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Eragon stood over the bleeding body of the sorcerer. The man lay bleeding on the ground. Eragon was not surprised none of the sorcerers had come out to help the man. Back on Algaisia, it was quite similar. Which brought up the question,where was he? This wasn't the Spine........ and what were those demon things. They were heading towards Carnaval..

Ginny was in the corn bush with Hermione and behind her. She saw Harry lying on the ground,bleeding. It took an immense amount of will not to go ahead and kill him then and there. She knew the spell. THrough patched vision,she saw him standing over Harry with the sword. Hermione looked at her and nodded. He saw her lift the wand and....Bam! A bolt of fire red electricity hit the man in the chest. He was carried several feet. Then the onslaught began.

Eragon was thrown of his feet. He smacked against the ground hard. THe wind was knocked out of him. Bolts of magic were being shot at him. He took cover behind a old wagon wheel as t he onslaught of the celestial was fired at him. Eragon stuck his hand out to shoot a firebolt but felt something smack into his hand. He quickly examned his hand to find it was green and warts were coming out of it. All of the sudden,a bolt smacked into the boarding. Eragon was thrown backwards into the shamble of the saw the three sorcerers approaching him with there wands out and glowing. Eragon saw something yellow flying towards but lost consciousness before he could examine it.

Harry woke up on a soft bed. The pillows were incredibly comforting. He saw Ginny looking at him. She had her ring on.

"What happened" Harry groaned.

Ginny looked and at him sadly and said " He almost killed you,Harry,"

"Who almost killed me?"


"Wait,i he didn't tell me his name,"

"We figured it out........ He told us right before we.." Tears began to well up in Ginny's eyes.

"What?" Harry weekly squeezed Ginny's hand.

" He said his name was Eragon right before we killed him,"

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