he didn't have to hide the colour of his eyes. Muggles had no idea that red eyes meant Shade; that was a wizard thing.

There was a single loud thud on the bedroom door and Yami's eyes slid over to look at it. Dudley's voice carried through faintly. "Dinner." Then he was gone. Harry grinned. When he had arrived home at the beginning of summer, Dudley had tried to torment Yugi. Harry had ignored him, knowing that if he reacted too strongly Yami would take things into his own hands and obliterate his cousin. Yugi hadn't seemed bothered so they had left it at that.

A few days later when Harry had been out for a walk, Dudley and the rest of his gang had cornered him in the park. Harry had been considering throwing them backwards with the earth magic, which conveniently couldn't be sensed by the Ministry, when a familiar flicker of shadow had caught his eye.

The earth magic had shifted and Yami pulled Dudley and his three friends into the shadows of a building. Harry continued with his walk and didn't mention the event to Yugi, who had been taking a nap at the time.

Since then Dudley and his gang had left Harry and Yugi completely alone.

Harry hoisted Yugi up onto his hip and headed downstairs. Aunt Petunia had reluctantly agreed to let Yugi eat at the table with them. This had probably been helped along by the desperate pleading looks that Yugi had been giving her at the time. Harry's muggle family may have hated everything magic, but it was impossible to hate Yugi, the elf was just too adorable.

Harry sat Yugi on his cushion piled chair and settled himself next to him. Silence reigned. This wasn't all that uncommon for Yugi, who only spoke in front of a few select individuals, however it was becoming an increasingly common feature of the normally loud Dursleys. Harry smiled into his water glass, apparently being hosts to a Shade wasn't as pleasant when you weren't protected by powerful elfin magic.

Harry didn't encourage talk for several reasons. Firstly Shades could feed off anger as well as fear and his Uncle was a little too good at anger for Harry's liking, secondly he was thinking.

He had received a letter from Dumbledore, telling him that his Professor would be arriving at eleven O'clock tonight to pick him up and take him to the Burrow. Last year Harry couldn't have been more delighted to have heard that after only a few weeks at his Aunt and Uncle's house he would be heading back to the wizarding world. This year however he had other things to think about.

Yugi was still more than a little wary of the very mothering Mrs. Weasley, though he loved Ron and Hermione and when Yugi got nervous Yami got protective which could cause trouble. Not to mention how Yami would feel about having to up and move away so quickly, especially when Harry had told him that they would be staying put for a few months.

Also Harry was sure that Fred and George would be glad to see Yami again, though Harry was certain that they had been told that their teacher and fellow prankster was actually a Shade, one of the darkest and most dangerous creatures known to wizard-kind. He was just not so sure about how the other Weasley's would react to having to play host to Yami.

Harry had been thinking so hard he hadn't even noticed that he had finished eating. As soon as Yugi was done Harry picked him back up and went back to his bedroom. He spent as little time in his family's company as he could. In his bedroom Yami was still waiting. Harry could have sworn that he knew that Harry wanted to talk to him. Harry fished around in the pile of parchment and books on his floor and came up with the note.

"Yami maybe you should read this." Harry handed over Dumbledore's note and then waited as the Shade glanced at it.

Yami looked up. "So we are leaving tonight."

Harry nodded though it wasn't a question. "I'm not sure what you want to do?"

Yami gave him a strange look, like Harry had suggested that he go down and ask if the Dursley's minded if he just had a quick bite to eat. "I will go with Yugi." Harry was still a little bothered that Yami never included Harry in that sort of a statement. To Yami Harry was little more than the food Yugi ate. As his parent Harry provided Yugi with some sort of energy which he needed to survive at his young age. Yami protected Harry only because without him Yugi would die.

"Okay, well Dumbledore is coming so I guess we should pack." Harry looked around his room at the scatter of things which had come out of his trunk.

Yami chuckled, "We?" His apparently solid form dissolved slowly into shadows which flowed effortlessly out of the window and into the coming night.

Yugi giggled from his spot on the bed and Harry rolled his eyes at his young charge. "What did you expect?" Yugi asked in his clear musical voice, "He didn't bring any luggage with him." He then raised his hands and clapped twice. Things began to lift off the floor and drop into his trunk. Harry began to pick things off the floor.

"You should practice the earth magic more." Yugi noted. As usual once they were alone the elf spoke freely and he could be quite impertinent.

Harry looked over at Yugi who appeared to be conducting the packing, with one tiny hand waving delicately in the air. "Ryou said I didn't need to practice, that the magic would just come." Harry resisted pointing out that Yugi was using elfin magic, not earth magic to do his packing.

Yugi shrugged. "Practice never hurt anyone."

Harry sighed and dropped what he was holding. He closed his eyes and emptied his mind, something that now came as naturally as breathing. The magic immediately came to him, a gentle tingle that started in his head and worked its way down his arms. Harry opened his eyes and visualised everything lifting into the air and dropping neatly into his trunk, just like it had for Yugi. The magic strengthened, and everything in the room lifted into the air and tried to fit into Harry trunk.

Harry cursed his non-specific instruction as the bed, with Yugi still perched in the covers attempted to stuff itself into Harry trunk. Yugi rolled around with laughter as Harry released the magic and began to arrange his room and put his things into his trunk manually. Maybe he did need to practice a little.


Yami glided around the edges of his territory. It had been years since he had acquired a territory with so many humans in it. He certainly had missed it.

Now of course they were moving again. Humans were far too migratory for Yami's liking. They always seemed to come back to certain places, their homes he guessed, but other than that they were always moving around. He supposed it came from being such a young species.

Yami flowed over to a nearby house and slid inside. His fear spells activated immediately, though lightly. The non-magical humans inside began to look miserable, Yami considered as the energy flowed into him.

They were leaving for a burrow. Yami wasn't sure if this meant that it was underground, but he hoped not. It wasn't the same place that Yugi had spent the last holidays, but Yami knew that many of the same people would be there. They were all now aware that he was a Shade, their reactions would be interesting. He doubted that any of them had had many dealings with his people, at least not consciously.

With his reserves full, Yami made his way back to Yugi. He intended on leaving his boundary spells up, though he knew that Dumbledore would return the anti-Shade spells once he was gone. That didn't bother him, the spells would withstand that.

Yami and Dumbledore arrived almost simultaneously. Now the fun would begin. Yami went in through an open window in time to see Harry stumble down the stairs with Yugi in pursuit. Harry's enormous relation had gotten to the door first.

Yami drew his shadows into human form on the stairs and came down behind Harry to peer over Yugi's head at the old wizard at the door. He arranged his features into a picture of polite curiosity. Dumbledore chatted happily to the furious human in front of him. His eyes flickered over the males head to take in the three of them on the stairs. Yugi smiled and waved, Harry looked sheepish, Yami's polite expression slipped into a smug smirk over the anger coming off the other human and the female who had also arrived in the room.

The male human turned to see what Dumbledore was looking at. His eyes took in Harry and Yugi with the same look of distaste that he seemed to spare only for magical things. Finally they settled on Yami and the stare went blank with confusion. There was one of those long awkward silences that always made Yami feel rather superior. Then the human started to go red.

"What on earth is that thing?" He snarled pointing at Yami.

Harry turned on the stairs and looked up at Yami. The boy had been so focused on Dumbledore's arrival that he hadn't noticed Yami's appearance. "He's a...friend." Yami raised an eyebrow and shrugged. Whatever Harry wanted to call him.

Dumbledore stepped neatly over the threshold of the house and closed the door behind him. "I trust you have been well Harry?" He was trying to cut through the awkward silence and only partially succeeded.

"Fine Professor." Harry said uncomfortably. Yugi giggled and ran back upstairs to finish packing. Dumbledore motioned for Harry to follow him into another room. Yami followed the two of them sedately, leering at Harry's relations as he walked past them.

The lone female in the house shuddered away from his gaze.

It was at that point that Yami noticed something wrong with Dumbledore; it took him a moment to figure it out. He realised that the old human had been cursed, badly. His hand was black. However the poison of the spell was seeping into the rest of his body. Yami tilted his head and watched; Yugi prodded his mind and watched with him. /Can you do anything?/ Yami asked.

Yugi giggled, a pleasant bubbling sensation ran along the bond. /I didn't know you cared/.

Yami rolled his eyes and waited, Yugi would answer his question eventually. The elf sighed sadly. /Not anymore, the curse has gone too far and been affected by too many other magics/.

Dumbledore was speaking with Harry unaware of the discussion about his welfare. "Before we leave I have something which must be discussed. Sirius' will has been discovered and it leaves all his possessions to you."

Harry looked decidedly startled. "What?"

Dumbledore sat himself down and Harry's family came into the room behind Yami and sidled around him to sit on another couch. The adult male looked like he was about to speak. Yami leant casually against the door frame and used the movement to disguise the ripple of shadows as his magic detached itself and settled in an intricate weaving of fear spells over the three non-magical humans. Harry's eyes flickered over to Yami at the movement, but Dumbledore didn't seem to notice as he continued to speak. "Yes everything, including Grimwauld Place and all its contents. However we must be sure that it remains safe for our use."

Harry frowned he seemed utterly confused. Yami didn't see what the difficulty was. Even he understood what Dumbledore meant and Yami rarely understood the various human traditions. "How can you do that?" Harry asked. Once again his eyes flickered up to Yami who gave him a blank stare in return. "There is one way." Dumbledore waved his wand and with a loud crack a House Elf appeared in the room.

Yami looked down at the ugly little creature with disgust. The forest elves Yami could put up with, after all they were Yugi's people. House elves annoyed him to no end, he wasn't sure why. This elf was smashing his hands and feet on the floor, shrieking in fury. Yami rubbed his temples and growled. Elfin emotions did absolutely nothing for him, didn't matter what type of elf. This elf's strong emotions were causing the build up of a potentially strong headache.

"Kretcher shut up." Harry snapped. Apparently Harry didn't like the pathetic creature any more than Yami did. The magical bond which Yami could just sense if he looked closely enough snapped taut and the House elf's mouth snapped shut, his anger increased.

Dumbledore looked pleased. "Well that problem is settled..." He continued, but Yami's attention was distracted for a moment as Yugi brought Harry's trunk down the stairs. There was a loud thump as it hit the ground. Everyone else in the room was too focused on what Dumbledore was saying to react to the sound.

Yugi trotted into the room, the non-magical humans all twitched at the sight of him. Yugi turned his head and gave Yami a slightly cheeky grin before walking over to Harry and resting his chin on Harry's knee.

As Dumbledore finished Harry nodded and glanced down at Yugi. "Uh Professor, I think we are ready to go." Dumbledore looked at Yugi and then glanced up at Yami before he nodded. "Very well then."


Harry watched Yami uncertainly as they stepped outside of the Dursley's house. The door slammed shut behind them with determination. Yami carried Yugi and as usual he blended unusually well with the dark night around them. Dumbledore was floating Harry's trunk along a few inches above the ground.

Harry wasn't exactly sure what it was that Dumbledore wanted his help with tonight, but he got the feeling that it would go more smoothly if Yami didn't come with them. Dumbledore had plans however. He waved his wand over Harry's trunk which promptly dissappeared. "I will send your things ahead to the Burrow so we are not encumbered with them." Dumbledore paused and looked at Yami, the Shade seemed remarkably indifferent to their scrutiny.

"I think perhaps it would be best for you to make your way to the Burrow. I mean no offence when I say that this trip will go considerably better if you are not there. Also we will be apparating and I do not think it would be healthy for me to carry you in such a manner."

Yami tilted his head slightly. "You are correct human. To carry me using your transportation spell would severely incapacitate you. I will take Yugi with me, this Burrow has anti-Shade spells though."

Dumbledore inclined his head slightly. "Yes, I have asked Molly to remove them temporarily. She will raise them again once you are inside. It will mean that you will have to remain on the property until the term starts again, but I do not wish for any other Shade to find his way to the Burrow." Dumbledore seemed to think. "I would prefer however for Harry to take Yugi tonight, I have a feeling that his presence will be very helpful."

Yami's arms tightened around the elf. "I don't think so human, I do not trust you to keep him safe."

Harry glanced up. "What about me." Yami's face however was obstinate, a look that Harry was very familiar with. Harry exchanged a look with his Headmaster and the old Professor nodded. "Very well. One final thing, I cannot remove the anti-Shade spells that are on Hogwarts itself I hope this will not inconvenience you too much."

Yami shrugged. "I have crossed them before I will do it again."

His body dissolved rapidly and lifting Yugi carefully into them he flowed off into the night.

Dumbledore turned to Harry and smiled. "Well Harry, grab your wand and we will be on our way."

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