A/N: All credit for characters goes to Stephanie Meyer. Credit also goes to miss swiss.

I was sitting up in the mountains with Edward waiting for news on the war of Cullen & Quileutes Vs. weird newborn things when Seth appeared in front of us in wolf form.

"Bella, the battle's over.'' Edward said. "We can had down the mountain now.'' Edward translated.

Edward and I reached the meadow and I confirmed with my own eyes that the battle was over. I saw Jacob in human form when a newborn came from behind a rock and took hold of Leah. Jacob phased and ran to save her by throwing him off her but the newborn caught him in a vice like grip. Hearing him whimper in pain as the bones broke in his body brought tears pouring out of my eyes. The sound is something I never will forgot, and hope to never hear again. Embry and Quil threw the newborn off him and Jacob phased back in agony.

I immediately felt my heart sink five feet into the pit of my stomach and it made me want to hurl. This was all my fault. I should have known that dating a vampire gets other vampires involved equaling to Victoria. Thank God Edward had finished her in the mountains or this would all be in vain. All Jake was trying to do was protect me and now he's hurt.

''Jacob!'' I yelled as I ran over to him.

''Please… please be okay.'' I said as I felt tears in my eyes. It was then I felt my heart skip a beat from having a revelation. I felt like a trance had been broken, because I realized I was in love with Jacob. It was as if I was seeing the very first sunrise. I am truly deeply and irrevocably in love with Jacob Black, and there was no way in hell that I was losing him. I realized I was lying to Edward and myself when I said I loved him more than Jacob. The truth is I love Jacob more than Edward. I most defiantly wasn't going to let Jacob down now, especially after he put me back together and after everything we've been through.

''Bella.'' Jacob said in clearly in excruciating pain.

''All the bones on the right side of his body are shattered.'' Carlisle said.

''I have to re-break his bones or they won't heal right. It's already started.'' Carlisle continued as he examined Jacob.

''The Volturi will be here soon. They won't honor a truce with werewolves.'' Alice remarked a little too coldly as though she knew what I was going to do.

''We'll take him to Billy's.'' Sam said.

''Bella don't leave me. Please.'' Jacob said struggling to take my hand.

"Never.'' I said. I couldn't leave him not when he was hurt. Why did it have to take this to make me realize how much I love him?

"Bella you can't leave us." Alice yelled.

"I have to Alice. I can't leave him. He's my best friend and he's hurt.'' I said with urgency.

"The Volturi are expecting you.'' Alice warned.

"The Volturi can take their laws and shove it up their ice cold asses.'' I shot back. ''I'm going with him.'' I said firmly. There was nothing they could say that would make me change my mind.

''Bella you have to stay for when the Volturi come.'' Edward said.

''Let go of me Edward.'' I said. ''I could care less about the Volturi right now. Quil, Embry I need your help. '' I reiterated.

"Please let me go. If you love me, truly love me you'll let me be there for him.'' I said beginning to get pissed off.

"Please let go of her Edward. I'm sure you can think of way to cover up for Bella.'' Quil said almost startling me.

''If your coming we need to go Bella. He's my best friend too and I have to be there for him.'' Quil continued with the up most urgency.

''Edward lie for me but I have to go.'' I said glancing at Quil.

"Fine I'll lie for you but its because I love you.'' Edward said letting go of me.

"You do realize if we lie for you we're putting our entire family at risk.'' Rosalie said.

''Yes I do but if you care about me you'll do this for me. I can't become one of you.'' I reiterated but still upset.

"Guys we have to take him now.'' Sam said as the rest of the pack picked Jake up and started to carry him.

"I'll be there in a few minutes. Go Bella. We'll lie for you.'' Carlisle said.

"We'll think of a good lie. Quil take her.'' Esme said as Quil picked me up and ran me to Billy's house.

"For once I get to carry you instead of Jacob. He's going to be jealous when he finds out.'' Quil said. As upset as I was I couldn't help but grin slightly. That was so Quil he can find humor in anything. The pack brought Jacob inside and laid him on his bed and headed outside to wait for Carlisle.

"Jake I'm so sorry. This is all my fault I never should have put you through all of this.'' I said in sadness.

"Don't be, It's not your fault, and I'm glad you're here.'' Jacob said in obvious excruciating pain.

"I told you I wouldn't leave you. I'm going to be right here.'' I told him as I held his left hand. There was something else I wanted to say but just as I opened my mouth to speak I was cut off by the sound of someone clearing their throat. I knew it had to be Carlisle. I saw Sam was with him.

"I have to get started immediately Bella or he won't heal right. I need you to wait outside with everyone else.'' Carlisle suddenly appeared by me side.

"Why is Sam staying?'' I asked still very upset.

"Bella I'm pack leader. I need to be here with him. '' Sam told me. Sam was also probably there to assist Carlisle as werewolf and vampire physiology is radically different as well as to be a good pack leader. Whatever the reason I was going to do as I was told.

"Jake I'm going to be right outside, if you need anything just send Carlisle.'' I told him. I could tell Jacob wanted to say something else but he was in too much pain to speak. I wanted to tell him something as well but if Carlisle didn't get started right away Jacob could have permanent injuries.

As soon as I went outside I heard the first ear-piercing scream of pain from Jacob.

"I should be with him.'' I said upset I walked over to stand with Quil who was leaning against the house Embry was on his right. The rest of Jacob's friends were either sitting or standing on or around the front porch wherever there was room. Billy and Emily were there as well.

"Bella you can't. You just being here means more to Jacob than you could possibly know.'' Seth said to me a monotone voice. I still wanted to go inside but I immediately heard another ear piercing scream from Jacob.

''What's happening to him guys?'' I said with tears in my eyes. I already knew the answer but I was too upset to be thinking at that point. Was I about to loose him? Had Carlisle made an error?

''Carlisle's re-breaking his bones so they set properly.'' Embry informed me distractedly as I heard another heart wrenching cry of agony from Jacob.

''I can't listen to this. I should be by his side.'' I said. I somehow knew it would be the first of many and the beginning several long torturous hours of waiting.

''Bella you need to stay out here with us. It's going to be all right. I promise." Quil said as he comforted me by giving me hug and wrapped his warm muscular arms around me in a comforting manner. I held on to him as tears followed from my eyes hearing Jacob in so much pain. This was my fault. I should have asked him to stay in the mountains with me.

"Quil's right. Just having you here means a lot to Jake. It's probably going to like this for hours though. Quil's right and I am sure Jake is glad to have you here. '' Jared said comfortingly as well.

''All this is because of you Bella. He's hurt because you insisted on being a leech lover. Plus I could have taken on that newborn myself.'' Leah said bitterly.

''Leah shut up.'' Paul snarled with worry, pain and sadness evident in his voice. He looked over at me and gave me a reassuring glance but I was trying to hide my tears. I thought I could almost see a tear leaving his eye. I had never seen any member of the pack cry before.

''I..I do love Edward but I…love Jacob..even..,more.'' I confessed in front of the entire pack still upset from hearing Jacob's ear piercing cries of pain.

''Bella did you just say what I think you've said? You love my cousin? After all this time of his begging and pleading all it took was for him to break a few bones?" Quil asked with shock and sadness. It was almost as if I could feel Jacob's pain from having his bones broken and I could see it in the eyes of the other pack members as well as Billy and Emily. They were all here for him for support. I was the cause of it and I felt so guilty for the emotional pain I knew they were all feeling from hearing Jacob in such agony.

''Yes I do very much. More so than Edward. I just feel so guilty it took this to realize it. This is all my fault." I broke down right in front of Quil.

''Oh Bella. It's not your fault. You have no idea how glad I am to hear that. You know how happy that's going to make Jacob when Carlisle's done? He's going to be the happiest guy on the face of the earth.''

"Bella that's going to make him so happy.'' Embry said in a depressed tone obviously trying to keep stable from hearing his best friend in such pain.

''I mean it. I love Jacob with all my heart. I have since he was a little boy.'' I said still holding Quil tight. As the hours wore on Jake's agonizing screams continued. I felt pain in my stomach and a continuous stream of tears fall from my eyes hearing the boy I loved so much in such tremendous agony. After several hours of listening to Jacob's heart wrenching screams and pleas it finally stopped and Carlisle stepped out along with Sam.

''He's fine. They'll set properly this time. He'll be able to phase in about 36 hours. I'll come by in the morning to take off the bandages.'' Carlisle announced. He turned to Billy and shook his hand.

"Thank you.'' Billy said as Carlisle give a smile as if to say your welcome.

''Jacob wants to see you. He's asking for you.'' Carlisle told me. I gave Billy a look and he gave me the nod that I could go inside.

''I have to talk you about something Carlisle. I'm really sorry.'' I said with sadness.

''Very well. I'll be back in a few minutes. I have to bring him some more morphine. It burns off very fast because of his body temperature.'' Carlisle said.

The second I could I sprinted to his room willing myself not to fling myself at him. He was sweating and clearly in pain.

''Jake?'' I whispered. ''Can you hear me?'' I said as I touched his blazing hand.

"Hey you.'' He said looking up at me with those eyes that say 'I'm really sorry, but I'm so cute that there's no way you can be mad at me.' Even thought he did absolutely nothing to be sorry for, he still looks sorry for something.

''Jake remember when you told me I had a choice? Well I realized that…. I'm in love with you. I can't marry Edward, and I most certainly can't become a vampire. I don't care what the Volturi said because they are a bunch of soulless monsters. I broke your heart once before and I won't do it again. I love you Jacob Black more than I can possibly say in words I choose you, that is if you still want me.'' I said not holding anything back. I closed my eyes shut not wanting to see his reaction in case he decided he didn't want me and he was just going to laugh in my face if he even had the strength.

I didn't hear from him so I peeked, and kneeled over his bed.

"I knew it, I'm too late I'm sorry I'll just go. Sorry I wasted your time." I got up to leave but I felt a hand on my arm preventing me from leaving.

"Don't you dare leave. I love you too Bella Swan, more than I can explain. You have no idea how much that means to me to hear that after what I just went through. It makes it worth it. You just made me the happiest guy in the world. Are you absolutely positive and your not just saying this because I'm hurt are you?'' He asked worriedly and weakly.

I bent down and wrapped my arms carefully around him, and just as I did I felt an electric current rush through us, and that made my decision final.

"I have never been more sure of anything in my entire life and no that would be a terrible thing to do. I meant everything I said. " I said as rubbed the arm that wasn't in a bandage. Just as he was about to kiss me Carlisle came into the room.

''Hi Carlisle.'' I said as I glanced at him apologetically.

''Hi Bella. I'm sure it meant a lot to Jacob when you choose to come here with him.'' Carlisle said as I sensed the disappointment in his voice. ''I brought the morphine.'' He said as he administered it to Jacob and set up a morphine drip to last him the night.

''All Jacob needs now needs now is rest and quiet, he should be fine by tomorrow.'' Carlisle said.

Was he implying I should leave? There was no way I was leaving, after all the torture of waiting. I was going to stay with Jacob tonight even if it meant I had to be dragged out of here.

''Carlisle I'm staying here with him tonight if that's okay? Can you tell Billy to call Charlie that I'm staying here?'' I told him gently but firmly.

''All right but Jacob has to rest. I don't wish to be harsh Bella but I'm going to tell Billy that if he hears you keeping Jacob up Charlie's coming to get you do we have a deal?'' Carlisle proposed.


''Alright see you in the morning Bella.'' I could see slight sadness in Carlisle's eyes. I was sure he knew I had changed my mind and wasn't going to marry his son. Just seeing the disappointment in his eyes made me want to cry but I had to follow my heart. Just as he was about to leave I had to ask him a favor.

''Carlisle when you come by in the morning can you please bring Edward by? I have to talk to him. I'm sorry.'' I asked.

''Of course, we will all respect your decision.''

Goodnight Bella, Goodnight Jacob.'' Carlisle said.

''Goodnight Dr. Cullen.'' Jacob replied politely.

''Jake I'm having Edward come by so I can tell him officially. He deserves to know.'' I told Jacob.

''He does your right. Thanks for staying with me Bells. You have no idea how glad I am that you're here.''' Just as Jake was about to attempt to kiss me again I heard Billy's voice and saw Quil and Embry carrying in a mattress. Billy had two blankets with him.

''I called Charlie your welcome to stay here tonight but as soon as I leave this room I expect you both to go to sleep.'' Billy reminded.

''Here is a mattress for you Bella.'' Quil said as he laid it on the floor next to Jake's bed.

''Don't keep my best friend up. We'll see you in the morning after Dr. Cullen comes.'' Embry said as he put the mattress cover on.

''I promise Embry.'' I said as I laid down on the mattress and Quil put the blankets over me tucking me in. He really is such a sweetheart.

''Goodnight Bella, goodnight Black. Don't keep my cousin from getting his rest.'' Quil said.

''I won't goodnight guys.'' I said to the boys as they left the room.

''Goodnight Bella. Goodnight son. As soon as this light goes off not a sound okay?'' Billy said as he positioned his hand over the light switch for Jacob's room.

''Does saying goodnight count?'' Jacob said jokingly.

''You're hilarious Jacob, don't push your luck kid."

''Goodnight Jake sleep well.'' I told him.

''Goodnight Bells. I love you.'' Jacob said with joy.

'' I love you too.'' I said as Billy turned off the light. I had a very pleasant sleep that night knowing that the love of my life was in the bed next to me. Carlisle came by about 8:30 to remove Jacob's bandages.

''Good morning.'' Carlisle said as he entered the room.

''Any more pain Jacob?'' Carlisle asked.

''Nope, I think Bella helped.'' Jacob said grinning at me. Carlisle took off Jacob's bandages and did some tests on him.

''Well Mr. Black I'm happy to say everything has healed properly. Your as good as new. Werewolves fascinate me. The rate at which your bodies heal is truly remarkable. Your free to be up and about, but I don't want you phasing until tomorrow morning just to be on the safe side.'' Carlisle said to Jacob.

''Understood Dr. Cullen.'' Jacob said.

''Bella, Edward's waiting for you in the meadow. He doesn't know yet. I figured you should tell him.'' Carlisle said.

''Come on Jake let's go to the meadow." I said as he got dressed. He put on his beige cut offs along with his brown hiking boots. The two of us took a walk to the meadow where the battle had taken place.

''Bella? Is it true you've chosen Jacob?" Edward said stunned.

''Stay out of my head Edward!'' Jacob growled. I couldn't help but feel a faint appreciation for Jacob calling him Edward.

''Calm down Jacob.'' I said as I squeezed his hand.

''Edward. I'm sorry, and here is your ring.'' I said as I took it off my finger and put it in his hand.

''I can't even begin to describe how sorry I am. It's just, I love Jacob. I have since him and I were kids. I already broke his heart once and I won't do it again.'' I said to Edward.

''But Bella I love you so much.'' He said in a hurt tone. I felt bad for him because I was about to break his heart.

''Edward I know you love me, I love you too, but I realized I love Jacob more. If I become like you he'll hate me forever, and I'll end up hating me forever. I can't loose him, I love him too much. I'd have to give up so much to become like you: things I'm not willing to give up. I don't have to change for Jacob. I'm happier and I can just be me when I'm around him and his friends. If you truly love me you'll respect my decision and promise me you won't do anything reckless." I said using his old line.

''I love you very much Bella but I will respect your decision. I won't take him from you. I couldn't do that to you.'' Edward said clearly upset. If vampires could cry I could tell they would be running down his face, instead his face was rock hard and ominous.

''However the Volturi are not going to be pleased. We just barely convinced them with our hastily thought up lie. They will be back soon. They won't be at all happy about this you remember what they said?'' Edward continued with worry evident in his voice.

''I don't care. I am not going to become a vampire because of soulless monsters like the Volturi. '' I shot back.

''Bella you are not going to want to hear what the Volturi are going to do to Jacob.'' Edward warned me.

At once I froze, I hadn't thought of that.

''I don't care. I would rather die than not be with Bella.'' Jacob said firmly.

''They told you if you don't become a vampire they will kill you.'' Edward said slowly and stressing every word.

''I don't care. I'm staying with Jacob. They are not in control of my life. I am. I'm not becoming a vampire. '' I reiterated. Suddenly Jacob sniffed, and I heard a women's voice. It was Jane. Felix, Demetri and Alec were with her.

''She's still human.'' She said.

''Yes and I'm not becoming a vampire.'' I said sternly.

''The Volturi don't grant second chances. You're coming with us.'' Jane announced without emotion.

''No I'm not. I'm staying here with Jacob.''

''Good luck with that. We will not allow you to spend your life with a dog, when you know too much about our world.'' Felix said.

''I'm coming with her. I'm not losing her.'' Jacob said to them.

''Jake, don't say things like that. Not to them.'' I said filling myself with worry.

''I mean it Bella. Now that I know you love me I can't be without you.'' Jake said,

''The mutt will come with us if he so chooses.'' Demetri said.

''I'm coming too.'' Edward said.

''As you wish." Alec said as he took out what looked to be a gun, but I knew very well that it wasn't just a gun. The last thing I remember is Jake screaming my name when I slipped into black tranquility.