Daniel's finger's ached as he pulled himself to the top of the cliff that had the final few herbs for his potion. The only chokeweed left until they grew back. He Could make a restore fatigue potion with chokeweed and a kwama egg and make a nice profit with all the ingredients he had in his lab in Caldera.

The imperial finally got to the top of the mountain to realize that the chokeweed had been long dead. "It was just fine a few weeks ago!" He muttered and turned around to climb back down. As he bent over to grab his rope a Cliffracer came and pushed him off of the cliff and he began rolling down a steep mountain hitting rocks and bouncing as he went.

Daniel hit a tree at the bottom and coughed as his stomach collided with the massive tree. "Those Cliffracers need taking care of if you ask me."

He brushed the dirt out of his brown hair and brushed off his robe. "Are you alright?" asked a Kajiit voice from behind a tree. It had been Ro'Shink who had befriended Daniel and often helped him in gathering ingredients.

"I am fine." Daniel said rubbing his stomach. "Lets go back to my house, I am very hungry."

"As am I."

They walked into town and to the house that Daniel had been living in for almost a year now. Daniel opened the door and the smells of Kwama eggs, choke weed, fire petals, and daedra skin filled the air. Daniel loved those smells.

They walked upstairs and closed the thick wooden door and the smell left them. Shink lit the flame for cooking and then got a big pan out. Daniel got a few ingredients. Meat from a nix hound, two kwama eggs, fire petals for spice, and stone flower petals.

"This scent is nice." Shink said.

"Its gonna be good I hope." Daniel said laughing.

Then Daniel put the food on plates with boiled ash yams and maize from Cyrodil. They sat eating together and drinking brandy as usual before making the hundreds of potions that they would be selling in the Imperial City later in the year.

"Did you hear whats happening in Cyrodil?"

"What be that?"

"Fiery gates are opening out of no where. I hope they get that sorted out before selling time."

They finished their food and went down to work on potions.