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Chapter 2:


Bella and I were meant to be together. I know this, our families know this, but why can't she just admit it to herself and to me? I knew proposing to her tonight was risky; she was upset with me because my last proposal was so public and she doesn't like being the centre of attention. I can't help it though. Bella doesn't even realise just how beautiful she is, and I just want to show everyone this vision of perfection at my side. She clearly doesn't see it that way.

When I proposed over the Jumbo-tron she was furious. She told me that she felt pressured to say yes just to appease the crowds. I don't understand why she keeps saying no. We are perfect for each other. She is sweet and beautiful and smart, she has a killer sense of humour, our families would be so happy if we were together, and most importantly, we belong together. She has been my best friend my whole life.

After the Jumbo-tron fiasco, she avoided me for a while. I took this time apart to think about all the reasons I love her, and to think up the perfect proposal for Bella. I knew it was just a matter of the right approach to get her to say yes. Everyone knows she loves me. I am her best friend, she's told me so many times.

She says she loves me but isn't in love with me, but I know better. She reads too many of those Jane Austen romance stories. They've filled her head with visions of becoming carried away and insensible with love, but Bella is just to staid of a person for that. I will admit, I would love to see her swoon for me, but I know that's just not in Bella's character.

She is full of quiet devotion, like her father. Charlie loves his only daughter dearly but is not prone to showing affection, or emotion of any kind. Bella is the same way, only with her father's stubborn nature clashing with her mother's temper. The result is that the only strong emotions she ever shows are annoyance and anger. Usually directed at me.

Tonight I honestly thought I had it figured out. She was finally talking to me again, and we were going out to Seattle for drinks. I would take her to her favourite pub where she could order her fancy schmancy red wine. I never understood why she wasn't just happy with draft beer. It has never made sense why she wants me to drive all the way out to this snobby bar when we could be sitting on my dad's porch drinking homebrew for much cheaper, but who understands women anyway?

So I took her to the pub, I let her order her snobby wine, settling for a Bud for myself, and waited. Once she was well into her third glass of wine, I slipped away from her and went to talk quietly to the bartender. He smiled and clapped me on the back, nodding his head at me before directing me up to the stage. As I got up on the stage and picked up the microphone, I automatically searched out Bella in the crowd.

She looked radiant, her cheeks slightly flushed from the wine. The music cut out in the background as I cleared my throat into the mic. Bella's eyes snapped to mine and she immediately began turning red. Poor girl turns red at the drop of a hat. She blushes for everything from happiness to embarrassment to rage. I could tell, even with the influence of alcohol in her system, that this blush was fuelled by joy and happiness.

She seemed to be trying to smile at me, but it looked like it was taking a great deal of effort for her to do so. Perhaps the wine has hit her harder than I thought.

Staring through the bright stage lights to my beautiful Bella, I poured my heart out, begging for her hand in marriage. I knew, with her natural shyness I would need to move closer to hear the sweet whisper of "yes" that would pass across her lips. I knew this time I had don't it right.

I stepped off the stage and slowly made my way towards her, the crowds parting to let me through.

As I got closer to her, I realised she was trembling. My beautiful girl was so excited about marrying me than she was shaking.

She took a sip of wine as I uttered out the words I had been waiting for. The words I knew deep in my heart she was waiting to hear.

"Will you do me the honour of agreeing to be my wife?"

I got down on one knee and pulled a small black velvet box out of my trousers. I didn't need to open it; she knew exactly what was in the box. She had seen it before. It has been my mother's ring and it was an honour for her to be presented with it. My sisters would have killed for the opportunity to wear it themselves.

Looking up at her glowing face from my spot on the floor in front of her, my smile grew until I thought my cheeks were going to crack. Suddenly a fierce look overcame her expression and I began to think that maybe I had misinterpreted her body language.

I saw her body flush red again, and I realised this time it wasn't with happiness but with anger. Her eyes glinted, filled with fiery rage.

"No Jacob. No. For the love of god, NO. "

I tried to hide it, but I know disappointment was evident on my face at her harsh dismissal. I started to get up, regretfully putting the box back into my trouser pocket. I opened my mouth to say something, but she cut me off.

"This is the last straw. The absolute last straw, Jacob. NO. Go home."

With that she turned away from me and started to storm off towards the bar. I stood there, jaw hanging open, staring after her retreating form.

How could she do this to me? We were MEANT to be together. She loved me. How could she treat someone she loves like that?

I was so lost in my confusion that I didn't realise until too late that I should have been paying closer attention to Bella and her warpath. She was not naturally the most co-ordinated creature on the planet; but add in the combination of alcohol, heels and anger? She should be surrounded with layers of bubble wrap.

I saw her drop her glass of wine and, as if in slow motion, she looked down at her hand. Oh no, blood. Bella was going to faint.

I began to rush toward her, but I realised I was too late to save her. I stopped and watched with sick fascination as she started listing toward the bar. With horror, and not a little bit of jealousy, I followed her movements as she brushed her hand down some man's broad back – presumably trying to reach the bar for balance.

I watched as he turned slowly around in response to her grasp on his undoubtedly expensive designer clothing. Bella's mouth opened slowly and then her face turned white and began to fall backwards.

She was down for the count. She never could stand (ha!) the sight of blood, she said she could smell it, but I know she was making that up. Nobody can smell blood.

The man, apparently realising that she had passed out and was going to land on her head, tried to reach out and steady her. Instead of catching her, he slipped on the mess of blood and wine on the floor and landed on top of her. That oaf!

What if she was hurt? I had to go check on her. I had to get that mean, stealing, leech away from my Bella. My beautiful innocent Bella. As she came to, I could see her eyes lock with those of the douchebag who had landed on her.

The look I saw flicker across her face nearly killed me. She had never looked at me like that before. Not in all the time I've known her. Pure attraction, maybe even lust, shone through her eyes as she gazed dazedly at the stranger and I couldn't help it; I was filled with rage, and hurt.

I turned to the bar and ordered a few shots of whisky. I glared at him, bringing her over to a table where a petite girl was already seated. As he sat her down, I could see them looking at each other, and then he was pulling pieces of glass out of her hand.

I returned my attention to the bar, ordering four more shots of whisky. Trying to ignore these feelings as some leech touched my woman. Bella was mine.

I know she was upset with me right now, and she needed some time to clear her head, and I could see that he was tending to her medical needs. I wouldn't want my poor beauty to end up with more scars marring her glorious body. It didn't make it any easier for me to know she was sitting there looking at this freak with adoration that she had never showed me.

But he was here with another girl. Obviously a girlfriend. Maybe it would do Bella some good to be on the unrequited side of a relationship. She's clearly already smitten with him, and he is clearly taken. A little heartache would make her realise what she had with me. She would realise what a great feeling it was to be loved completely.

I would leave her to have her heart broken, and she would come crawling back to me; begging for me to marry her and provide for her. She wouldn't need to work anymore, and we could start right away on that family we were meant to have.

My plan will work. I know it will.

With this decision firm in my mind, I stumbled my way out of the bar, smirking to myself.

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